Performance Summit 2022

Tuesday, 30th August, Online Conference

Ahmad Khadem, Nadav Rotem and Taras Tsugrii will be speaking. Starts at 5:00 PM BST (4:00 PM UTC)

Performance Summit is a non-commercial, non-profit, public event that is focused on all aspects of designing and implementing highly performant and reliable applications and services that delight our customers. Everyone interested in learning and sharing best practices of software performance is welcome to attend and present.

London Performance Summit 2022 will be an online conference hosted on the Hopin platform.

Who's going to be there?

This year's speakers will be announced throughout June and July. Stay tuned for the full lineup

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Faster ETL Pipeline with Bodo: A Compiler Based Parallel Computing for Big Data Analytics

The growing scale and complexity of data and ML workloads demands enormous compute power. Bodo is a new compute platform that aims to improve efficiency and performance of ETL pipelines through automated parallelization of native Python and SQL workloads.

Bodo’s resource efficiency and extreme performance in compute heavy workloads makes ETL orders of magnitude faster and more cost effective than popular solutions based on distributed computing such as Spark, Dask and Ray.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the high level overview of Bodo, some of the performance benchmarks, and innovations we did to save more than 50% infrastructure cost and gain more than 10x performance improvements saving for our customers.

Ahmad Khadem

I am a technology manager, born and raised in Iran and living in Washington state. I am Microsoft and Twitter alumni, a ducks fan, and now excited to help engineering team at Bodo.ai.

Running a Datacenter Performance Optimization Campaign

In recent years, the number of software services that are running on datacenter and cloud computing platforms has increased rapidly. Datacenters are expensive to operate and represent a significant portion of the world's energy consumption. Efforts to improve the efficiency of software that runs on datacenters can greatly reduce the energy use and costs of operations and improve the responsiveness of the service.

This talk will present techniques that cloud vendors use to reduce costs and optimize their software. We'll review a few tools and methodologies for identifying performance optimization opportunities and for evaluating the potential benefits of these optimizations. We'll cover the five performance optimization categories and explain how they apply to different scenarios.

Nadav Rotem

Director at Meta and an industry expert on compilers

Performance Laws

Most modern performance work is centered around technologies and tools. Following Jeff Bezos' advice, this talk, instead of trying to predict the future, covers some of the oldest mathematical principles and ways they've shaped modern software.

Parallel and distributed computing, caching and proxy computations are just a few examples of leveraging associativity, idempotence, Kleisli category and functors.

Armed with such powerful tools, it's time to open an era of efficient compute, but how can we be sure that we are not trading correctness for performance? Formal verification methods to the rescue. We'll see how TLA+ and Isabelle can be used to prove correctness of our ideas.

Taras Tsugrii

Software Engineer at Meta


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