Haskell eXchange 2012

Topics covered at #Haskellx

Wednesday, 10th October in London

6 experts spoke.

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Front end language features

Simon Peyton Jones

Senior Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research, Cambridge

High performance concurrency

Simon Marlow

Simon Marlow is a Software Engineer at Facebook in London. He is working on Haxl, a Haskell-based domain-specific language that is used by the teams fighting spam and malware. Simon is a co-author of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, author of the book “Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell”, and has a string of research publications in functional programming, language design, compilers, and language implementation.

Making EDSLs fly

Lennart Augustsson

Lennart Augustsson is currently employed at Standard Chartered Bank in London.

During his career he has done different things, e.g., writing about four Haskell compilers, written USB device drivers, winning the International Obfuscated C Code Co

Scalable web applications with Yesod

Blake Rain

Initially working in real-time graphics and then moving on to video processing, Blake discovered Haskell and functional programming in 2009, and has never looked back. As a freelance developer, he now uses Haskell as his main deve

Cloud Haskell

Duncan Coutts

Duncan is a Haskell consultant, computer scientist and Haskell community member. He holds a PhD in computer science and has been using Haskell for nearly 20 years. He is a founding partner of Well-Typed LLP where he has spent over 10 years helping a variety of customers build applications in Haskell and making improvements to the Haskell toolchain.

Integrating Haskell using AMQP

Rob Harrop

As CEO at Skipjaq, Rob Harrop leads a team working on the cutting edge of machine-driven performance optimisation. When he’s not thinking about how best to tune the myriad workloads encountered by Skipjaq customers, he’s thinking hard about how to pass the optimisation burden on to machines that learn. Rob is well known as a co-founder of SpringSource, the software company behind the wildly-successful Spring Framework. At SpringSource he was a core contributor to the Spring Framework and led the team that built dm Server (now Eclipse Virgo). Prior to SpringSource, Rob was (at the age of 19) co-founder and CTO at Cake Solutions, a boutique consultancy in Manchester, UK. A respected author, speaker and teacher, Rob writes and talks frequently about large-scale systems, cloud architecture and functional programming. His published works include the highly-popular Spring Framework reference “Pro Spring”.

Other Years