CukeUp! 2012

Topics covered at #CukeUp

Wednesday, 4th April in London

18 experts spoke.

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Staying close to experts with executable specifications

Peder Søholt

Peder Søholt develops in both Java and .NET, whatever suits the project best, and also takes the role as a scrum-master. Otherwise he secretly takes on the role as a coach without anyone knowing it.

Vagif Abilov

Vagif Abilov is a Russian/Norwegian software developer working at Miles. He has more than 30 years of programming experience, currently writing code in F# and C#. Vagif is a frequent speaker at software conferences where he also plays in a speakers band "Dylan and Linebreakers".

Cucumber.js: Cuke up your JavaScript!

A year ago, native BDD solutions similar to Cucumber were almost inexistant. Yet the need for it was manifest. It didn't take me long before I proposed and started hacking on the port of our favourite cucurbitaceae.

Cucumber.js is a native JavaScript implementation of Cucumber. It is a strict port that can run on any JavaScript environment. It runs on Node.js as well as within any browsers, making it virtually serviceable against everything producing JavaScript and HTML (Node.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .Net, etc.).

This is an introduction to the young Cucumber.js. After briefly exposing the history and goals of the project, I'll demonstrate how to write features, step definitions, hooks, support code, how to invoke it from both Node.js and browser environments.

Julien Biezemans

Julien is a fervent BDDer who loves writing code, building well-crafted conducive software as well as sharing knowledge and techniques with other passionate people.

Learning from mistakes with BDD

Andrew Jutton

Andrew Jutton is a hands-on .NET Application Architect with almost ten years of commercial experience working as a software developer and architect. He is passionate about software development and strives to deliver the best quality, continuously imp

Tony Bruce

Tony Bruce is a professional, experienced, constantly learning, coaching and teaching agile team member who specialises in Testing. He has worked in various industries with organisations such as Channel 4, Ernst & Young, LMAX and The Children’s Society.

Getting started with Cucumber-JVM

Aslak Hellesøy

Aslak Hellesøy is the creator of Cucumber and co-founder of Cucumber Limited. He is a co-author of The Cucumber Book and an early adopter of XP and BDD.

Aslak works as a programmer, software architect, business owner and trainer in a variety of industries, including finance, telecom and retail.

Testing for Value

Colin Humphreys

Colin Humphreys is CTO for Cloud at Pivotal, and was previously CEO of CloudCredo. Colin has twelve years’ experience delivering working solutions and saving failing projects. He is passionate about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and PaaS. Colin delivers tooling to the Cloud Foundry community, is a regular speaker on PaaS-related topics, and is a member of Cloud Foundry's Community Advisory Board.

Calabash, an open-source automated testing technology for iOS and Android

Karl Krukow

Karl Krukow is Technical Lead on Xamarin Test Cloud, an innovative cloud-based service that provides managed access to more than a thousand mobile devices for the purpose of mobile quality assurance.

User Centred Scenarios: Describing capabilities, not solutions

Antony Marcano

Antony Marcano is co-founder of RiverGlide, a coaching, consultancy and training firm helping teams and organisations innovate with agility. He has been in software development for nearly 25 years, almost 20 of which have been either working in teams or guiding them and the organisations around them, as they aspire to greater agility. Antony is as much a practitioner as he is coach, consultant and trainer in topics from writing communicative, maintainable code to User Stories & BDD to effective team models, approaching change and Kent Beck's emerging 3X framework.

James Martin

James is a cofounder of RiverGlide and co-creator of the open source Cucumber extension, CukeSalad.

Just enough infrastructure for product development with cucumber

Michael Nacos

Michael Nacos enjoys playing with computers but gets bored easily. He has worked as an IT trainer, web developer, linux sysadmin, database developer, email engineer, cloud architect and tech lead. These days he helps companies build products and teams, using open source tools to deliver progressive web and mobile experiences that hit the mark.

Living Documentation - Buy 1 get 2 free

Chris Roff

Chris Roff is a consultant specialising in .NET development and agile training.

He's been practising specification by example for 4 years, working with teams in leading media houses, on-line gaming companies and investment banking.

BDD for Embedded System Design

Mathias Soeken

Mathias Soeken is working on formal verification of UML/OCL models used as specification in the design of embedded systems as well as on reversible logic and quantum computation.

Melanie Diepenbeck

Melanie Diepenbeck is currently pursuing her PhD degree on "Behaviour Driven Development for System Design" at the University of Bremen in the Graduate School System Design (SyDe) and in the Group for Computer Architecture headed by Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler.

Cucumber-Ruby 2.0 panel discussion

This panel will be a discussion about:

What features should Cucumber-Ruby 2.0 have?
What features should it not have?
How are we going to get it built?

Various Speakers

Various Speakers

Test-driven Infrastructure with Cucumber

Jon Topper

Jon Topper's consultancy, The Scale Factory, has built high performance, high traffic infrastructure for companies such as Songkick, BSkyB, ITV, and Glasses Direct. His small team of talented DevOps engineers are available to hire to provide infra

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