Open Source .NET eXchange

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Thursday, 22nd January at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell, London

7 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 6:30 PM.

In this mini-conference, members of the ALT.NET community will talk about their favourite alternative .NET tools that increase programmer productivity and help us do our work better but are still not mainstream.

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Welcome to the OpenSource.NET eXchange

Co-organiser & Trackhost Gojko Adzic will introduce this mini-conference on OpenSource .NET technologies, aimed at members of the ALT.NET community talking about their favourite OpenSource .NET tools that increase programmer productivity and help us do our work better.

Gojko Adzic

Gojko has helped numerous teams implement best specification-by-example practices, written two books on the subject and contributed to several open source projects. He frequently speaks at leading industry conferences.


This talk will provide an introduction to jQuery's capabilities and syntax, show you how easily you can add rich behaviour to your pages using the jQuery framework, and look briefly at combining jQuery with ASP.NET MVC to implement simple AJAX-style callbacks.

Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie is a developer based in London, where he works as the tech lead at Spotlight, developing software for the theatre and casting industry. He wrote his first web page in 1994. Three years later, he found out what the Web actually was, and promptly abandoned a career in mathematics because programming looked way more fun and had at least as many brackets. He's been building Web apps on Microsoft technology since ASP was part of the Windows NT 4 Option Pack, and he was writing server-side domain models in JavaScript way before it was cool. He even once ran code in JScript.NET.

Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp

David Ross introduces Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using the PostSharp...

David Ross

David is a specialist in the design and implementation of n-tiered enterprise applications. He has designed a number of systems using both the...

Fluent nHibernate

Sebastien Lambla will give a talk on Fluent NHibernate

Sebastien Lambla

Sebastien is an international bits fiddler. A big fan of ReSTing all the things, he's lean and agile, and can create bugs in most languages.

ActiveMQ and NMS

David speaks on ActiveMQ and NMS.

David De Florinier

David de Florinier has helped numerous teams implement best specification-by-example practices. David is a frequent speaker at leading software development and testing conferences and also regularly contributes to the UK Agile Testing group. Over th

Implementing the Repository Pattern

In this talk, Mike Hadlow introduces the Repository pattern, and discusses some implementations that have been caught in the wild...

Mike Hadlow

Mike Hadlow works as a freelance .NET developer and architect. For the last few years he's been especially interested in messaging systems and service oriented architectures. He writes a blog, 'Code Rant', and is the author of several open source projects including Suteki Shop, an eCommerce framework, and EasyNetQ, a simple API for RabbitMQ. He lives in Lewes on the south coast of the UK.

Spring for .NET - Making Best Practices Easy Practices

Russ Miles, SpringSource senior consultant and author of Head First Software Development, will talk through some of the best practices that Spring for .NET helps open source .NET developers to apply.

Russ Miles

Russ' experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search. With over 18 years experience of consultancy, coaching and training, Russ helps to change all facets of the software delivery process in order to remove unnecessary and costly complexity in everything from developer skills and practices, through applying the right processes for the job at hand, to ensuring that the right change is delivered, be it through software or otherwise.

The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

Located on the edge of the City, the Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell, offers a magnificent venue for Skills Matter's eXchanges, In-the-Brain Sessions and meetings. Situated on Clerkenwell Green, opposite The Three Kings pub, the Crypt is conveniently positioned between Farringdon and Angel Stations, providing access to mainline and underground services.

St James Church, Clerkenwell is on the site of the first nunnery to be built in London dating back to 1100AD. History abounds. Today Clerkenwell is a vibrant urban village in the heart of London offering arts, entertainment and culture.

The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0EA, GB

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