PubSub Huddle

Topics covered at #pubsubhuddle

Friday, 23rd September in London


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PubSub for the web : PubSubHubbub, XMPP and Superfeedr

Julien Genestoux

Julien Genestoux is the founder of Superfeedr.com. Superfeedr fetches and parses RSS or Atom feeds on behalf of its users and then pushes the new entries into the feeds. It is now the leading realtime feed provider on the web and hosts the vast major

Realtime web: Not there yet!

Marek Majkowski

After fruitful encounters with such diverse topics as programming industrial robots or exploiting every hidden feature of TCP/IP options for tracing networking traffic, Marek settled for 'scalability' as his main field of interest

Introducing MQTT

Andy Piper

Andy Piper is widely known as a Social Bridgebuilder and speaker, and is a Staff Developer Advocate at Twitter. His passions span a wide variety of areas: cloud, devops, mobile devices, the Internet of Things, Arduino and similar technologies, social computing, education, LEGO, and photography. He is based in London, UK.

The Future of Messaging

Martin Sustrik

Martin Sústrik is an expert in the field of messaging middleware. He participated in the creation and reference implementation of the AMQP standard.


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