Open Source .NET eXchange III

Topics covered:

Thursday, 16th July in London

7 experts spoke.


At (already the third event of) this mini-conference, members of the ALT.NET and Opensource .NET community will talk about their favourite alternative .NET tools that increase programmer productivity and help us do our work better but are still not mainstream.

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A first look at Boo

Boo is a 'wrist-friendly language' for the CLR that reduces the 'noise' of other CLR languages. It's also a favorite for writing Internal DSLs In this session Ian Cooper will talk about the Boo language from his recent 'first look' at the language. As well as covering the basics of why Boo is different Ian will look at the best way for you to get started learning Boo.

Ian Cooper

Polyglot Coding Architect in London, founder of #ldnug, speaker, tabletop gamer, geek. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded. The 'guv' on @BrighterCommand

F# Units of Measure

The F# programming language has full support for static checking and inference of units-of-measure. In the process Phil show its use with a sample of retro game Lunar Lander.

Phil has posted the material including the slides on his blog here

Phil Trelford

Phil is an active member of the software development community, regularly attending and speaking at user groups and conferences, blogging and contributing to open source projects. He is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.

Managing Websites with Web Platform Installer and msdeploy

In this talk, Dylan Beattie will show you how to kickstart your web projects using Microsoft's new Web Platform Installer, and how you can deploy your websites and manage your servers using msdeploy.exe.

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a free tool that gives you everything you need to build and host web applications on Windows.

It'll configure your web server and database, install developer tools like Visual Studio and the .NET framework, and supports many popular Web application frameworks including ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Drupal, SubText, Wordpress and DotNetNuke

Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie is a systems architect, developer, and Microsoft MVP, who has built everything from tiny standalone websites to large-scale distributed systems. He created his first web page in 1992, and he's been building data-driven interactive web applications since the days of Windows NT 4. He's currently the CTO at Skills Matter in London, where he juggles his time between working on their software platform and supporting their conference and community teams. From 2003 to 2018, Dylan worked as webmaster, then IT Manager, and then systems architect at Spotlight (www.spotlight.com), where his first-hand experience of watching an organisation and its codebase evolve over more than a decade provided him with a unique insight into how everything from web standards and API design to Conway's Law and recruitment ends up influencing a company’s code and culture.

Acceptance testing in English with Concordion .NET

Concordion is an acceptance testing tool that enables developers, testers and business analysts to build executable specifications in free-form HTML. In this talk, Gojko Adzic introduces Concordion.NET, the .NET port of Concordion, and demonstrates it with examples.

Gojko Adzic

Gojko is a partner at Neuri Consulting LLP. He is the winner of the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award, and the 2011 Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Award. Gojko's book Specification by Example won the Jolt Award for the Best Book of 2012, and his blog won the UK Agile Award for the best outline publication in 2010. Gojko is a frequent speaker at software development conferences, including NDC, Agile Days, Oredev, and YOW!, and is one of the authors of MindMup and Claudia.js.

Introduction to MPI.NET

MPI.NET is a .NET wrapper around the Message Passing Interface which is a used by the majority of super computers and compute clusters for supporting sharing data between compute nodes.

David Ross

David is a specialist in the design and implementation of n-tiered enterprise applications. He has designed a number of systems using both the...

What OpenRasta does other frameworks can’t

Sebastien Lambla will showcase a few strange usages of OpenRasta.

Sebastien Lambla

Sebastien is the head of Online Services at WhenFresh, a leading data supermarket for residential property data, where he builds graph APIs and lots of cool things.

Spark View Engine

Scott Cowen will talk about Spark. Spark is a view engine for the ASP.Net Mvc and MonoRail frameworks. It allows the html to dominate the view in a way your front end developer will love.

Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan is the Lead Developer at SportingInsider.com on the Datamining and Search teams and a London based consultant.


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