Haskell eXchange 2014

Topics covered at #haskellx

Wednesday, 8th October at Skills Matter, London

10 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:30 AM.

Want to join the dots of the Haskell landscape? Eager to hear from those driving innovations in Haskell in various industry and academic fields? Then join Haskell experts and enthusiasts this October for London's premier Haskell conference.

Featuring a days of talks, demos and discussions, the Haskell eXchange will bring the world's top Haskell and Functional experts together with the super active, passionate and fast growing Haskell community to learn and share skills, exchange ideas and meet like minded people. Don't miss it!


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More Haskell?

In partnership with the folks at Well-Typed we run public Haskell courses in London. If you want to get up to speed with Haskell and Functional Programming, we have the 'Fast Track to Haskell' course. If you're more comfortable with the fundamentals, why not attend 'Advanced Haskell'?

We are also running a series of new one day courses, including an in-depth look at the Haskell Type System and the GHC's various language extensions.

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Day 1: Day 1

Haskell eXchange

Track Track 1



Opening & Welcome

Andres Löh

haskellx haskell

Safe, Zero-Cost Coercions in Haskell

Simon Peyton Jones

functional-programming haskell

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Categories for the Working Haskeller

Jeremy Gibbons

functional-programming category-theory data-types generic-programming haskell

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Performance Measurement and Optimization in Haskell

Bryan O'Sullivan

performance functional-programming haskell



Rest - Building APIs Easily

Erik Hesselink

rest api gadt haskellx functional-programming haskell

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Coping with change: data schema migration in Haskell

Chris Dornan and Adam Gundry

haskellx schema dsl migration functional-programming haskell

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Structural Typing for Structured Products

Peter Marks and Tim Williams

functional-programming haskell

Coffee, Tea & Refreshments


Strongly Typed Publish/Subscribe over Websockets via Singleton Types

Oliver Charles

types websockets haskell

Pizza and Drinks


Park Bench Panel Discussion


To The Pub

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