Functional Programming eXchange 2012

Topics covered at #functionalpx

Friday, 16th March in London

11 experts spoke.

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FPish: leveraging F# and WebSharper in a large-scale web application

Loïc Denuzière

Interested in functional programming almost since he started programming, Loïc Denuzière has dabbled in F#, OCaml, Haskell, Common Lisp and many others. Loïc currently divides his time between working on the WebSharper ecosystem and using it for various projects at IntelliFactory.

Clojure and Incanter for the Professional Programmer

Bruce Durling

Bruce is the co-founder and active leader of several Clojure and Java related communities and contributes to many meetups, community gatherings and courses at Skills Matter.

SilkApp: A Case Study in Creating Rich Internet Apps in Haskell

Erik Hesselink

Erik currently works at Silk, where he uses functional programming to build a web application to create and visualize structured data. After his physics and chemistry masters, Erik started working at a small software company building CMS and websites. Wanting to deepen his knowledge of the field, he embarked on a software technology master at Utrecht University. Many courses used Haskell, and he immediately fell in love with the elegance of functional programming. After graduating, he joined what is now Silk.

Haskell for embedded domain-specific languages

Andres Löh

Andres Löh is a Haskell consultant and co-owner of Well-Typed LLP. He is based in Regensburg, Germany. He started using Haskell in 1997, when being an undergraduate student of mathematics in Konstanz and has been an enthusiastic functional programmer ever since. Andres obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Utrecht University in 2004, on extending the Haskell language with capabilities for datatype-generic programming. After having been a university lecturer for several years, he joined Well-Typed in 2010.

F#'s Type Providers In Depth

Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a computer scientist and open-source developer. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Alan Turing Institute working on tools for open data-driven storytelling. He wrote a popular book called "Real-World Functional Programming" and is a lead developer of several F# open-source libraries.

Welcome to #functionalpx

Robert Pickering

Robert Pickering is a software engineer with an interested in using functional programming, particularly F#, to solve real world problems.

Visi.Pro bringing functional programming to the masses

David Pollak

David Pollak is a long time Scala dude, interested in Functional Programming, Scala, Clojure and making things better.

Who uses Clojure and why?

Robert Rees

Robert Rees is Head of Development at We Got POP, a filmtech company that makes it easier to create great television and drama. Their product is used on shows like the Crown and Empire as well as films like Wonder Woman and Star Wars.

Clojure made simple

John Stevenson

John is a speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer. Loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development.

He is a conference organiser for Clojure Exchange, London Java Conference, etc) with 20 years of speaking experience.

Akka at Zeebox: A case study

Kevin Wright

Kevin is part of Scala Technology Ltd. a regular speaker, and committer to multiple open-source Scala projects

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