London CloudCamp March 12th

Topics covered:

Thursday, 12th March in London

10 experts spoke.

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Joe's thoughts

Joe Baguley

As CTO Europe of Quest Software, Joe Baguley is responsible for driving product strategy for Quest’s global accounts and territories outside of North America with Quest’s product teams and sales management.

Provisioning the Cloud with OSGi

Neil Bartlett

Neil is a software developer, consultant and trainer specialising in Java, OSGi, Eclipse and Haskell. He is the founder and principal developer of Bndtools, the leading IDE for OSGi development. Neil works for Paremus Ltd in London.

How cloud will change your company

Richard Davies

Richard Davies is the CEO of ElasticHosts, the virtual server hosting company with a UK-based cloud computing infrastructure. He is a published author from the early days of Java development.

The Sky’s The Limit”

William Fellows

Williams has worked for 11 years in technology and business journalism, building an extensive knowledge of European and U.S. technology markets, financial models and its business leaders.

Load balancing in the Cloud

Owen Garrett

Owen is a Owen Garrett is a product manager and technologist with Zeus Technology and a regular speaker at CloudCamp and other Cloud related events.

Introduction - What is CloudCamp

Simon Wardley

Senior Researcher
DxC Leading Edge


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