Agile Testing and BDD eXchange NYC

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Monday, 1st October in New York City

8 experts spoke.


Join us on October 1st for the Agile Testing and BDD eXchange 2012!

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The SOLID Principles of Test Design

When did we forget that tests were software? When did we decide that tests didn't need to follow the rules of software design? The fact is that the tests we write are *part* of our software system, and are subject to all the same rules that our other software modules are subject too.

Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin)

Robert Martin (@unclebobmartin) is Master Craftsman at 8th Light, Skills Matter instructor and author of a range of books (as well as hundreds of articles), including: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship as well as his most recent, Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design.

Make impact, not software

There has to be a better way to deliver! Gojko presents a possible solution, impact mapping, an innovative strategic planning method that can help you make an impact with software.

Gojko Adzic

Gojko is a partner at Neuri Consulting LLP. He is the winner of the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award, and the 2011 Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Award. Gojko's book Specification by Example won the Jolt Award for the Best Book of 2012, and his blog won the UK Agile Award for the best outline publication in 2010. Gojko is a frequent speaker at software development conferences, including NDC, Agile Days, Oredev, and YOW!, and is one of the authors of MindMup and Claudia.js.

Explore, Evaluate, & Confirm Product Needs with Structured Conversations

Hear about essential practices you can use in your daily work that blend value‐based decision‐making, a testing mindset, and disciplined analysis. You will see how front‐loading verification and validation when discovering product needs fuels collaboration, saves development time and is instrumental to delivering a high quality product.

Ellen Gottesdiener

EBG Consulting, Inc. Principal Consultant and Founder Ellen Gottesdiener helps business and technical teams collaborate to define and deliver the product customers value and need.

Business Value: It’s A Conversation, Not a Number

Teams often talk a great deal about how projects need to deliver “business value”, but what does that really mean? The true use of business value in projects is to determine what to deliver and in what order. Teams may try to quantify their business value but that activity may be entirely unnecessary.

Kent McDonald

Kent J. McDonald is an author, speaker, and coach who helps organizations improve the effectiveness of their projects. His more than 15 years of experience include work in business analysis, strategic planning, project management, and product

Making FitNesse accessible to humans

Working in Agile software development just demands that you automate your work and have all stakeholders involved, including business analists and functional testers. Once you start working with people that have little or no experience with test automation it becomes painfully clear that collaborative test-automation tools with an intuitive feel to it are practically non-existent.

Arjan Molenaar

Arjan Molenaar is a software engineer working for Xebia in The Netherlands. In the past 10 years he's been involved in numerous projects ranging from financial systems to embedded applications. H

Cirilo Wortel

Cirilo Wortel is a tester and trainer working for Xebia in the Netherlands. For the past six years he has been involved in Agile development working with only top-end development teams. Together with several colleagues, he developed Xebium: a fixture that intuitively integrates webdriver in Fitnesse.

Building a maintainable acceptance test suite

With TDD/BDD becoming steadily more popular over the past decade, writing tests, as an activity, has gained a significant body of knowledge behind it. Patterns of writing good automated tests are well documented and are a subject of active discussion and healthy debate.

Badrinath Janakiraman

Badrinath Janakiraman is a developer at ThoughtWorks Inc, where he has been working since 2001. He worked as a consultant/coach from 2001 to 2006, working with various clients in the equipment leasing, education and insurance industries. Since 2006,

Behavior Driven Objects

One of the original ideas behind BDD was that testing should be about behavior at all levels. Effectively, all automated tests can be viewed as "functional tests" of entry points, be they user facing or internal, crossing procedural boundaries or not. In this talk we'll explore approaches to focusing on the behavior of objects, using language that also serves to document the expected behavior in ways useful to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

David Chelimsky

David Chelimsky is the lead developer/maintainer of RSpec, and has contributed to several other open source projects including Cucumber, Aruba, and Rails. These days he is developing and maintaining trading systems for DRW Trading Group in Chicago


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