Ruby on Rails eXchange

Topics covered:

Thursday, 3rd December in London

6 experts spoke.

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Rails Choices

David A. Black

David A. Black is a well-known and highly-regarded Ruby programmer, trainer, author, speaker, and event organizer.

Building iPhone/Andriod apps for a Rails Backend

Andrew Chalkley

Andrew Chalkley is a talented developer, consultant and expert trainer specialising in cutting edge web technologies. He has a passion for open source software and open standards. He’s the technical writer and screencaster for Screencasts.org.

Databases - have it your way

Frederick Cheung

I'm Frederick Cheung, a UK based rails developer (fglc2 on twitter). I'm the CTO at dressipi, where we're revolutionising the way women shop for clothes. In the past I've written Mac desktop software, iOS apps and contributed to rails itself.

Non-Relational Databases and World Domination

Jason Davies

Jason Davies is a freelance programmer. His work and interests involve combining visualisation with mathematics, data structures and algorithms. He is a co-author of D3.js, an open-source visualisation library. Jason is also an Apache CouchDB committer.

Enterprise Rails Hosting

Julian Fischer

Julian Fischer, CEO of Avarteq GmbH and associate lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences HTWdS in Saarbrücken, Germany, is delivering the lecture, Ruby on Rails. His main focus is about developing architectures for scalable and distributed we

The Anatomy of Ruby I18n

Sven Fuchs

Sven Fuchs. More information coming soon!

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