droidcamp London 2009

Topics covered:

Tuesday, 1st December in London


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Adding the silver lining with Google App Engine

Leslie Drewery

Leslie Drewery is a self-confessed technology magpie – attracted to anything new and shiny, he’s on top of all of the latest developments, solutions, and technologies in Android. Having worked for HTC and Saffron in the past, he’s now Head of Product

Accessing REST Services - A new Approach

Carl-Gustaf Harroch

Executive director and developer at Novoda. Throughout my career, I have constantly enrich myself with new skills and ensured I am in touch with the latest in technologies and sciences. I am passionate about computing and have a clear understanding


Friedger Müffke

Friedger Müffke is the Founder and President of OpenIntents, which is designed to implement open intents and interfaces to make Android mobile applications work more closely together. He works as a Senior Android developer at Novoda. Friedger is the founder of the Android events series Droidcon, first held in 2009 in Berlin.

Mole Miner

Kenton Price

Kenton Price and Reuben Scratton are old schoolfriends that formed Little Fluffy Toys Ltd in 2009 to specialise in custom Android development and consultancy. We also publish our own applications on Android Market, including Cycle Hire Widget, the mo


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