NOSQL eXchange 2011

Topics covered at #nosqlx

Wednesday, 2nd November at The Skills Matter eXchange, London

9 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.

We are still working on the programme, and are planning for 7 speaker slots in one day, a mixture of vendors talking about what's interesting and useful in their stores and great teams who are using NoSQL at on their projects, sharing their experience and skills with us.

Welcome, Registration, Coffee and Tea

Dr Jim Webber of Neo Technology starts the day by welcoming everyone to the first of many annual NOSQL eXchanges.

Jim Webber

Jim is Chief Scientist at Neo Technology working on next-generation solutions for massively scaling graph data.

The State of NOSQL Today

Emil Eifrém gives a Keynote talk to the NOSQL eXchange on the past, present and future of NOSQL, and the state of NOSQL today.

Emil Eifrem

Emil is the founder of the Neo4j open source graph database project, and a life-long compulsive programmer.

Handling conflicts in eventually consistent systems

In this talk, Russell Brown examines how conflicting values are kept to a minimum in Riak and illustrates some techniques for automating semantic reconciliation. There will be practical examples from the Riak Java Client and other places.

Russell Brown

Russell Brown is a Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies. Russell got his first taste of Erlang on his honeymoon in 2007 and, in early 2011, was recruited by Basho to work on Riak and the Riak Java Client. He's passionate about technically-sound soft

MongoDB + Scala: Case Classes, Documents and Shards for a New Data Model

Brendan McAdams -- creator of Casbah, a Scala toolkit for MongoDB -- will give a talk on "MongoDB + Scala: Case Classes, Documents and Shards for a New Data Model"

Brendan McAdams

Brendan is a Senior Consultant & Trainer at BoldRadius, where he works directly with clients to help them find success through consulting and training on the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

Real Life Cassandra

In this talk for the NOSQL eXchange, Dave Gardner introduces why you would want to use Cassandra, and focuses on a real-life use case, explaining each Cassandra feature within this context.

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner works for the London-based Hailo Cab where he helps build the API used to power the various Hailo mobile applications. Dave has an interest in trying to make PHP applications scalable and resilient.

Doctor Who and Neo4j

Armed only with a data store packed full of geeky Doctor Who facts, by the end of this session we’ll have you tracking down pieces of memorabilia from a show that, like the graph theory behind Neo4j, is older than Codd's relational model.

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is Director of Customer Success for Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j, the popular open source graph database.

Building real world solution with document storage, Scala and Lift

Aleksa Vukotic will look at how his company assessed and adopted CouchDB in order to rapidly and successfully deliver a next generation insurance platform using Scala and Lift.

Aleksa Vukotic

Aleksa Vukotic is the Data Management Practice lead and Principal Consultant at Open Credo, agile advocate, author, trainer, software architect and developer, with wide experience of leading roles in the successful delivery of business critical softw

Robert Rees on Polyglot Persistence

Based on his experiences of mixing CouchDB and Neo4J at Wazoku, an idea management startup, Robert talks about the theory of mixing your stores and the practical experience.

Robert Rees

Robert Rees is currently a Developer Manager at the Guardian and the former CTO of Wazoku. He started his career as a tester and went on to be a C and Java developer in telecoms and dabbled in management.

Parkbench Discussion

This Park Bench discussion will be chaired by Jim Webber

The future of NOSQL and Big Data storage

Tom Wilkie takes a whistle-stop tour of developments in NOSQL and Big Data storage, comparing and contrasting new storage engines from Google (LevelDB), RethinkDB, Tokutek and Acunu (Castle).

Tom Wilkie

Tom leads the engineering team at Acunu. He previous worked in a range of engineering roles at both Citrix and XenSource managing key customer projects with major enterprises.

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