F# eXchange 2021

Topics covered:

Wednesday, 20th October, Online Conference

will be speaking. Starts at 12:00 PM BST (11:00 AM UTC)

Learn the power and simplicity of the F# language and be part of the community at F# eXchange 2021.

With talks and sessions chosen by developers for developers, the F# eXchange is the premiere gathering for the international F# community to come together, exchange ideas and meet likeminded people.

A full-focused day packed with expert-led keynotes, breakout sessions and practical, coding-based talks you'll connect with the F# Community around the globe.

Come learn the latest techniques and newest language developments from the world’s foremost F# experts, and forge relationships that will last for years to come.

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F# eXchange 2021

F# eXchange 2021 will be an online conference hosted on the Hopin platform.

By hosting F# eXchange online in 2020, we were able to truly welcome the international F# community to the conference.

Once again, we are excited to welcome the F# enthusiasts from around the globe!

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F# eXchange 2020 program

View the programme

Our virtual conference will feature expert-led talks from F# experts and enthusiasts from a variety of industries, disciplines and backgrounds. We'll be announcing our first keynotes soon, so stay tuned.

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F# eXchange 2021 Call for Papers

Want to speak?

Would you like to deliver a talk at F# eXchange?

Our Call for Papers is open and will want to hear your proposals.

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F# eXchange SkillsCast videos

Revisit 2020

Revisit 15+ sessions from F# eXchange 2020 in our library of SkillsCast videos.

Last year's conference featured talks from Don Syme, Rumyana Neykova, Alfonso Garcia-Caro, Riccardo Terrell, Ody Mbegbu and many more!

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Diversity Matters Scholarship

Skills Matter offers scholarships to people from underrepresented groups in tech who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.

If you believe you are a member of a group that is underrepresented within the tech community or at technical conferences we encourage you to apply.

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Program Committee

All of the talks at the F# eXchange are selected by our volunteer Program Committee which evaluates and selects which speakers and topics will be included in the conference program. This committee includes developers, practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels.

This year's Program Committee includes:

  • Photo of Ambika Eshwar

    Ambika Eshwar

    Undergraduate Student, F# enthusiast

  • Photo of Don Syme

    Don Syme

    Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Designer and architect of the F# programming language.

  • Photo of Kit Eason

    Kit Eason

    Software Developer, Trainer, Author of Stylish F#

  • Photo of Ody Mbegbu

    Ody Mbegbu

    Software Engineer, building data tools for scientists

  • Photo of Zaid Ajaj

    Zaid Ajaj

    Software engineer building F# open-source developer tools

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We're currently working on a program. If you have any suggestions, topics you'd like to see covered, or experts you'd like to meet, let us know!

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The F# eXchange Call for Papers is now open!

F# is a modern, enjoyable language delivering highly robust, succinct and performant code, and supported by quality tooling for a magnificent all-round programming experience. F# appeals to Python programmers, bringing strong typing and high performance while maintaining simple and clear code. F# also appeals to C#, Java, Scala and other programmers looking to move to modern, succinct, functional programming forms.

At F# Exchange, you can join with the F# community from around the world to explore topics in depth. As a speaker, you will participate in the F# community and be welcome to interact in depth with both speakers and attendees. Sessions can take the form of a talk, a case study, a code-focused demo or a lightning-talk. We are also open to creative suggestions for using the online format.

We actively encourage submissions on the following topics:

  • Learning F# and F# for Python/Java/C#/… Programmers
  • F# for Linux, Web and Cloud
  • Functional-first Methodology and Design Patterns
  • Collaborative team building, Clear Code as communication
  • Code reviewing and Coding Practices with F#
  • F# Optimization and Performance
  • Cloud provisioning and programming
  • Data science and machine learning
  • Edge computing and iOT
  • Adoption stories and real-world applications of F#
  • F# Technologies including FsLab, Fable, Giraffe, WebSharper, Bolero and more
  • F# tools (e.g. developer tools, testing tools, automation tools, etc.)
  • Talks from F# newcomers

Submit a Talk

Are you new to F#? You've got a unique point‑of‑view and we want to hear it.

New voices will strengthen the F# community and help it grow. We strongly encourage new users and first-time speakers to submit a proposal and are very excited to read proposals featuring your fresh perspective.

Submissions should be for one of the following session types (time for Q&A is included in the session lengths):

  • 30 minute talk
  • 5-10 minute lightning talk

We actively encourage first-time speakers and if you would like to discuss your proposal please contact the PC. Mentoring (e.g. practice-talks and feedback) is available for all speakers

Proposals must be submitted to Skills Matter by 23:59 UTC on 1 September 2021 in order to be considered by the conference’s programme committee. As this is a virtual event, priority consideration will be given to presentations that promise a socially-interactive format. Case studies are also encouraged, particularly case studies where learnings were gained from failure.

If you have an idea for an interactive format, but have technical concerns, questions or would like guidance, please contact us at conferences@skillsmatter.com. We'll be happy to offer technical support.

Talks will be selected by Skills Matter and the F# eXchange Programme Committee on the basis of making the conference a varied and valuable event. Submission is open to anyone.

Chosen speakers will receive two free tickets to the conference: one for the speaker and one for a guest of their choosing.

Please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct before submitting. You can find it here.

F# eXchange 2021: Call for Papers

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We offer a variety of opportunities for continuous visibility and continuous engagement. Community is at the heart of all we do at Skills Matter, and we believe it is mutually beneficial to foster genuine connections between our members and truly innovative businesses.

Rather than a typical ad hoc event sponsorship, we’ll work with you to create bespoke engagement opportunities that benefit both your business and the Skills Matter community. Whether you’re looking to develop one-to-one relationships with our members, or to showcase your product and spread brand awareness, we’d love to find a way to create meaningful interactions between you and our community.

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