Flex on Java eXchange 2010

Topics covered:

Wednesday, 16th June in London

6 experts spoke.

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Flex/Java communications

Michaël Chaize

Michaël Chaize is an Enterprise Evangelist for Adobe. More information coming soon!


Jeremy Grelle

Jeremy Grelle is the technical lead of the Spring JavaScript, Spring Faces, and Spring BlazeDS Integration projects, and he represents SpringSource on the JSR-314 Expert Group for JSF 2.0. Jeremy Grelle is an open source software engineer with Spring

Enterprise Flex Applications with the Parsley Framework

Jens Halm

Jens Halm is an independent consultant currently based in London and Cologne, Germany. He has 16 years experience in software engineering, with the current focus being everything around the Scala stack.

An Introduction to the Cocoa AMF Framework.

Graeme Harker

Graeme Harker is currently the RIA Practice Manager at Rule Financial Ltd. (http://www.rulefinancial.com), a technology consulting company firm specializing in complex systems development for investment banks and hedge funds. Graeme has led the devel

An Introduction to the Spring ActionScript Framework

Christophe Herreman

Christophe Herreman is the founder and lead developer of Spring ActionScript, an offshoot of Java Spring, which is an ActionScript 3.0 framework and Inversion of Control container that can be used for Flex, Flash and AIR development.

What can Grails do for me? Building Flex Applications with Grails.

Tomas Lin

Tomas Lin is a Grails developer at BSkyB. He has worked with Groovy and Grails extensively on projects like Secret Escapes, Suzuki.ca, Cruiseline fans, Dan Aykryod Wines and Empora.com


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