CloudCamp at QCON

Thursday, 11th March in London

5 experts spoke.

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Energy, carbon, and clouds

Joe Baguley

As CTO Europe of Quest Software, Joe Baguley is responsible for driving product strategy for Quest’s global accounts and territories outside of North America with Quest’s product teams and sales management.

Cloud Computing

Geir Magnusson Jr

Geir Magnusson Jr is the VP, Platform and Architecture, of Gilt Groupe. His specialities are: scalable systems, software engineering and craftsmanship, and open source software. He's served as a technical executive and leader for companies such as 1

Enabling Choice, Enabling the Market

Russ Miles

Russ Miles is CEO and co-founder of Reliably, where he and his team build products and services that help developers build and run reliable systems. Russ is co-founder of the free and open source Chaos Toolkit project, and is also an international consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. His most recent book, "Learning Chaos Engineering" by O'Reilly Media explores how to build trust and confidence in modern, complex systems by applying chaos engineering to surface evidence of system weaknesses before they affect your users.

SaaS - an unintended casualty of the copyfight

Chris Swan

Chris Swan is the CTO of CapitalSCF, a boutique tech M&A advisory firm. He has spent most of the last decade working with emerging technology at a large bank. He tends to be a jack of all trades, and tries to master a few, with cloud computing bein

Welcome to Cloudcamp

Simon Wardley

Senior Researcher
DxC Leading Edge

Other Years

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