YOW! September 2021

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Tuesday, 14th - Wednesday, 15th September, Online Conference

13 experts will be speaking. Starts at 8:45 AM AWST (12:45 AM UTC)

Join us for the return of YOW! September Online, a 2‑day conference bringing software experts to you

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Over these 2 days, you'll learn from thought leaders, architects and developers as you connect with like-minded people to share skills, insights, and lessons from the comfort of your laptop, be it at home or at work.

YOW! Speakers are chosen based on their expertise; they provide excellent, technically rich content, appropriate to all roles in software and IT, completely independent of commercial concerns such as sponsorship or product. This means no commercials, ever, just lots of case studies and stories from the trenches.

Serious software professionals and IT leaders from all across the organisation will benefit from attending. Whether you’re a developer, architect, product owner, team lead, coach, or manager, don’t miss this learning opportunity. Our speakers have a wealth of experience they’re eager to share with you.

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Dave Farley on stage at YOW! Perth

YOW! September 2021 will be a hybrid conference with the online channel hosted on the Hopin platform, scheduled ideally for those in the UTC+8 time zone.

At Skills Matter, we’ve chosen to see the events of the past year as a challenge to make our content and community more inclusive and accessible to all. Beyond the COVID‑19 pandemic, we have a vision of a community where knowledge sharing and skills transfer are not limited by physical barriers.

We are excited to welcome our community from Western Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and around the world to this year’s YOW! September Online.

We hope to see you there!

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Our two-day online conference features expert-led talks including keynotes from Daniel Terhorst-North and Anna Urbaniak.


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Michael Noonan

VP of Engineering
Octopus Deploy

Replatform In A Year or Die; The Tale Of A Turnaround

In 2020, MYOB’s web users saw a major upgrade and a notable increase in stability and rate of feature delivery. What they didn’t see was a behind-the-scenes existential crisis of accumulated tech debt that led to a vast replatform with a hard deadline, racing against the clock to get the company back in the game. Ken will tell the story of how they had to rethink everything about how they planned, structured, wrote, and delivered software; how the architecture, software, teams, systems of work, and org structure had to fit together as a whole; hard lessons learnt under pressure at scale; and how it catapulted the company forward from there.

Ken Scambler

Software Architect


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Kasper Lund

Software Engineer

What Counts as a Programming Language?

When we think of programming languages, we think of Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, or Python. We don’t think of CSS, SQL, or HTML. And we don’t think of Alloy, Modelica, or SNOBOL—in fact, maybe we haven’t even heard of all those. But what’s the distinction? And maybe most importantly, what can we learn as programmers from “not programming languages”?

We’ll cover:

  • What we can learn from questioning how we categorize things
  • How to identify “assumed context,” and why it matters
  • Lessons learned from “domain specific” programming languages
Chelsea Troy

Software Engineer

Who Tests Their Cloud Code Anyway?

If you are a developer, you know as well as me that testing your code is optional. And when we suddenly involve cloud computing, there are even more excuses not to test your applications and infrastructure.

In this talk, I will explain and demonstrate some of the many options you have in Azure for testing every part of your development life cycle. I go through everything from A/B testing to performance testing to architecture testing, all sprinkled with animal photos.

Join me. Enough of your excuses.

Lars Klint

Training Architect


Gregor Hohpe

Enterprise Strategist


James Lewis

James Lewis is a Principal Consultant for ThoughtWorks UK. He has helped introduce evolutionary architecture practices and agile software development techniques to various blue chip companies: investment banks, publishers and media organisations. James studied Astrophysics in the 90’s but got sick of programming in Fortran.


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Effy Elden


How to Read Complex Code

Research shows that on average developers spend about 58 percent of their time on reading code! However, we are not explicitly taught reading code in school or in boot camps, and we rarely practice code reading too.

Maybe you have never thought about it, but reading code can be confusing in many ways. Code in which you do not understand the variable names causes a different type of confusion from code that is very coupled to other code. In this talk, Felienne Hermans, associate professor at Leiden University, will firstly dive into the cognitive processes that play a role when reading code. She will then show you theories for reading code, and close the talk with some hands-on techniques that can be used to read to any piece of code with more ease and fewer headaches!

Felienne Hermans

Associate professor in software engineering
Delft University of Technology

Fast and Simple Deployments for Code & Infra

You don’t need Kubernetes to automatically push green builds to production – learn how Honeycomb has utilized CircleCI, Terraform, Chef, a collection of home-grown scripts, and Honeycomb itself to speed up its deployments and make them safer. We’ll talk about what went wrong along the way, and how we used our Service Level Objectives to evaluate and mitigate the risks.

Liz Fong-Jones

Principal Developer Advocate


Cat Swetel

Cat is a technology leader interested in exploring how digital transformation facilitates relationships and could create conditions for more generative institutions. Her leadership style is deeply feminist in that it is focused on allowing all people to flourish. This leadership style (coupled with good technology instincts) has allowed Cat to establish an impressive track record of delivering the “impossible”.

In addition to leadership experience in a variety of settings from startups to large enterprises, Cat is also an accomplished public speaker delivering keynotes, workshops, etc all around the world. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys cooking, hiking, making jokes about Bitcoin, and reading feminist literature.

Keynote TBA

Anna Urbaniak

Agile and Lean Transformation Coach
Deusche Bank

Daniel Terhorst-North

Daniel Terhorst-North uses his deep technical and organisational knowledge to help CIOs, business and software teams to deliver quickly and successfully. He puts people first and finds simple, pragmatic solutions to business and technical problems, often using lean and agile techniques. With over thirty years of experience in IT, Daniel is a frequent speaker at technology and business conferences worldwide.


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