Droidcon UK 2012

Topics covered at #droidconuk

Thursday, 25th - Friday, 26th October in London

72 experts spoke.


Droidcon London 2012 was another jam-packed two day conference! 1000 + Participants 100% Android

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The World's Simplest Ad Enablement Solution Using a Native App Wraper

The worlds simplest ad enablement solution using a native Android app wrapper from VSERV.MOBI

Laith Al-Janabi

Laith Al-Janabi

Haptic SDK

Barcamp talk: Haptic SDK

Bob Heubel

Bob Heubel

AllJoyn P2P

Learn about using AllJoyn P2P

Mitch Williams

Mitch Williams

Proguard Optimization and Obfuscation

Barcamp talk: Proguard Optimization and Obfuscation

Android Security and encryption best practices

Android Security and encryption best practices

Jonathan White

Jonathan White

Private Social Network

Private Social Network

Geoff Revill

Geoff Revill

Device Fragmentation

Device Fragmentation will get worse, how to deal with it

Intel - Tools for x86 and GPU

Intel - Tools for x86 and GPU

Unify VOIP/MSG Core

Unify VOIP/MSG Core

Martyn Davies

Martyn Davies

Improving text layout in localization

Improving text layout in localization

Charles Harley

Charles Harley

Robert Hewitt

Robert Hewitt

Augmented Reality SDK Qualcomm

Augmented Reality development in Unity

Dominic Binks

Dominic Binks

Introduction to Polarus, a mapping library for Android

Introduction to Polarus, a mapping library for Android

Cyril Mottier

Cyril Mottier is Mobile Software Engineer at Capitaine Train and Android Google Developer Expert. Passionate about technology and design, Cyril is an avid lover of Android and a multi-skilled engineer. He is actively involved in the Android community and shares his passion writing blog posts, creating open source libraries and giving talks. His motto: “Do less, but do it insanely great”

x86 HDK and Case Study

x86 HDK and Case Study

Tools for Quality Assurance and the AQuA initiative

AQuA can help you improve the quality of your Android apps

Martin Wrigley

Martin Wrigley

Extending the Android SDK (add-ons)

Extending the Android SDK

Dario Laverde

Dario Laverde

Joyns as a platform

Using RCS as a way to add video, audio and chat to your Android apps natively

Sanjeet Matharu

Sanjeet Matharu

Cross platform development done right!

Cross platform development done right!

James Hugman

James Hugman

The Unique presentation device (updated)

We make presentation more meaningful than ever before

Matthias Camobi

Matthias Camobi

How to develop for the smartwatch

Developing for the smart watch.

Jerker Lindgren-Götsten

Jerker Lindgren-Götsten

An open source multiplayer game framework for Android (updated)

ANDLABS working on an easy to integrate and efficient framework to enable multiplayer features in any game. The goal is to solve the main problems game developers are facing today. It's also cross platform capable.

Lukas Jarosch

Lukas Jarosch is CIO of ANDLABS. Being a creative and innovative mind, he never runs out of new game ideas. He is specialized in round based games and in multiplayer framework development.

Location using Qype!

Using Qype for location in your app

Stefano Dachille

Stefano Dachille

Test Automation from Testdroid

Find out how you automate your Android app testing!

Jouko Kaasila

Jouko Kaasila

Customised ActionBar for Froyo and optimising list views

Customised ActionBar for Froyo and optimising list views

Ferran Garriga

Ferran Garriga

OpenCV for Android

Using OpenCV on Android!

Erik Hellman

Erik is the author of "Android Programming: Pushing the limits" and a long time DroidCon speaker. He has worked on the inner details of the Android platform at Sony Mobile, hacked on the Android client for Spotify and is currently as a freelancing Android developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik has also been teaching software development, including Android programming, for both new and senior developers.

Mobile security wthout passwords using NFC

Mobile security wthout passwords using NFC

Steve Ives

Steve Ives

Find out more!

We provide APIs through a cloud platform for maps, chat, push notifications and social media

Nat Macleitch

Nat Macleitch

Using APIs with native and web apps

Using APIs with native and web apps

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

Hot new stuff from Samsung, the Android camera SDK and more!

Hot new stuff from Samsung, the Android camera SDK and more!

Manfred Koranda

Manfred Koranda

An open debate on Android's role in the tablet market

Join a debate about what role Android has to play in the tablet market!

Phil McDermott

Phil McDermott

BigFat Sofftkey SDK (tapping)

Using gestures like tapping as user input method

Server-less apps, using server, coding Android

Services that help my Android app to use the cloud without managing servers

Friedger Müffke

Friedger Müffke is the Founder and President of OpenIntents, which is designed to implement open intents and interfaces to make Android mobile applications work more closely together. He works as a Senior Android developer at Novoda. Friedger is the founder of the Android events series Droidcon, first held in 2009 in Berlin.

Future of Android: OUYA

Keynote followed by Q&A by Julie Uhrman CEO of OUYA,  The first Android based gaming console was launched on Kickstarter earning funding ($8.5 million dollars!) and fans. The Kickstarter darling will ship to gamers in March 2013.

Julie Uhrman

Julie Uhrman is a video game entrepreneur. She is founder and CEO of OUYA — an innovative gaming console that enables any developer to publish a console game by bringing the mobile app model to the TV. OUYA is a powerful, beautifully designed, open a

Future of Android Keynote: VendScreen

VendScreen personalizes the vending experience while utilizing the intuitive ‘Touch & Swipe’ user interface already familiar to millions of people using smartphones and other touch screen devices every day, so our users gain rich information and interactive services without the hassle of a new learning curve.

Glenn Butler

In addition to focusing on VendScreen, Inc., Glenn owns and operates CTO Services, LLC , a technology and startup consulting business, and is a contributing editor to Automatic Merchandiser magazine.

Paresh Patel

Dr. Paresh Patel is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for applying breakthrough technologies to established business models.

Future of Android Keynote: Parrot

Frederic Albinet speaks on Parrot at Droidcon London 2012.

Differentiate your app using software tools

In 2011, consumers downloaded 5.4 billion applications across all app stores. In 2015, that number is projected to grow to 19.7 billion.* These numbers demonstrate that today’s app landscape is a crowded and competitive one for developers. Differentiation is absolutely essential for creating successful apps that rise above the noise and create value for consumers.

Julian Harris

Harris joined Qualcomm in 2004 following their acquisition of Trigenix Ltd. He was appointed the role of Brew™ Developer Relations in EMEA where he was responsible for recruiting suppliers for the launch of Europe’s first Brew App Stores; TIM in Ital

Introduction to AndEngine

AndEngine is one of the most amazing and widespread 2D game engines for the Android platform. Johannes Borchardt & Lukas Jarosch will introduce this amazingness by showing the general structure of an AndEngine game.

Johannes Borchardt

Johannes is co-founder of ANDLABS, a Munich-based company specialized in the development of Android apps and games. His focus in game development are plattformer and physic based games.

Lukas Jarosch

Lukas Jarosch is CIO of ANDLABS. Being a creative and innovative mind, he never runs out of new game ideas. He is specialized in round based games and in multiplayer framework development.

Building Songkick on Android

Songkick launched their Android app earlier this year. Jamie and Akshay will present a case-study of the project, revealing how Novoda worked with Songkick to bring the app from whiteboard to market. The talk will discuss key decisions taken to create a great Android experience.

Akshay Dashrath

Akshay Dashrath is an Android consultant at eBay and the founder of the Bangalore Android Group. Akshay has been an Android developer for over 3 years at companies such as Novoda and Rummble.

Jamie McDonald

Jamie is an Android Engineer and UX enthusiast working on the mobile team at SoundCloud

The Fragment Transition

Android is evolving, but developers aren’t keeping pace. Fragments, which let you break your UI into smaller functional pieces, were released over a year ago. Fragments enable scaling of your app to tablets and the next generation of devices. There’s a huge opportunity to lead the market, yet few businesses and developers are leading the charge.

Corey Latislaw

Corey Latislaw is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Android, technical lead at TAB/The App Business in London, and an avid sketchnoter. She has written and/or led teams that have developed high profile Android applications over the years, including Capital One, XfinityTV and Pinterest.

Picking up the pieces - overcoming device fragmentation

SoundCloud is the leading audio sharing platform on the web today, of course available as an Android app. In this talk, Jan & Jon will focus on the challenges of building a strong, reliable, audio recording and audio streaming app.

Jan Berkel

Jan is based in Berlin where he has been working on the audio platform SoundCloud for the past three years, originally starting as a back-end developer. However his side interest in Android has led to a few open-source projects and eventually the inv

Jon Schmidt

Three years ago he moved to Android and soon launched the initial iteration of the SoundCloud Android application at the end of 2010. Since moving to Berlin he has been working fulltime on evolving the core user experience of the SoundCloud app.

NOOK Developer Session: The developer opportuity

Join NOOK Developer for a session on NOOK Apps. Learn about the development process – from app creation to app submission, and marketing opportunities once your apps are in the NOOK Storefront.

Tom Chavez

Tom recently joined the NOOK team and is focused around evangelizing the NOOK platform to the developer community at large. He loves working with developers, helping them bring their products to market by providing great tools, support, service and e

The Butler Did It: Continuously building & enforcing app quality using Jenkins

Android developers strive to ensure their apps work well across a multitude of OS versions, languages and hardware configurations. In this talk, Chris and Jørgen discuss using Jenkins.

Click here to download the slides, or watch the demo here!

Christopher Orr

Christopher works at iosphere GmbH in Cologne and has been a full-time Android developer for the past three years. In this time he has created two Android-related plugins for Jenkins, which are used by numerous well-known organisations to help test

Jørgen Tjernø

Jørgen works for Lookout Mobile Security, who develops the #1 security app for Android. Over the past 18 months he has split his time between Android development, build engineering, and test automation.

Writing games for an Android video games console... Oh yeah!

Many devices are based on the Android Open Source Project release of Android which does not include the Google additions. This talk will take you through some of the things you’ll need to consider when developing applications which will run on a variety of devices including Android based video games consoles such as OUYA.

Al Sutton

Al Sutton was a major contributor in developing OUYA.Al has been involved in a wide range of things, from an interactive TV system from TwoWayTV and developing systems on Psion handhelds using SMS to things like ticket bookings and sending and receiving Emails.

The fly-in app menu for designer and developer

In the past few months there has been a tremendous buzz around an emerging navigation component on Android. This pattern, known as the fly-in app menu or side navigation, is now used in numerous high-quality applications such as Prixing, YouTube, Spotify, Google+, Evernote, etc. In this talk, we will concentrate on understanding why these companies decided to switch from the plain old dashboard to the fly-in app menu.

Cyril Mottier

Cyril Mottier is Mobile Software Engineer at Capitaine Train and Android Google Developer Expert. Passionate about technology and design, Cyril is an avid lover of Android and a multi-skilled engineer. He is actively involved in the Android community and shares his passion writing blog posts, creating open source libraries and giving talks. His motto: “Do less, but do it insanely great”

The new Facebook SDK for Android

In the last 30 days, Facebook sent users into Google Play and the Apple App Store to download new apps 174 million times. In this session we’ll see how to use Facebook’s new SDK for Android to help you grow you app, and make your existing users more engaged.

Simon Cross

Simon Cross is an Engineer on Facebook’s Platform team. He works with companies like Spotify, The Guardian and SoundCloud help them build their social into their Android, iOS and Web apps. Before Facebook, Simon worked at the BBC building social prod

Who Needs Thumbs? Android Instrumentation and Reverse Engineering

What does it take to become a true Android Hacker? Ever wondered how to inject code into APKs straight off the market? Or how to introspect on the app to determine exactly what it is doing, including what it’s displaying on the screen?

David Teitelbaum

David Teitelbaum is the Vice President of Engineering at Apkudo Inc. currently working on the new Android instrumentation framework, Apkudo Ape. David has heavy research experience in embedded systems, with a focus in digital signal processing and wi

Mind the Gap - Bringing legacy Android apps up to speed

Android has seen major changes in the last year. With the introduction of Android 4 and above, not only the User Interface has been replaced, many of the underlying concepts have changed as well. We will show an overview of the changes, and try to explain what they mean for application design.

Ronan ‘Zero’ Schwarz

Ronan ‘Zero’ Schwarz is Co-Founder of OpenIntents, an OpenSource Project well-known for its Android Apps and Community efforts. Ronan has over 15 years of programming experience, in a wide variety of fields like augmented reality, web, robotics and b

Panel: Monetising your Android Application

What are the techniques, technologies and tricks available to developers to monetize their application? Our panel will discuss how different technologies and techniques can be used to help you get downloads, users and make you money.

Kevin McDonagh

Kevin McDonagh is the founder and CEO of Novoda, Europe’s largest and fastest growing independent Android consultancy with offices in London and Berlin.

Panel: Being successful with your Android game

Leaders in the mobile games industry discuss what it takes to make a successful and profitable game on Android.

Interfacing Hardware the Easy Way with Android and Arduino

There are many techniques and options for using your Android Smartphone to interface with hardware projects you may create using Arduino, but with so many options it can be hard getting started with development. I will therefore take you through a quick getting started with creating and interfacing with a hardware project in minutes.

Fei Manheche

Fei Manheche is the Founder and leading developer at Robobo Inc., where he helps people realize their projects, by helping turn ideas into functional and tangible prototypes. At Robobo the solutions generally involve creating hardware that can be con

Beaming Data to Devices with NFC

NFC supports peer-to-peer sharing of data between devices, in addition to tapping on “smart posters”, tags, and the like. Such device-to-device data “beaming” will mostly be used for short payloads, including bootstrapping more elaborate communications via other channels.

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of the Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development. He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on Stac

Effective Automated Tests for Android apps

We’ve reached the point where there are plenty of options to create and run automated tests for Android apps. New open-source frameworks appear, existing ones morph, and others stagnate.

Julian Harty

Julian Harty has been actively involved in testing and test automation for mobile apps since 2006. He has written & contributed to various books and articles on the topic and is an active contributor to opensource projects including several of the te

Memory Analyzer: avoiding memory leaks

After a couple of sleepless nights working to find out how to solve different errors related to the same exception ‘OutOfMemoryException’, Felipe Ferraz learned some very valuable lessons that he’ll share with you.

Felipe Ferraz

Felipe is a Senior System Engieneer at CESAR, a PhD Candidate at CIN-UPFE and give lessons on FBV and CESAR.EDU.

Building your app for multiple app stores

Just like Android is not only about Google, Google Play is not the only way to distribute Android apps. Today, marketplaces like Amazon AppStore, Nook Store, GetJar and the upcoming Yandex.Store are considered to be strong alternatives.

Ildar Karimov

Four out of seven years of his experience in the software industry have been dedicated to Android. Ildar develops Android products at Yandex and lectures at Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Opti

Timur Dyussebayev

Timur works on Android projects with mobile operators and handset manufacturers at Yandex. He’s been involved in Android software development for almost four years.

Addressing the contradiction between content protection and user experience

Digital Media content protection play a central part of the modern entertainment eco-system. At the same time it is presenting a big challenge to achieve a smooth user experience. Sony Mobile has developed and open sourced a DRM License Service (DLS) to address this.

Pravat Dalbehera

Currently, Pravat Dalbehera is heading up a team developing content protection software for Sony Mobile and has comprehensive experience in product conceptualization, design and development.

Using Ubuntu to develop cloud-connected Android apps

Most Android apps nowadays are a front or local client for online services, from backing up data to the cloud to providing a cross platform service. This requires developers to have access to not just an Android environment, but also to a staging server that they can mess with.

Victor Palau

Victor is the Commercial Engineering Director at Canonical. Prior to joining Canonical, Victor spent 8 years in the Mobile industry and he is currently involved in the Ubuntu for Android project.

Developing Games for Android Running on x86 and a highlight of the Orange San Diego with Intel Inside

Android has a new abi – x86. We show the key differences between x86 and Arm , allowing you to produce optimized code using processor specific features and how to provide a single apk for both architectures.

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is a Senior Application Engineer with Intel focusing on support for game development on x86 platforms ranging from desktops through tablets to phones. Prior to Intel, Steve worked for 12 years as a game developer for a number of companie

Ting Peng

Ting Peng is Marketing Manager for the Android platform at Orange having having previously worked as an Engineer at Orange Labs in Beijing.

Protect Your Business Against Reverse Engineering

Mark will share case studies of a variety of companies, ranging from start-ups to global financial institutions, which use Arxan’s tools to defend their valuable intellectual property and assets from digital thieves.

Mark Noctor

Mark Noctor is EMEA Director for Arxan Technologies. Mark and the Arxan team work with some of the world’s most recognisable companies to secure application software against reverse-engineering and hacking.

Deep Dive into Android Custom Components

Android comes with many built-in components, but some tasks are best accomplished by rolling your own. We will start with an overview of the different ways to extend View and ViewGroup, then dive deeper.

Chiu-Ki Chan

Chiu-Ki was on the Android server team when the G1 came out. She switched to apps development when she moved to the maps team, building Google Mobile Maps for Android.

Mobile Analytics - taking your Android apps to the next level

This session will draw on the very latest data and insight to show how consumers are using mobile apps with a focus on how Android is evolving and what the key trends are for Android app usage. The talk will focus on what existing behavioral trends mean for app usage in the future

Simon Podd

At Flurry, Simon is the commercial director for the EMEA region.

Write Less / Do More

Android is based on openness and the development community has embraced this ideal and provided numerous solutions to common problems just waiting to be plugged in. This session focuses on the features of some of the best and freely available resources the community has to offer.

Scott Alexander-Bown

Scott is an Android developer at Help Scout and Google Developer Expert who is passionate about mobile app security.

Fast, user-friendly. and power-efficient network communication on Android

Designing and implementing an efficient network communication in your Android application is not an easy task. Developers face a difficult balance between latency, power-efficiency, data charges and several other aspects that can be the cause for bad reviews.

Erik Hellman

Erik is the author of "Android Programming: Pushing the limits" and a long time DroidCon speaker. He has worked on the inner details of the Android platform at Sony Mobile, hacked on the Android client for Spotify and is currently as a freelancing Android developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik has also been teaching software development, including Android programming, for both new and senior developers.

Growing your Android app with Facebook

Facebook has 600 million monthly mobile users. To help your Android app grow, you can integrate with Facebook’s Open Graph to get distribution on the web, mobile web and to iOS and Android apps.

Simon Cross

Simon Cross is an Engineer on Facebook’s Platform team. He works with companies like Spotify, The Guardian and SoundCloud help them build their social into their Android, iOS and Web apps. Before Facebook, Simon worked at the BBC building social prod

Developing for Android on 2.x/3.x/4.x

Android developers must now consider a host of versions 2.x, 3.x, 4.x as well as devices. Through Kenichi’s experience developing Japan’s Sekai Phone App (Real time translation phone services), he shares some tips for supporting multiple Android versions and devices with demonstrations.

Kenichi Kambara

Kenichi works as an Android application developer in Japan and has developed over 20 Apps available on Google Play including the popular Sekai Phone App (Real time translation phone services) which was demonstrated at the keynote of Google Developer

Dynamic animation using custom view

In this talk, Anders will talk about a simple and powerful pattern of animating the content of custom views in android, as custom views are getting more and more important.

Anders Ericsson

Anders Ericson is a Senior Consultant at Jayway with 7 years of experience in the software industry. For the last 3 years he has specialized in the UI-layer of Android, using the Android view system to build custom views.

NFC? Yep!

This talk will outline solutions that could be enhanced with and business models that could benefit from NFC.

Applying lean principles to enterprise mobile development

Dave will share the tools and processes he uses and how he is continually improving and self evaluating to “sharpen the sword” of lean and agile all in the context of delivering enterprise mobile products for lastminute.com internationally.

Dave Slocombe

Dave is an innovation thought leader and lean practitioner, currently leading the lastminute.com mobile team delivering global mobile platforms and services to its group companies and brands.

Crash Reporting Trends for Mobile App Developers

Andrew Levy, Crittercism’s co-founder and CEO will provide the Droidcon audience with an overview of the insights he has seen across Crittercism’s extensive data set that covers 250 million devices and over 11 billion app loads.

Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy is the Co-Founder & CEO of Crittercism. Prior to Crittercism, he was the co-founder of a mobile social startup, and a Y Combinator company called AdThrow that specialized in real-time ads.

Replacing the Android SDK emulator

This talk will explain how to use a VirtualBox Virtual Machine to replace the slow QEMU emulator from the Android SDK. It will be based on Daniel’s work on the Buildroid.

Daniel Fages

Daniel is a specialist in system software and a “serial entrepreneur”. His involvement in Android is mainly around running it on x86 platforms and virtualizing it, through the android-x86 project and the buildroid blog.

Beyond Facebook Connect: Handling oAuth and REST for all the rest

While there are some simple ways to add some social networking services integrated into Android and provided by some OEMs, once you get outside of Facebook and Twitter and into other oAuth services it can become an integration nightmare.

David O’Neill

David is founder and CEO of Viafo, who are dedicated to making life easier for developers to add and manage different 3rd party services in their applications.

Integrating AI into your app

Leading-edge apps like Google Now, Zite and Siri all use advanced mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is driven by both competitive pressure and the possibility to incorporate more human-like behavior and capabilities into apps using AI.

Lars Hard

Lars has over 20 years of experience in running advanced Artificial Intelligent development teams, both in Europe and North America.

Android Layouts

Some journalistic criticism is leveled at Android because of “Fragmentation”. Many people mistakenly believe that the Fragmentation is the result of having to support a huge array of different display sizes, pixel densities, and aspect ratio.

Mark Allison

Mark Allison is a GDE for Android and software engineer with almost 25 years' experience. He is passionate about providing the user with the best possible experience. He has developed both server and client side, most commonly Android on the client side, but with also for iOS, HTML5, Symbian, and J2ME. Mark writes a technical blog (http://blog.stylingandroid.com) which focuses on Android UI/UX topics, but often covers more general Android development techniques. He regularly speaks at Android developer events in such diverse locations as Turkey, Spain, and Brazil. He is a stalwart of Droidcon London - this will be his fourth consecutive appearance. When not being geeky, Mark likes to unwind by hurling abuse at football referees, specifically those who are unkind to his beloved Watford FC with whom he holds a season ticket. He also has a deep love of the chilli pepper and consumes spicy food (his favourite being Indian) at every opportunity! Mark is happily married with a grown up step-daughter, and lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

Introduction to Developing for Google TV

What you need to know to target Google TV and covering some of the API’s which are available to you beyond vanilla Android.

Matt Gaunt

Matthew Gaunt is a developer advocate for Chrome @ Google. Prior to joining Google in 2012, he was a software engineer at Future Platforms, a cross-platform mobile development house. Matt earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Bristol.

Developing accessible apps for Android

Building on the foundation of Ice-Cream Sandwich, Google have brought a raft of new accessibility features to Jelly Bean. this session will demonstrate the new accessibility enhancements and APIs found in Jelly Bean.

Gary Readfern-Gray

Gary Readfern-Gray is an Accessibility Specialist/Developer of Innovation of Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Rights and innovation - challenges of working with content providers

This panel, presented by IC tomorrow, will feature the experience of a number of start-ups involved in the IC tomorrow programme who have been working with rights-owners to launch innovative new digital products and services.

Various Speakers

Various Speakers


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