Droidcon London 2009

Topics covered:

Wednesday, 2nd December in London

10 experts spoke.

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Android Best Practices and Scala

Akshay Dashrath

Akshay Dashrath is an Android consultant at eBay and the founder of the Bangalore Android Group. Akshay has been an Android developer for over 3 years at companies such as Novoda and Rummble.

Welcome message

Carl-Gustaf Harroch

Executive director and developer at Novoda. Throughout my career, I have constantly enrich myself with new skills and ensured I am in touch with the latest in technologies and sciences. I am passionate about computing and have a clear understanding

Kevin McDonagh

Kevin McDonagh is the founder and CEO of Novoda, Europe’s largest and fastest growing independent Android consultancy with offices in London and Berlin.

The Future of Mobile

Yan Minagawa

Yan Minagawa will speak at Droidcon London. More information coming soon!

Understanding Android bytecode with the Dedexer tool

Gabor Paller

Gábor Paller runs the popular 'My Life with Android' blog and has reviewed a number of Android books.

Advanced Audio Development in Android

Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw is a consulting programmer, and music enthusiast who runs Glastonbridge Software, a small software consultancy based in Scotland. He graduated in 2003 from the University of Edinburgh in 2003 and has worked on a diverse range of projects

Andreas Reuterberg

Andreas Reuterberg will speak at Droidcon London 2009. More information coming soon.

RJDJ - the reactive music player

Martin Roth

Martin Roth is the CTO of Reality Jockey, Ltd., directing the technical development of the only reactive music platform in the world. Martin holds a PhD from Cornell University in the areas of mobile wireless ad-hoc networks and emergent systems, hav

The challenge of accelerating Android on the ZiiEgg

Gary Smith

Gary Smith is a Software Engineer working for ZiiLABS. He has many years of experience accelerating desktop graphics on 3Dlabs hardware. This includes acceleration of OpenGL, DirectX and 2D graphics. Recently, he has turned his attention to harnessin

Testing on Android

Diego Torres Milano

Diego Torres Milano is the founder and CTO of COD Technologies Ltd., a company specializing in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) consultancy services, software development and Commercial Open Source, mainly in the areas of Mobility, S

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