London GameCraft 2014 Part Deux

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Saturday, 29th November in London


London GameCraft is a game jam event where folks come together to make games! Teams (or brave individuals,) get together and are given a theme early in the morning and from there have as little as 8 hours (sometimes 12 if we’re feeling generous). Games are built from scratch on any platform you like, at the end of the day the games are demoed by a panel of judges who award prizes for the best contenders. It’s a great chance to flex your creative muscles, tackle some quick and dirty coding problems, and to get out there and meet other game-makers face to face.

You have 12 hours from then to make a game, followed by networking and play-testing (by the judges and your peers) and at the end winners are announced. We will provide all meals (including a beer & pizza reception in the evening) and refreshments throughout the day. Please bring your own laptop and power leads (you always need them).

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Day 1: Game Plan

Let's make some games!

Track Part Deux

Registration and Welcome with Coffee, Tea and Pastries


Theme Announced - Get building!


Lunch & Refreshments


Voting begins (with some pizza & drinks)


Prizes + To The Pub


Hold tight, skillscasts coming soon!


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