DeNormalised NOSQL 2012

Topics covered at #DeNormalised

Thursday, 20th - Friday, 21st September at Skills Matter, London

11 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 8:30 AM.

The first DeNormalised NoSQL conference at Skills Matter is now in progress! Today, there will be talks on Cassandra, Neo4J, Riak, CouchDB, MongoDB and other NoSQL solutions. Tomorrow we'll have hands-on workshops... Follow #denormalised for tweets and announcements of SkillsCast video's of the talks (which we will be publishing throughout the day).

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Scalability with Couchbase

MC Brown: In this talk MC covers the challenges of scalability, where Couchbase fits in a document database world, how Couchbase have approached the scalability issue, and how you can index and query your database using views and map/reduce queries.

MC Brown

MC Brown is VP of TechPubs and Education for Couchbase, and has been building database driven applications and writing about them for over 20 years. Before Couchbase MC had worked for Oracle, Sun and MySQL, and worked as a subject matter expert for M

Apache Cassandra: a tunably consistent, highly-availble, distributed database

Apache Cassandra is a next generation database originally conceived at Facebook. In this talk, Dr Richard Low will cover the features unique to Cassandra and explain how it achieves things such as tuneable consistency, write-optimisation, and high availability.

Richard Low

Richard is a scientist, software engineer and musician, working for Acunu as an algorithms developer.

Giving Cassandra the X Factor - how Cassandra lets us deliver real-time interaction

Malcolm Box: Live Talkback uses Cassandra to power live audience interaction on some of the biggest shows in television, including Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. Find out why, how it works and some of the challenges in handling TV-triggered usage bursts.

Malcolm Box

Malcolm is the CTO and co-founder of Tellybug, a London startup focused on making TV more entertaining, social and interactive. He's responsible for the development of apps and server systems to support TV audiences for some of the mo

Introduction to Riak

Casey Rosenthal gives an introduction to Riak, the key value database from Basho, by covering the core features and use cases of the technology. He will then move on to discuss how to identify whether Riak is a good fit for a given project.

Casey Rosenthal

Casey Rosenthal is currently Director of Training at Basho, where he manages internal and external education about Riak and RiakCS. As Chief Software Engineer for Port Forty Nine, Casey worked for NASA, Caltech, and JPL to engineer systems for storin

Shake It Out: Serving API data with Voldemort at Musicmetric

Jameel Syed: Musicmetric collects and analyses online data to present a complete picture of how people are engaging with artists online. Data is collected and combined from social media (activity timeseries, demographics), peer to peer filesharing (geographic fan activity) and reviews (NER, sentiment analysis).

Jameel Syed

Dr Jameel Syed is the CTO at Musicmetric which provides analytics solutions for the music industry. He was a founding member of InforSense, a spin-off company from the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, which commercialised technolog

Deep dive into MongoDB

Julian Browne: MongoDB has found a sweet spot in enterprise adoption due to its ease of use, powerful query model and natural progression for those coming from a SQL mindset. But under the hood it has some unusual design approaches that can trip up the unwary.

Julian Browne

Julian's background is in operations, having started as a Unix performance consultant early in his career, after which he went into development, on to architecture and then to management. Julian is passionate about the field of architecture because "

Spring Data: NoSQL No Problem

David Turanski

David Turanski is a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource, a division of VMWare. David is a member of the Spring Data team and lead of the Spring Gemfire project. He is also a committer on the Spring Integration project. David has extensive expe

Learning to Build Distributed Systems the Hard Way

Theo Hultberg: He has learned how to build distributed systems the hard way; he's failed, and failed again. He's made many of the common mistakes and tried a few other things that turned out to be a disappointment. You shouldn't have to make those mistakes too...

Theo Hultberg

Theo Hultberg is Chief Architect at Burt, a Göteborg based big data startup that wants to revolutionize the advertising industry by showing that there's more to ad analytics than clicks. His only claim to fame is that he's got more reputation on Stac

Beer & Pizza

We wrap up Day 1 of DeNormalised over some slices & brews before taking it onwards in the pub!

Real-time analytics on the Twitter Firehose with Apache Cassandra

In this workshop we will step you through constructing an application to do real time analytics on the twitter firehose, using Apache Cassandra, and its advanced, distributed counters. With this application you will be able to see what trends of mentions of common phrases, words or people.

Tom Wilkie

Tom is a Software Engineer at Weaveworks. Previously he was at Google as a Site Reliability Manager for Google Analytics. Before that he was Founder and CTO at Acunu, and before that a Software Engineer at XenSource. In his spare time, Tom likes to make craft beer and build home automation systems.

Hands on with Neo4j

In this workshop for the DeNormalised NoSQL Roadshow, Alistair Jones will give a hands-on tutorial to Neo4j.

Alistair Jones

Alistair is an engineer at Neo4j, specialising in clustering and consensus algorithms.

Hands-on with RIAK

The Riak Overview provides a high-level view of Riak, its features, and its architecture as well as a look at applicability and capacity planning. With a sound grounding we'll move onto the business of Running Riak, including installation, building a cluster, back-up and recovery and monitoring.Matt Heitzenroder delves into RIAK. Details TBC.

Casey Rosenthal

Casey Rosenthal is currently Director of Training at Basho, where he manages internal and external education about Riak and RiakCS. As Chief Software Engineer for Port Forty Nine, Casey worked for NASA, Caltech, and JPL to engineer systems for storin

Hands on with MongoDB

Norberto Leite a Senior Solutions Architect for EMEA from 10Gen delivers a hands-on, intensive 4-hour NOSQL tutorial.

Norberto Leite

Norberto Leite is Senior Solutions Architect for EMEA at 10gen, helping MongoDB users overcome implementation and scale challenges, supporting clients with experienced insights over mongodb and NoSQL technologies. Prior to joining 10gen, Norberto wor

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