Progressive F# Tutorials 2012

Topics covered at #progfsharp

Thursday, 1st - Friday, 2nd November in London

9 experts spoke.


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Practical Functional-first Programming with F#

In this Practical Functional-first Programming with F# tutorial, Don Syme introduces you to the practical application of F#.NET programming to solve real-world analytical programming problems.

The tutorial will begin with a short lecture introducing the core value proposition of F# - robust, efficient, type-safe, succinct analytical programming which can be deployed in the enterprise context.

You’ll then progress through a series of worked examples for learning functional and OO programming in F#, including the F# Koans, samples for interactive charting and some introductory algorithms.

You’ll also learn how to use F# with partner technologies such as C#, math/statistics libraries, databases, REST services, ASP.NET, Azure, client-side Javascript and OData.

Don Syme

Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Mobile Tools and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. He works with researchers, Microsoft and open source communities to make better programming technologies, and, through that, make people more productive and happier.

Programming with the stars!

This is a hands-on session, designed to help you shift into the functional mindset. Many programming articles set out a problem and give a completed solution, but leave out the steps in the middle. In this session our programming stars will be given a set of problems to solve, and they will describe the steps that they go through to get to a functional solution, in both C# and F#.

Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a computer scientist and open-source developer. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Alan Turing Institute working on tools for open data-driven storytelling. He wrote a popular book called "Real-World Functional Programming" and is a lead developer of several F# open-source libraries.

F# Koans

The F# koans will lead you on the path to F# enlightenment. Come with your laptop, an open mind, and willingness to learn. Leave with a better understanding of F#, functional programming, and test driven development. If you're new to F#, you'll learn the basics of the language and get your fingers working writing F# code right away. If you're an experienced F# developer, you'll sharpen your skills by solving problems and helping others in their journey towards F# masteryTutorials Talk content to be confirmed!

Chris Marinos

Chris Marinos is a software consultant/geek hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. He is also a C(F)# MVP, F#/functional programming enthusiast, (ab)user of LINQ, speaker, code/language guy, video game connoisseur, and tv buff.

Processing concurrent time-series data

Computer systems in energy, finance or cloud computing need to process time-series data that are produced concurrently by a number of data sources. In this talk, you’ll learn how to process and analyse such data in F# using agents.

We start with a brief introduction to asynchronous programming and then spend most of the time developing systems using re-usable agent based library. You’ll see that composing complex functionality is easy, if you have the right set of building blocks! At the end, we’ll also dive into the details of efficient agent implementation.

Simon Cousins

Simon Cousins is a software developer actively applying muti-paradigm programming techniques to solve complex problems within enterprise applications.

Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a computer scientist and open-source developer. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Alan Turing Institute working on tools for open data-driven storytelling. He wrote a popular book called "Real-World Functional Programming" and is a lead developer of several F# open-source libraries.

ProgFSharp Parkbench Panel Discussion

Whilst enjoying some pizza & drinks, we'll hold a ParkBench Panel discussion, to discuss ideas, stuff we learned during the morning and stuff we would like to hear more about. You will not only be able to ask your questions, but are also actively encouraged to join the panel to express your opinion and share your experience! Tweet your questions & topics to #progfsharp

Make Music in the Key of F#

In this tutorial you will work with Undertone to create music programmatically in F#. You will first learn how to create and visualise individual notes, learning how different shape waves make different sounds and how sound effects like overdrive can be simulated. You’ll then go on to see how notes can be sequenced to make tunes and get the chance to make up their own riffs. Finally, you will see how you can load existing music files in most formats and use the Undertone tools set to sample and edit these sound files to make new and interesting tunes.

Robert Pickering

Robert Pickering is a software engineer with an interested in using functional programming, particularly F#, to solve real world problems.

Accelerate your TDD cycle – Coding dojo with NaturalSpec and NCrunch

Test-Driven Development can give you a lot of benefits for your code but also needs a lot of practice. Come to this session and learn how to master TDD with F#, NaturalSpec and NCrunch. NaturalSpec is a F# TDD framework which allows to express tests in a very intuitive way and NCrunch helps to execute these tests continuously on very key stroke. This gives a very fast feedback loop and helps to speed up your TDD coding.

Steffen Forkmann

Steffen Forkmann works as a Software Developer on large billing systems and therefore has great experience in applying functional concepts to real-world applications.

Web Programming

In this practical tutorial we’ll connect to rich data sources using F# 3.0’s Type Providers, and then move on to create a fully functional web site. Please bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2012 full edition or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web (free).

James Freiwirth

James Freiwirth has been involved in commercial software development since the golden day of shareware. Nowadays he applies his knowledge as a software consultant across a broad range of industries from robotic control in the pharmaceutical and foo

F# in the CLoud

Cloud computing has brought immense computational power to the masses without any upfront investment. However, harnessing this power is not for the faint at heart since it can be really challenging, especially when lacking the appropriate tools. This talk will focus on how F# can be used to perform computations in a cloud environment, using distributed actors, Azure Hadoop and the cool F# newcomer, {m}brace. This will be a hands-on approach so bring your laptop with you!

George Stavroulakis

Executive consultant of Nessos IT S.A. (www.nessos.gr), an ISV which specializes in developing challenging custom solutions. High performance computing, GPU coding, Finite element modelling, jazz guitar playing and car tuning is what I like most

Gian Ntzik

Gian is a developer with the {m}brace project, and a Phd student at Imperial College London. He has had a long history of developing services and enterprise applications in .NET, before being converted to the functional programming faith. Today he uses F# to tackle the challenging issues of distributed computation.

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