F# eXchange 2021

Topics covered:

Wednesday, 20th October, Online Conference

21 experts will be speaking. Starts at 11:00 AM BST (10:00 AM UTC)

Learn the power and simplicity of the F# language and be part of the community at F# eXchange 2021.

With talks and sessions chosen by developers for developers, the F# eXchange is the premiere gathering for the international F# community to come together, exchange ideas and meet likeminded people.

A full-focused day packed with expert-led keynotes, breakout sessions and practical, coding-based talks you'll connect with the F# Community around the globe.

Come learn the latest techniques and newest language developments from the world’s foremost F# experts, and forge relationships that will last for years to come.

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F# eXchange 2021

F# eXchange 2021 will be an online conference hosted on the Hopin platform.

By hosting F# eXchange online in 2020, we were able to truly welcome the international F# community to the conference.

Once again, we are excited to welcome the F# enthusiasts from around the globe!

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F# eXchange 2020 program

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F# eXchange SkillsCast videos

Revisit 2020

Revisit 15+ sessions from F# eXchange 2020 in our library of SkillsCast videos.

Last year's conference featured talks from Don Syme, Rumyana Neykova, Alfonso Garcia-Caro, Riccardo Terrell, Ody Mbegbu and many more!

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Program Committee

All of the talks at the F# eXchange are selected by our volunteer Program Committee which evaluates and selects which speakers and topics will be included in the conference program. This committee includes developers, practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels.

This year's Program Committee includes:

  • Photo of Ambika Eshwar

    Ambika Eshwar

    Undergraduate Student, F# enthusiast

  • Photo of Don Syme

    Don Syme

    Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Designer and architect of the F# programming language.

  • Photo of Kit Eason

    Kit Eason

    Software Developer, Trainer, Author of Stylish F#

  • Photo of Ody Mbegbu

    Ody Mbegbu

    Software Engineer, building data tools for scientists

  • Photo of Zaid Ajaj

    Zaid Ajaj

    Software engineer building F# open-source developer tools

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Day 1: F# eXchange 2021

Virtual Conference

Track Main Stage Lightning Talks: Room A Lightning Talks: Room B

Doors Open


Opening Remarks and Housekeeping


Why Every Day as a Developer Would Be Easier with F#

Urs Enzler

Some Knowledge Required

f# .net c# functional-programming

Q&A + Break


Fable Python |> F# ♥️ Python

Dag Brattli

Some Knowledge Required

f# fable javascript python

Q&A + Break


F# Gives You Superpowers

James Randall


f# architecture cloud small-teams

Q&A + Break


Hedy: Creating a Gradual Programming Language

Felienne Hermans


programming language-design

Q&A + Break


Working with GraphQL Services from F# Applications

Zaid Ajaj

Some Knowledge Required

f# snowflaqe graphql

Q&A + Break


Understanding Microservices: A Guide for the Monolithic Developer

Layla Porter


microservices .net architecture

Q&A + Break


Rocking it with sitelets: building a CMS with WebSharper

Adam Granicz

Some Knowledge Required

f# saturn giraffe sitelet

Q&A + Break


PHP to F#, three years later

Aaron Muylaert

Non-Technical Talk

f# php-cli

Q&A + Break


How to Run the SAFE Stack on Kubernetes with a PostgreSQL Backend

Chris Arnott

Some Knowledge Required

f# postgresql kubernetes-configuration safe-stack

Q&A + Break


Lightning Talk: A Finance Student Learns to Code F#

Antonio Salomao


f# transcription web-scraping nlp

Lightning Talk: My 100 Days of F# - in 10 Minutes

Mafinar Khan


f# learning

Lightning Talk: F# as DSL for Complex Domains

Vagif Abilov


f# content-distribution dsl

Lightning Talk: Building Cross-device Experiences with Uno Platform and Elmish

Andrii Chebukin

Some Knowledge Required

f# elmish uno

Lightning Talk: Reactive forms and validation with WebSharper

Jozsef Uri

Some Knowledge Required

Lightning Talk: In defense of Exceptions: Throw (away) your Result

Roman Provazník

Some Knowledge Required

f# exceptions

Lightning Talk: Fantomas V: The One that Will Format the F# Compiler.

Florian Verdonck

Some Knowledge Required

f# f#-compiler fantomas

It's a stress-free life being an F# dev

Ian Russell

Non-Technical Talk

f# functional-programming

Q&A + Break


F# in Production — How a Complete Amateur Can Succeed with F#: A Testimonial.

Casper Bollen


fable amateur testimonial f#

Q&A + Break


Adopting F# on a Consultancy Project: From Zero to MVP to V0 Launch

Juarez Aires Sampaio Filho

Some Knowledge Required

f# consultancy machine-learning .net5 functional-programming

Q&A + Break


Deep Learning with F#: An Experience Report

Faisal Waris

Some Knowledge Required

data f# python data-science deep-learning

Q&A + Break


Using F# to Structure an Island of Simplicity

Tejas Viswanath

Some Knowledge Required

f# domain-specific-language databases functional-programming
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