Spring eXchange 2014

Topics covered at #springX

Thursday, 6th - Friday, 7th November in London

24 experts spoke.

Join us at The Spring eXchange in London on November 6-7th!

For and by the community

Thanks to the great input and ideas contributed by our community and the support of Dave Syer and others, we have been able to put together a program that rocks!

We're planning on three tracks over two days, covering Enterprise Java technologies, Big Data and Spring XD, Spring in Production, Spring IO, Spring Data, REST and Microservices: a whole range of Enterprise Java topics. There is a beginners track as well, for those just getting started. At the end of each day, we're providing a unique forum to explore ideas about these topics with hundreds of other members of the Spring and Java community during our ParkBench Panel discussions: this is an experience you won't get back at the office.

So if you'd like to spend the day learning all the newest tools and best practices in Java and Spring, to have meaningful conversations to help you write more powerful software, and to discover how to best deliver what your business needs, do come along!

Registration now open!

Would you like to join the world's top innovators and experts in Enterprise Java technologies, Big Data and Spring XD, Spring in Production, Spring IO, Spring Data, REST and Microservices? If your answer is yes, than get your ticket today!

Brilliant Minds on Stage

enter image description here Featuring Dave Syer, Josh Long, Ben Hale, Russ Miles, Mark Pollack and other top experts in the Spring and Java community, this year will be the sixth anniversary of this cornerstone conference for the Spring and Java community - and it’ll be our best yet.

Expect to meet members of the GoPivotal Spring Framework team and to learn about the most comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications. Share your ideas with leading innovators in the Java movement: you can trust us to invite the best!

Fantastic Venue

enter image description here

After the success of last year, it was clear we needed a bigger venue for this year's Spring conference. So we have secured the BDC in Islington, where we will be able to accommodate London's sizeable and ever growing #springX community. With great spaces for talks and discussions, unrivalled technology capabilities and fantastic transport links in one of London's most buzzing areas, we could not think of a better venue to host this year's Spring eXchange.

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Day 1: Spring eXchange

Choose your track!

Track Big Data and Spring XD Getting Started With Spring



What's New in Spring

David Syer

springx spring spring-boot spring-io spring-xd big-data grails

Big Data, Little Time : Taking the Complexity out of creating Big Data applications

Mark Pollack

spring springx spring-data spring-xd

Getting started with Spring

Stéphane Nicoll and Brian Clozel

spring java springx spring.io

Asynchronous Design with Spring and RTI: 1M Events per Second

Stuart Williams

spring springxd data real-time-intelligence spring-data spring-boot

"Bootiful" Applications with Spring Boot

Josh Long

springx spring-boot



Painless Build and Deploy for YARN Applications with Spring

Janne Valkealahti

spingx spring yarn spring-boot spring-xd hadoop

AngularJS and Spring

Thorsten Späth

springx spring

A guided tour to Spring XD internals

Eric Bottard

springx spring spring-xd data data-partitioning stream-processing

Inside Spring.io: A production Spring Reference Application

Brian Clozel

spring springx spring.io spring-boot javascript bower

Big Data in Memory

John Davies

spring springx java workflow

Testing with Spring: An Introduction

Sam Brannen

springx spring testing integration-testing dependency-injection rest

Drinks Reception


Park Bench Panel Discussion


To The Pub!

Day 2: Spring eXchange

Choose your track!

Track Spring Data REST: Theory and Practice Microservices and the Modern Architecture

Welcome back!


Innovate, Compete, or Die: How and Why Spring is meeting the latest design and architectural challenges

Russ Miles

spring microservices

What's new in Spring Data?

Thomas Darimont

spring spring-data java

Introduction to Security

Rob Winch

springx security

"Bootiful" Microservices with Spring Cloud

Josh Long

sping springx spring-boot cloud

Caching with Spring: Advanced topics and best practices

Michael Plöd

spring java caching jcache

Designing REST-ful Micro-services with Spring Boot

Ben Hale

spring springx rest spring-boot microservice-architecture

The 7 Deadly Sins of Microservices

Tareq Abedrabbo

springx spring microservices osgi



Boot your search with Spring

Christoph Strobl

spring search spring-data

Documenting RESTful APIs

Andy Wilkinson

springx spring rest api-architecture

Getting Objective about Improving Architecture with Spring and the Life Preserver

Eddie Curtis

springx spring hibernate

Spring Data REST - Repositories meet Hypermedia

Oliver Gierke

spring springx

The State of Securing RESTful APIs with Spring

Rob Winch

spring springx restful

Monoliths to SOA to Microservices: The Ticketmaster Tech Transformation

Rodney Barlow and Dann Webster

springx spring microservices spring-boot devops continuous-delivery


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