P3X — People Product Process eXchange 2021

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Wednesday, 8th - Thursday, 9th September, Online Conference

12 experts will be speaking. Starts at 1:00 PM BST (12:00 PM UTC)

P3X — People, Product & Process eXchange returns 8-9 September 2021!

Join us for two community-focused days where you'll connect with experts and likeminded project managers, product owners and developers. Share the challenges you are facing and discover how other teams are building their products and ensure their teammates reach their potential as you learn and share alongside practitioners from around the globe.

Since 2010, P3X has been the go‑to conference to explore the latest frameworks and practices around Agile, Scrum, BDD and Product Development. Be a part of the conversation as we work together to improve the software development working experience by looking at both culture and process: Join us as we learn from leading experts from around the world.

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This year’s P3X: People, Product & Process eXchange will be an online conference hosted on the Hopin platform.

At Skills Matter, we’ve chosen to see the events of the past year as a challenge to make our content and community more inclusive and accessible to all. Beyond the COVID‑19 pandemic, we have a vision of a community where knowledge sharing and skills transfer are not limited by physical barriers.

We are excited about the opportunity to truly welcome the international Agile and software development community to this year’s P3X.

We hope to see you there!

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Our 2-day online conference features two full days of expert-led talks. We'll be announcing new speakers in the lead-up to the events.

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Day 1: Day 1

Main Track

Track Main Stage

Introductory Remarks


Keynote: Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones

Simon Wardley

leadership organisational-complexity situational-awareness organisational-change change

Building Adaptive Systems for a Fast Flow of Change

Susanne Kaiser

agile leadership system adaptivesystems change

Valuing ‘Individuals and Interactions’

Rosemarie Wilson

agile goals project organisation empathy efficiency



The Magic of Human Connections

Emily Webber

agile leadership collaboration

On Behaviourism: How Automation Can Lead to the Real Adoption of Agile

Mauro Talevi

agile leadership

The Age of Product: Winning Against FAANG

SC Moatti

innovation product-first product leadership

Ending Remarks

Day 2: Day 2

Main Track

Track Main Stage

Introductory Remarks


How to Find Ways to Turn Around Burnt Out, Stressed People and Teams

Katherine Kirk

agile leadership

How The Theory of Jobs To Be Done Helps Me Hear Customers

Mike Harris


How to Provide Reliable, Risk-Aware Forecasts in the Midst of Uncertainty

Julia Wester




Words Matter. Build Team Relationships and Push through Conflicts by Practicing Nonviolent Communication

Jenny Martin

conflict-management team-dynamics team-culture workplace communication agile leadership

Team Meetings That Don't Suck - Avoid Retrospectives Antipatterns

Aino Vonge Corry

agile leadership retrospective retro antipatterns patterns remote meetings

Talk Title Coming Soon!

Jeff Patton

agile leadership

Ending Remarks

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P3X 2021

In the 20 years since Agile methodologies first emerged, conversations in this realm have shifted dramatically. The community's early focus was on using executable specifications to drive design. The overall sentiment has moved naturally towards the importance of collaboration.

P3X 2021 will be an online conference aiming to explore and discover how three core themes — People, Product and Process – lead to greater collaboration, and function together to improve the software development industry.

The P3X Call For Papers has now closed. If you've submitted a talk you should be hearing from our Programming Team very shortly. Thank you for your submissions.

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