The Study of Enterprise Agility Community: Global Enterprise Agility Month — Leadership and Strategy Week

Tuesday, 6th - Thursday, 8th July, Online Conference

9 experts spoke.

Throughout July, Skills Matter and SEACOM will be hosting a month-long conference exploring Enterprise Agility.

Each week will focus on a different topic designed to allow the community to share experiences with fellow practitioners and SMEs that are leading the way.

This ticket entitles you to attend the Leadership and Strategy Week (July 6-8) of Global Enterprise Agility Month

Leadership and strategy
Ultimately, leadership, and the strategies which are followed, involves curating the narrative enterprises follow to achieve their mission, vision, and purpose. This track encapsulates organisation design, evolution tactics, enterprise communication and psychological safety.

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Innovation in the Wild

Gabrielle Benefield is the founder of Mobius (mobiusloop.com), an open innovation model and strategic design toolkit to solve wicked problems.

Gabrielle will introduce the innovation imperative; why innovation is a necessity, a look at the disruptors threatening the fundamental ways we do business, and how to create a sustainable innovation strategy. Joining her are two provocateurs to share their stories of pragmatic innovation applied to the finance industry and disrupting a traditional restaurant model.

The first stop on the tour is with Tao Baker, the head of innovation at an Irish challenger bank. Her bank is super traditional and she wanted to bring innovation into the culture. Her story goes through her journey and how she gets people to innovate, and does it in a charming slightly wicked way.

We then go to the mean streets of Chelsea, London and meet Riccardo Mariti of Riccardo's restaurant. Riccardo will not only show how he pivoted his business in the pandemic but take us on a live tour so we can see how you build innovation into everything from onboarding new hires to radically repurposing his restaurant into a deli supermarket - in 5 hours.

Gabrielle Benefield

Founder, MobiusLoop.com

Riccardo Mariti

Founder & CEO, Riccardo's Restaurant

Tao Baker

Head of Digital Innovation & Fintech at Permanent TSB

HSBC: Delivering Value in Our New Way of Working

Many organisations are experiencing shifts in the way both clients and employees expect to work. This has been trending for some time, but has seen an acceleration over the last 18 months as responses to the global pandemic have started to normalise.

Via a panel discussion orchestrated by Head of Ways of Working for HSBC Securities Services (HSS), Chris Orson, HSS want to share how they are approaching this, looking at how new technology, organisational design and leadership culture are having an impact on how value is delivered to their clients.

Anna Luccock

Global Head of People Experience, HSBC

Chris Orson

Head of Ways of Working, Securities Services HSBC

James Chew

Director, HSBC

Simon Hall

Director, HSBC

How Value Stream Management Supercharges your Teams

Come learn how to supercharge your teams! Value Stream Management (VSM) is a set of lean principles and practices that optimizes people, processes, and technology to continuously improve business value flow, from ideation to customer delivery.

Companies that implement Value Stream Management have seen extraordinary business improvement in car manufacturing, software, financial, and medical industries. Studies show that very few companies have truly implemented value stream thinking, principles, and practices despite the benefits.

In this talk, Richard Knaster, Chief Scientist for Digital.ai, Author, and SAFe Fellow, provides the latest thinking from his new eBook on Value Stream Management for the Digital Age.

Richard Knaster

Chief Scientist, Digital.ai

Data is the 'Weakest Link'

At previous Study of Enterprise Agility events we’ve learned how enterprise agility powered by software products can deliver more value faster and safer to users and customers. But large organisations still struggle to go beyond local optimisation in functions and departments, each with its own IT challenges and transformation plans.

In this talk by Nationwide Building Society's Chief Data Officer, Simone Steel, will explore how data connects those business and technology silos and how surfacing the data flows can help organisations move from local to system optimisation.

Simone Steel

Chief Data Officer, Nationwide Building Society