Cloud & Grid for Online Gaming High Scalability Systems

Topics covered:

Thursday, 9th July in London

13 experts spoke.


Skills Matter is pleased to announce the 1st meeting of the Online Gaming High Scalability Special Interest Group! The main topic of this first meeting will be potentials for using cloud and grid technologies in online gaming systems. In addition to experience reports from the community, we have invited some of the leading cloud experts in the UK to discuss the benefits such as resource elasticity and challenges such as storage and security that companies from other industries have experienced.

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KEYNOTE: Would you bet on the cloud?

Alexis Richardson presents on which businesses are on the cloud and why? When should you look at cloud services and what's the payoff?

Alexis Richardson

Alexis Richardson is the founder of Weaveworks, makers of Weave - a new product for Docker and containerized applications. Previously, Alexis was Head of Product for App Suite & Real Time Intelligence at Pivotal, where he led commercial vFabric products that moved to Pivotal from VMware, including open source projects Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis and Tomcat.

Casino In The Clouds

Gojko Adzic (AGL) presents an experience report from a recent online gaming project involving an extensive use of cloud and grid technologies.

Gojko Adzic

Gojko is a partner at Neuri Consulting LLP. He is the winner of the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award, and the 2011 Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Award. Gojko's book Specification by Example won the Jolt Award for the Best Book of 2012, and his blog won the UK Agile Award for the best outline publication in 2010. Gojko is a frequent speaker at software development conferences, including NDC, Agile Days, Oredev, and YOW!, and is one of the authors of MindMup and Claudia.js.

As fast as the grid, as safe as a database

Matthew Fowler looks at the persistence issues on computing clouds. He discusses architectural principles and problems that cloud persistence presents to application developers and presents a possible solution, focusing on the key ideas, the tooling and the deployment options.

Matthew Fowler

Matthew Fowler runs the Java business unit of New Technology/enterprise. Matthew received a BSc in Computer Science from MIT. He has developed and marketed products in many areas of...

How an Enterprise Data Fabric (EDF) can improve resiliency and performance

Mike Stolz explains how an Enterprise Data Fabric (EDF) can improve resiliency and performance. Mike will outline 3 use cases for the GemFire Data Caching Technologies that clearly demonstrate a reduction of cost of ownership and overall system latency and increased reliability, scalability and throughput. Podcast &

Mike Stolz

Mike Stolz is vice president of architecture and strategy for financial services at GemStone Systems. In his role, Stolz leverages his expertise in targeting, developing and delivering innovative technology solutions to expand GemStone's global fina

Space-based gaming advantage

In this session Jim Liddle will explore, technically, how GigaSpaces Space Based Architecture brings technical benefits that give a specific advantage to gaming applications.

James Liddle

Jim heads up Sales and Operations for GigaSpaces in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Jim has been at the forefront of spearheading GigaSpaces cloud computing efforts and is working with many blue chip companies as well as startups as they move towar

How much of a gamble is the Cloud?

Simon Wardley examines of the benefits & risks of cloud computing and how this industry is shaping up.

Simon Wardley

Simon is a former CEO, former advisory board member of startups (all now acquired by US Giants), fellow of Open Europe, inventor of Wardley Mapping, a regular conference speaker and a researcher for the LEF. He uses mapping in his research for the LEF covering areas from Serverless to Nation State competition whilst also advising / teaching LEF clients on mapping, strategy, organisation and leadership.

Betting On Data Grids

In the gaming industry real-time updates and resilience are key. In this talk, Dave Felcey will give an overview of Oracle Coherence and related technologies, and will explain how getting price changes to users by caching data in memory and pushing real-time changes to clients using Coherence can provide a competitive edge.

Dave Felcey

Dave Felcey is a member of Oracle's Fusion Middleware Pre-Sales team specialising in Coherence and High Performance Computing (HPC) as well as Oracle's SOA products.

Security issues in the cloud

In this talk, Chris Purrington will discuss security challenges for cloud deployments and present VPN Cubed, a solution for integrating your existing infrastructure with the cloud.

Chris Purrington

Chris Purrington is VP Sales at cloud enabler CohesiveFT and is an active member of the London Cloud Community.

Achieving scale with messaging and the cloud

Tony Garnock will explain how to achieve scale with messaging and the cloud.

Tony Garnock-Jones

Tony has been working at LShift, since 2002, and is one of the developers of RabbitMQ.

Going The Extra Mile

In this talk, Christian James and Mike Stolz explained how the combination of an Enterprise Data Fabric inside the firewall and Push Technology for delivery over the Internet ("the last mile") can address lower end-to-end latency and turn it in to competitive advantage. Podcast &

Christian James

Christian James is the product manager of Push Technology's high performance and low latent messaging product suite Diffusion. Christian leverages his experience of the delivery of e-Commerce/betting and trading platforms to expand Push Technology's

Mike Stolz

Mike Stolz is vice president of architecture and strategy for financial services at GemStone Systems. In his role, Stolz leverages his expertise in targeting, developing and delivering innovative technology solutions to expand GemStone's global fina

Clouds from the Ground Up

Its all very easy to get seduced by all the marketing hype coming from the various cloud infrastructure providers, but how does it map to the reality? This talk will take you through a number of the large providers, illustrating their various subtle differences, and how those insignificant

Alan Williamson

Alan Williamson was the UK's first Java Champion, a programme from Sun Microsystems to recognize the Top 100 people that have contributed the most to Java. With his deep roots in high performance server side processing, he is responsible for...

Transaction processing and data mining in cloud

Nicola will talk about the opportunity and advantages of shifting significant critical areas of the enterprise architecture into the cloud. Nicola will also talk about one of the most original but mature solutions in transaction processing and data mining.

Nicola Cardace

Nicola Cardace is the Head of Architecture at SpinVox.

From Grid to Cloud

Simon Waterer will discuss some of the key components of a compute grid infrastructure and will highlight some of the key challenges organisations have to meet as their compute grids expand. Simon will also discuss one organisation within the spread betting industry that has recently started using grid technology.

Simon Waterer

Simon Waterer is a Senior Solutions Architect with Platform Computing, a leading provider of HPC software.


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