Progressive F# Tutorials 2014

Topics covered at #progfsharp

Thursday, 6th - Friday, 7th November in London

10 experts spoke.

The rapid growth of F# interest and adoption in London has meant an increased awareness of community events at our HQ here in Clerkenwell. With the tremendous contribution of Phil Trelford and F#unctional Londoners, we return this year for another edition of the Progressive F# Tutorials, our forth edition. This year we have also added a free to attend F# hackathon on Saturday 8th. Check down the bottom for details on how to sign up for free.

This year, the conference will bring together great minds and experts like Don Syme, Scott Wlaschin, Mark Seemann, Mathias Brandewinder, Andrea Magnorsky and Robert Pickering with some 100 community members who are passionate about F#, functional programming, maths, data science, machine learning and other topics.

Beginners & Advanced Track

Whether you are new to F# and want to learn about meta programming or a seasoned F# engineer keen to learn and share skills with others, the Progressive F# Tutorials is the place to be!

Both days will be split into three hour long hands-on workshops designed to get you from zero to production.

Help! I want to use F# but don't know where to start.

If you're brand new to F#, the three hour deep diving coding sessions will quickly bring you up to speed - with help and guidance for those that have been leading the charge since the language's birth.

If you're using an imperative language such as C# or Python in the workplace and want to get up to speed with F#, we have a expert curated beginners track. For this track, we've entrusted the help of selected experts to take you through two days of hands-on learning.

OK, I know how F# works and use the language regularly. But I want to explore how to unleash it's most powerful and advanced features.

The advanced track of #progfsharp is a goldmine for those wanting to take their skills to the next level. We'll have sessions from the leading F# committers, and will showcase the most innovative tools in F# and functional programming today.

F# Hackathon

Staying in London on the Saturday? Skills Matter and F#unctional Londoners are hosting a one day F# hackathon. Topics will be decided on the day. Sign up for free here!

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Day 1: Progressive F# Tutorials

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Track Beginners Track Advanced Track



The F# Way To Reconciliation

Don Syme

fsharp progfsharp .net functional-programming interoperability

DDD and F#

Scott Wlaschin

progfsharp fsharp functional-programming .net

CQRS with F#

Jérémie Chassaing

f# .net cqrs



Outside-In TDD with F#

Mark Seemann

f# .net tdd

Treasures, Traps and F#

Mathias Brandewinder

fsharp .net machine-learning

Pizza and Drinks


The Progressive F# Tutorials Park Bench Panel

progfsharp f#

Day 2: Progressive F# Tutorials

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Track Beginners Track Advanced Track



Xamarin and Cross Platform Apps

Robin Neatherway and Robert Pickering

progfsharp functional-programming fsharp .net cross-platform

Calling and extending the F# compiler

Tomas Petricek and Don Syme

fsharp progfsharp .net functional-programming



Gaming in F#!

Andrea Magnorsky

progfsharp functional-programming .net fsharp

Metaprogramming in F# for Beginners

Michael Newton

.net progfsharp fsharp functional-programming

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