CukeUp! 2014

Topics covered at #cukeup

Thursday, 3rd - Friday, 4th April at Skills Matter, London

18 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.

CukeUp! 2014 is a fast-paced conference co-organised by Skills Matter and Cucumber Limited - the company behind Cucumber. Together, we've been assembling the community since 2011 for this intense conference - this year we've added a day of workshops to allow you explore topics in their entirety.

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Format - A Day of Talks - A Day of Workshops

After four editions of CukeUp! as a one-day conference (3 in London, 1 in New York) we expanded the conference to two days; so more time for coding and meeting others using Cucumber in the workplace. For those amongst that didn't attend, the first day mirrored previous editions - day 2 was split into 3-hour tutorial sessions that aimed to go into specific BDD techniques like Real Options, Impact Mapping and different tools

CukeUp isn’t just for geeks.

Product owners, testers and business analysts are fundamental to making BDD work, and our programme reflected that.

That’s why we' added a full day of hands-on workshops. The workshops allowed more time to explore aspects of BDD and Specification by Example that interest you the most.

CukeUp isn't just for Londoners

CukeUp now runs in Brooklyn, New York. We return to the DUMBO Loft on September 30th for a day of talks exploring the latest innovations and developments in BDD and Cucumber. More information

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Day 1: #CukeUp

CukeUp London 2014

Track Track 1 Track 2



Taking Cucumber to the next level

Aslak Hellesøy

bdd cucumber cucumber-jvm cukeup cucumber-pro

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


10 Years of Doing BDD All Wrong

Elizabeth Keogh

bdd cucumber cukeup

BDD for financial calculations: Excel vs. Given-When-Then, or both?

Gaspar Nagy

bdd cucumber gherkin specflow cukeup

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


"Given When Then" considered harmful

Steve Freeman

bdd cucumber cobol cukeup

Getting the most out of ATDD - it's not just about writing tests!

Debbie Evans and Peter Thomas

bdd cucumber atdd cukeup sbe



Moving away from Legacy code with BDD

Konstantin Kudryashov

agile-processes bdd cucumber legacy cukeup Impact-mapping

Conversations, Examples and Living Documents

Pete Buckney and Philip Durrant

bdd cucumber cukeup

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Let me tell you a story

Seb Rose

bdd cucumber user-stories cukeup

Using ATDD to Build Customers that Care

Sam Hotop

cucumber atdd cukeup

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


The (Untapped) Power of User Stories

Nat Pryce

agile bdd cucumber cukeup

C# Cookware

Manuel Pais

.net bdd cucumber c# cukeup

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


The Post BDD Team

Matt Wynne

ruby bdd cucumber cukeup

Headless BDD & Responsive Test Automation

Shashikant Jagtap

bdd cucumber phantomjs test-automation

Pizza and Drinks


Park Bench Panel Discussion

bdd cucumber

To The Pub

Day 2: CukeUp Tutorials

Hands-on workshops to learn and share skills

Track Track 1 Track 2 Track 3



Cucumber and the JVM

Aslak Hellesøy

jvm groovy bdd cucumber selenium cucumber-jvm

Impact Mapping

Jenny Martin

bdd cucumber Impact-mapping

BDD with PHP & Behat

Konstantin Kudryashov

bdd cucumber cukeup behat

Lunch at #CukeUp!


Cucumber JS with Node, Angular and Friends

Matt Wynne and Julien Biezemans

bdd cucumber cukeup

Feature Injection

Chris Matts

bdd cukeup feature-injection

BDD with Cynefin

Elizabeth Keogh

bdd cucumber cukeup Cynefin

To The Pub

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