Functional Programming eXchange 2009

Monday, 7th December in London

6 experts spoke.

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Strong Types and Pure Functions

Duncan Coutts

Duncan has more than twenty years programming experience with Haskell in academia and industry. He is a well known member of the Haskell community and is a founding partner of the Haskell consultancy Well-Typed.

Computation Abstraction

Sadek Drobi

Sadek Drobi is a software engineer specializing in design and implementation of enterprise applications with a particular focus on bridging the gap between the problem domain and the solution domain. Sadek also regularly contributes articles on InfoQ

Using combinators to tackle the HTML rendering problem

Robert Pickering

Robert Pickering is a software engineer with an interested in using functional programming, particularly F#, to solve real world problems.

Supercharged Rabbit: Resource Management at High Speed in Erlang

Matthew Sackman

Matthew works for LShift Ltd in London as a senior developer. He is one of the core developers of RabbitMQ, working in everything from Erlang and Java to Shell and Make.

F# and Units-of-measure for Technical Computing

I will start by giving an introduction to units-of-measure and their implementation in F#. I'll work through smaller and larger code examples that make use of units-of-measure. As a large application, I'll detail a wrapper for a mathematical programming and optimization toolbox (Microsoft Solver Foundation) that handles units-of-measure transparentl

Anton Schwaighofer

Anton Schwaighofer is working as an Applied Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. His current area of focus is data analysis & machine learning, with applications to online advertising. He is a computer scientist by training, but moved on to wo

Functional Programming for Quantitative Modelling at Credit Suisse

Ganesh Sittampalam

Ganesh works for Credit Suisse's Global Modelling and Analytics Group in London, developing tools and infrastructure for the bank's quantitative modellers, using both Haskell and F#. He also organises the London Haskell User Group and is a contributo

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