Weaveworks Special Event - Workshop: Your Path to Production Ready Kubernetes

Topics covered:

Thursday, 5th September in London



Accelerate your journey to production ready Kubernetes by learning the practical techniques for reliably operating your software lifecycle using the GitOps pattern. The Weaveworks team will be running a full-day workshop, sharing their expertise as users and contributors of Kubernetes and Prometheus, as well as followers of GitOps (operations by pull request) practices.

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Workshop: Your Path to Production Ready Kubernetes

Using a combination of instructor led demonstrations and hands-on exercises, the workshop will enable the attendee to go into detail on the following topics:

  • Developing and operating your Kubernetes microservices at scale

  • What does DevOps and GitOps look like in practice

  • Building with Kubernetes in production: caring for your apps, implementing CI/CD best practices, and utilizing the right metrics, monitoring tools, and automated alerts

  • Operating Kubernetes in production: Upgrading and managing Kubernetes, managing incident response, and adhering to security best practices for Kubernetes

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are a cluster operators/ administrators or DevOps engineers. We expect at working knowledge of Kubernetes - this course will not cover Kubernetes basics.

  • You have deployed a few applications to a test cluster, and now want a path forward of how to use Kubernetes in production - reliably and at scale.

  • Your current pipeline and workflows are not bulletproof just yet and you are looking for tips and tricks to make operations smoother.

  • Please bring a laptop with a recent browser and wifi as we will cover hands on sessions in a sandbox environment.

This workshop doesn't cover:

  • Deep knowledge of the Prometheus Query Language. We’ll be working through practical examples, but won’t cover the rest of PromQL. Kubernetes Introduction and concepts. We won’t be going through an overview of Kubernetes, instead we focus on application in the real world.


  • Welcome & introduction

  • Getting started with your environment

  • What is “Production Ready” (cluster & app checklist)

  • Monitoring a production cluster (Prometheus & Observability)

  • Building for observability (HPA, Istio Canary, FluentD & Prometheus)

  • Declarative infrastructure in practice (GitOps model, Infra as code)

  • DevOps and GitOps in practice (CI/CD pipelines, compliance tracking)

  • Advanced Deployment Patterns (Canary, Blue/Green, A/B testing)

  • Security best practices (RBAC, Kubernetes security groups, network policies)

  • Node management and Kubernetes upgrade

  • Light breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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