Eclipse DemoCamp Helios 2010 London

Topics covered:

Thursday, 17th June in London


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Eclipse Democamp

Neil Bartlett

Neil is a software developer, consultant and trainer specialising in Java, OSGi, Eclipse and Haskell. He is the founder and principal developer of Bndtools, the leading IDE for OSGi development. Neil works for Paremus Ltd in London.


Alex Blewitt

Dr Alex Blewitt cut his teeth programming object-oriented systems using NeXTstep and Objective-C over 20 years ago. He migrated to OS X with the release of 10.0 and has been using it ever since. More recently, he has published the second edition of Swift Essentials, which updates the book from its original release in 2014 to the latest version of Swift. He can be found on Twitter @albue, and if the weather’s nice, you may spot him in the sky, flying near Cranfield airport.

Eclipse Marketplace Client

Ian Skerrett

Director of Marketing at the Eclipse Foundation

GOAT in 5 minutes

Zoë Slattery

Zoë Slattery works for IBM in the UK and is a committer on the Apache Aries project. She is well known in the OSGi community and speaks regularly at events such as JAX/OSGi DevCon and the UK OSGi Users' Forum.