iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering — Digital 2022

Monday, 14th - Thursday, 17th November, Online Conference

48 experts spoke.

The Software Architecture Gathering is the international conference highlight for all those working on solution structures in IT projects: primarily software architects, developers and professionals in quality assurance, but also system analysts who want to communicate better with their developers.

The conference is presented by the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB®) in cooperation with Skills Matter. A selection of the best-known international experts will share their practical knowledge on the most important topics in state-of-the-art software architecture.

For full details on this event, please visit the SAG website.

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Day 1: iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering — Digital

The Leading International Conference for Software Architecture

Track Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

Is Domain-Driven Design Overrated?

Stefan Tilkov

architecture-and-design domain-driven-design ddd

Either Have Taste or Have a Software Architecture – Not Both!

Matthias Bohlen

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Modernizing Monoliths: Principles, Patterns, Risks and Roadmaps

Ismael Valesco

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Learning to Love DDD – A Tale of Two Products

Chris Simon

architecture-and-design domain-driven-design ddd

Quality Goals Make the Difference

Uwe Neukam and Peter Wagner

architecture-and-design software-architecture

When AI Meets Architecture

Lars Roewekamp

architecture-and-design software-architecture ai

Containers in the Cloud - State of the Art in 2022

Federico Fregosi

architecture-and-design containers cloud

Domain-Driven Rearchitecting With the “Domain-From-Legacy” Canvas

Matthias Eschhold

architecture-and-design ddd domain-driven-design

Building Secure Cloud Solutions in Microsoft Azure

Rainer Stropek

architecture-and-design microsoft-azure cloud-solutions

How to Craft a Great Design

Lital Shalev

architecture-and-design design

Getting FP Into DDD - For Real

Mike Sperber and Benedikt Stemmildt

architecture-and-design ddd

Cluster-As-Code. The Many Ways Towards Kubernetes

Mario-Leander Reimer

architecture-and-design cluster kubernetes

Software Architecture and Software Project Management - A Joint Venture for a Software Success

Hiral Vyas Dave

architecture-and-design project-management software-architecture

Do We Still Need Architects?

Bert Jan Schrijver

architecture-and-design software-architect software-architecture

Clarifying Quality Requirements for Architectural Design

Claudine Allen

architecture-and-design quality

WebAssembly's Influence on Software Architecture

Rainer Stropek

architecture-and-design webassembly software-architecture

Mayday, We’re Syncing!

Lucas Dohmen and Lars Hupel

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Practices for Effective Continuous Software Architecture

Eoin Woods

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Rethink Microservices

Emily Jiang

architecture-and-design microservices

Managing the Complexities of Multi-Party Integrations

Bill Penberthy

architecture-and-design software-architecture integrations

How to Document and Communicate Software Architectures These Days

Falk Sippach

architecture-and-design documentation communication software-architecture

What Comes After Team Topologies?

Jeff Sussna

architecture-and-design team-topologies

Day 2: iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering – Digital

The Leading International Conference for Software Architecture

Track Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

The Architect Elevator: Connecting IT and Boardroom

Gregor Hohpe

architecture-and-design software-architecture

AWS Purpose-Built Databases for Architects

Andreas Juffinger

architecture-and-design software-architecture aws

The Role of DSLs in Architecture Design

Mike Sperber and Lars Hupel

architecture-and-design architecture-design software-architecture

Conway's Law? I'm Tired of It.

Eberhard Wolff

architecture-and-design conways-law software-architecture

Domain Driven Design in Cloud Native Environments

Tobias Goeschel

architecture-and-design domain-driven-design cloud-native

Carving Microservices Out of the Monolith With Domain Storytelling

Henning Schwentner

architecture-and-design monolith microservices

Show Where to Look but Don’t Tell What to See

Alexander Lorz

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Saving Costs with Pragmatic Serverless Java Architectures

Adam Bien

architecture-and-design serverless java software-architecture

Chopping the Monolith

Nicolas Fränkel

architecture-and-design software-architecture monolith

Software Archaeology - Learning From the Landing on the Moon!

Tobias Voß

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Why Is Istio That Shape? A Case Study in Software Architecture and Evolution

Matt Turner

architecture-and-design software-architecture istio

Surgery on the Living Backbone - Microservice-Transformation of Mission Critical Systems

Tim Lüecke, Holger Cermann, and Christian Nicu

architecture-and-design microservice

Map for the Platform Jungle: What Types of Platforms Are There and How to Survive Discussions?

Matthias Naab

architecture-and-design platform software-architecture

Evolutionary Architecture and Architectural Governance

Rebecca Parsons

architecture-and-design governance evolutionary-architecture

Integration Architectures in a VUCA World

Annegret Junker

architecture-and-design software-architecture

Resilient Software Design - The Past, the Presence and the Future

Uwe Friedrichsen

architecture-and-design design software-architecture

Software Architecture in Reliable Embedded Systems

Isabella Stilkerich

architecture-and-design embedded-systems software-architecture

Micro-Frontends With Module Federation: Beyond the Basics

Manfred Steyer

architecture-and-design software-architecture micro-frontend

Microservices From the Trenches. A Real-Life Practical Guide Through the Architecture, Design, Code

Sander Hoogegndoorn

architecture-and-design microservice

Nonlinear Thinking: Skills We Need Now

Diana Montalion

architecture-and-design software-architecture nonlinear

How to Keep p53 up and Running at Breuninger?

Silvia Schreier

architecture-and-design p53 software-architecture

Re-Thinking Time Series Data Solutions

Ovidiu Hutuleac

architecture-and-design software-architecture data

It's Just Naming Things

Vaughn Vernon

architecture-and-design software-architecture
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