Progressive .NET Tutorials 2014

Wednesday, 28th - Friday, 30th May in London

12 experts spoke.

The Progressive .NET Tutorials are a unique conference where you will get to go beyond the basics. You will get full 4 hour sessions exploring the ins and outs, allowing you to fully understand new skills which will be delivered by leading experts in the .Net world.

The Experts

We have a wide selection of .NET experts to share their insight and skills with you including...

Ian Cooper on how to implement N-Tier, Ports and Adapters, CQRS, Pipeline and Event-Driven Architecture into .NET. A great way to prevent a highly-coupled, big ball of mud when developing a new system over a few years!

Toby Henderson on how to build Reactive Applications and making the design and implementation of loosely coupled, event-driven, scalable systems easier, by implementing a few architectural patterns right from the beginning.

Andrea Magnorsky on how to react everything with Rx. How to work with different input types from within a game engine and solve many challenges regarding merging the different input types in fun and elegant ways

And much more

In the space of just 3 days you can gain a great understanding beyond just the basics on a variety of .NET topics and from the leading experts in the field.

The Format

These are expert led sessions delivered through intensive, half-day workshops enabling you to get hands-on (you'll need your laptop!) and battle-ready to introduce these to your real-world projects.

The Community

This is not only a chance to meet the .NET experts, but also to network with the vibrant community. Forge new contacts, learn from one another and work together to tackle shared programming problems.

Please Note These are hands on sessions, so please bring a laptop, power leads and check the workshop pages for specific software prerequisites!


Release 1 - £95

Release 2 - £175

Release 3 - £375

Release 4 - £450

*Tickets are confined to limited 'releases' so make sure you get yours fast. For bulk bookings, email into info@skillsmatter.com.

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Day 1: Progressive .Net Tutorials

Progressive .Net Tutorials

Track Track 1 Track 2

Like a rabbit in headlights! Removing the OO goggles with F#

Andrea Magnorsky

prognet .net c# game f# functional functional-programming

Architectural Styles in .NET

Ian Cooper

.net n-tier cqrs event-driven-architecture prognet

ServiceStack : Once You Go 'Stack, You'll Never Go Back

Dylan Beattie

prognet .net servicestack api

Domain Modelling in F#

Ian Russell

f# prognet domain-modeling c# .net ddd

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Day 2: Progressive .Net Tutorials

Progressive .Net Tutorials

Track Track 1 Track 2

Build faster systems faster using OrigoDB

Robert Friberg

origodb .net prognet database

Integration between and Coordination of (Micro) Services

Ashic Mahtab

prognet .net transactional-services

Building Reactive User Interfaces

James Nugent

prognet .net reactiveui model-view-viewmodel reactive-programming

An Actor's Life for Me - An introduction to the TPL Dataflow Library and asynchronous programming blocks

Liam Westley

.net prognet dataflow actor-model asynchronous-programming

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Day 3: Progressive .Net Tutorials

Progressive .Net Tutorials

Track Track 1 Track 2

Building Reactive Applications

Toby Henderson

reactive-programming prognet .net

Automated Deployments Tutorial with Octopus Deploy

Scott Cowan

octopus prognet .net automated-deployment

Event Store

Greg Young

prognet event-store .net functional database http javascript event-sourcing

Build your own web framework

Sebastien Lambla

prognet .net

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