FullStack eXchange: Online Conference

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Wednesday, 27th - Thursday, 28th July, Online Conference

8 experts will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM BST (8:00 AM UTC)

FullStack eXchange is back — and accessible from anywhere!

For the first time, we're excited to welcome attendees from around the globe to virtually attend London's best conference exploring JavaScript, nodeJS, IoT and more!

Connect with hundreds of like-minded Full Stack developers from around the globe as we explore the latest in JavaScript, nodeJS, IOT, and all the exciting new stuff that's happening around Deno, TypeScript, Vite, yarn2, snowpack, and more.

Join us for two days of keynotes, roundtables, and lightning talks from leading experts of the world of JavaScript.

What is FullStack eXchange

FullStack eXchange was started in 2014 to support the growing community of "full stack" developers — even if nobody could quite agree what the term meant at the time. Over the years we've explored nodeJS development, front-end frameworks like Angular, React and vueJS, and a growing interest in associated technologies like “Internet of Things” (IoT) and document databases.

Past keynotes have included Ken Wheeler, Amie Dansby, Danese Cooper, Myles Borins, and Addy Osmani. We'll be announcing this year's VIP keynotes shortly, so stay tuned!

Who should attend?

FullStack eXchange is the best place to connect with like-minded developers to share the challenges you are facing, and discover how other teams are utilizing nodeJS, Angular, React, vueJS and more.

FullStack eXchange is open to all, but you'll get the most out of the conference if you are a:
Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Senior Developer
Team Lead

How does it work?

FullStack eXchange will be hosted as a Hybrid conference with both speakers and attendees joining either in-person or online.
FullStack eXchange: Online Tickets

Learn from experts in the world of JavaScript, nodeJS, and IOT as you connect with like-minded developers from the comfort of your own device.

Online Tickets include access to our virtual events platform, where you'll be able to watch live sessions, participate in live Q&As from the event, and network with attendees from around the globe.

You'll also gain access to the talk recordings within 48 hours of the event's conclusion.

Online tickets do not include access to the In-Person event.

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FullStack eXchange: In-Person Tickets

Join us at London's Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul, where you'll interact and network with hundreds of like minded developers while learning from experts from the wide world of JavaScript, nodeJS, and IOT.

For the In-Person event, most speakers will be on site, though some may need to be broadcast. Schedule details of will be announced closer to the event, but are subject to change.

In-Person Tickets include access to the Online event, as well as the talk recordings.

FullStack eXchange will follow protocols set out in UK government guidelines for COVID-19 .

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Program Committee

All of the talks at FullStack eXchange are selected by our volunteer Program Committee which evaluates and selects which speakers and topics will be included in the conference program. This committee includes developers, practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels.

This year's Program Committee includes:

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How is "works on my machine" still a thing in 2022?

The goal of every great developer is to ensure that they are doing the best job that they can. Yet, with the advancement of software and the move to cloud-native ecosystems these past few years, things have become more difficult.

While developers used to be able to focus solely on the code that lived in their local machine, they now are also responsible for what happens once it leaves their machine and deploys to production.

Understanding what happens to your source code when you’re done writing it is a must-have skill for developers, starting from the building stage, integration, testing, and all the way through the CI/CD process.

In this talk, we’ll discuss everything the code goes through from the minute it leaves your local machine. We will dive into all the practicalities that developers need to fully own in order to step up their coding game and why they need to do so. Finally, I will share my real-life experience on what it takes to be a next-level developer through owning your whole development process.

Ramón Huidobro

Please join us in welcoming Ramón Huidobro to the FullStack eXchange 2022.

Stay tuned for additional details, to be announced very soon!

Keynote: Sophie Koonin

We are excited to welcome Sophie Koonin to the FullStack eXchange for this keynote.

Stay tuned for additional details!

Keynote: Bruce Lawson

We are excited to welcome Bruce Lawson to FullStack eXchange for a brand new keynote.

Stay tuned for additional details about Bruce's talk.

Squash All the Performance Bugs: Browser Dev-Tools Your Secret Silver Bullet

UI performance bugs are probably the most frustrating for both application users and developers. For application users they are just a bad experience that can lead users to abandon your product. For developers they are the hardest bugs to detect and ultimately debug––because they're basically impossible to find by just reading the code or running a typical debugger, and don't have any simple workarounds like others.

One of the less glamorous but incredibly useful tools to help catch and squash those elusive bugs before they reach your end user, is the browser dev-tools performance stack, which includes the Networking, Memory, Rendering, Code Bugs, and CPU. This talk will walk through some of the most common pitfalls in UI performance, and some good practices to help you avoid them. You can quickly reproduce these performance issues by calling the DOM and your app directly from the browser console, and running stress tests. Through code examples and a demo, you'll be able to learn some of the best kept secrets, tips and tricks for optimizing and debugging your UI performance for your fullstack apps.

Keynote: Leadership Guide for the Reluctant Leader

Regardless of the technology you know or the job title you have, you have amazing potential to impact your workplace, community, and beyond.

In this talk, I'll share a few candid stories of my career failures… I mean… learning opportunities. We'll start by debunking the myth that leadership == management. Next, we'll talk about some of the attributes, behaviors, and skills of good leaders. Lastly, we'll cover some practical steps and resources to accelerate your journey.

You'll walk away with some essential leadership skills I believe anyone can develop, and a good dose of encouragement to be more awesome!

How to Create Pure CSS Games

In this time of the coronavirus epidemic, a lot of our plans have been canceled. From every bad situation, we need to try to see the good thing in it. Elad Shechter took his free time at home to create a pure CSS game. He will explain many tips and tricks on "how to create pure CSS games".

Everything you don't need to know about Git

Do you know Git? I bet you do. I also bet you use it, like 90% of the developers who answered last year’s StackOverflow survey. For sure you know all the basic commands to commit, pull, push... You might even rebase regularly, cherry-pick or bisect whenever it’s needed. Good for you, it’s not what this talk will be about! In this talk, we’ll focus on the rest of Git. The forgotten bits of trivia, the little-known, not-for-everyday commands. You won’t leave with much to apply directly in your terminal, but with plenty to talk about on your company’s messaging platform! We’ll jump from Git’s history to its core data structure, passing by some useful commands that you won’t resist trying out for yourself. If that sounds like fun to you, come on in!

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