Haskell eXchange 2022: Novice Track

Wednesday, 7th December, Online Conference

Rebecca Skinner will be speaking. Starts at 1:00 PM BST (1:00 PM UTC)

Back by popular demand! A free day of beginner‑friendly Haskell talks!

If you've heard of Haskell, but aren't sure where to begin, join us online 7 December for a day of free talks exploring the fundamentals of functional programming, the basics of Haskell, and answers to why teams use this increasingly popular language!

Whether you're new to Haskell yourself, or know someone who is — the Haskell eXchange Novice Track is the perfect place to start with one of the world's most exciting programming languages.

If you're an experienced Haskell user and are looking for the Haskell eXchange: Pro Track days, click here.

Facundo Dominguez delivers a at previous Haskell eXchange conference.

Who should attend?

At Skills Matter, we are strong believers in the power of Functional Programming and Haskell in particular. We truly believe that a wider adoption of these tools can not only change the software industry, but also the world.

But we also know that it can be daunting — that there's a lot to learn, and sometimes when you try to learn these things online you can get lost in the noise of people pitting one programming language against another.

Through a series of beginner-friendly, progressive talks, the Haskell eXchange: Novice Track aims to clear up a few myths, and give you the basic information so you can make an informed choice of whether Haskell is right for your use case.

If you've ever been curious about Haskell or functional programming, why not check out this free day of sessions?

How does it work?

Haskell eXchange: Novice Track will be a free event hosted online on 7 December 2022. On 8-9 December, will also play host to the Haskell eXchange Hybrid conference for more experienced users.
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Novice Track Tickets

Join us on 7 December for a day of free, beginner-friendly talks exploring the fundamentals of functional programming and the basics of Haskell.

Whether you're new to Haskell yourself, or know someone who is, the Haskell eXchange Novice Track is the perfect place to start with one of the world's most exciting programming languages.

The Novice Track will be an online-only event, with talk recordings within 48 hours of the event's conclusion.

Novice Track tickets are free and do not include access to the main Haskell eXchange: In-Person or Online conference.

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Join us at London's CodeNode, where you'll interact and network with hundreds of like minded Haskeller developers while learning from some of the top experts in the world of functional programming.

For the In-Person event, some speakers will be on site, while others will be broadcast. Schedule details of will be announced closer to the event, but are subject to change.

In-Person Tickets include access to the Online event, as well as the talk recordings.

Haskell eXchange will follow protocols set out in UK government guidelines for COVID-19 .

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Learn from thought leaders and top experts from the world of functional programming as you connect with like-minded Haskellers to share skills, insights, and lessons from the comfort of your own device.

Online Tickets include access to our virtual events platform, where you'll be able to watch live sessions, participate in live Q&As from the event, and network with attendees from around the globe.

You'll also gain access to the talk recordings within 48 hours of the event's conclusion.

Online tickets do not include access to the In-Person event.

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We know these are uncertain times and it can be hard to commit to future events. Should COVID restrictions make it impossible for us to host YOW! London in person, your ticket will be converted to a YOW! London: Online ticket and you will be refunded the price difference.

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Haskell Cat: A Command Line Tool Workshop

One of the hardest things about learning Haskell is figuring out how all the pieces fit together. Maybe you've learned a bit about lazy lists and magnificent monads, but it's hard to know how to put those ideas together to make a real program.

In this workshop-style talk, you'll learn how to put the pieces together and build a working command line application from scratch. During the talk you'll see how to design and refactor the architecture of a Haskell application, how to set up a new project with cabal, learn how to design functional data structures like zipper lists, and get hands-on experience with common patterns like monad transformers. This talk is appropriate for beginner and intermediate Haskellers. You can enjoy the talk on its own, or use it as a companion piece to chapters 8, 9, and 13 of Effective Haskell.

Rebecca Skinner

Rebecca Skinner is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in Haskell and functional programming across industries including fintech, security, cloud infrastructure, and data science. She's a lead software developer at Mercury, and the author of the book Effective Haskell.


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