F# eXchange 2016

Topics covered at #fsharpX

Friday, 15th April at CodeNode, London

17 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.

Want to meet the international F# community and learn and share skills with some of the world's top experts, mathematicians and engineers? Find out about all the latest F# technologies and applications and discover the latest best practices and ideas? Then come and join us at the F# eXchange in London!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for joining us at F# eXchange 2016! We had a terrific time, we hope you did too! A massive thanks to our great programme committee, all speakers, sponsors and to everyone who joined us this year!

Thanks also to all those who joined us at the FsharpXHack at CodeNode, helping to make the language and documentation better!

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Impressions of last year

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Day 1: Friday 15 April

Ready for an awesome conference? Pick your sessions and plan ahead so you don't miss your f#avourites!


Welcome Break & Registration


Opening Keynote with Phil Trelford

Phil Trelford

f# fsharp

Coffee Break


Using F# and genetic programming to play computer bridge

Felienne Hermans

f# dsl bridge bot genetic-programming

Turbo Charge your F# with Azure

Isaac Abraham

f# cloud azure fsharp

Coffee Break


#FSharpX Lightning Talks Session

Michael Newton, Krzysztof Cieślak, and Vicenç Garcia-Altes




Functional Architecture: the Pit of Success

Mark Seemann

functional f# fsharpx

The F#orce Awakens

Evelina Gabasova

datascience f# datasets starwars

Coffee Break


Celebrating New Year's Eve with F# and Suave

Tomas Petricek

f# suave

Paket 3 – Embracing git for dependency management

Steffen Forkmann

opensource tooling paket

Coffee Break


Enterprise F#

Colin Bull

f# enterprise Evangelism

Designing with Capabilities

Scott Wlaschin

conference f# #fsharp

Coffee Break


Building scientific experiments with F#

Anton Tcholakov

f# infrastructure real-time experimentation


Andrea Magnorsky and Ross McKinlay

f# games dragons treats

Beer Break!


Park Bench Panel Session Hosted by Don Syme

Don Syme


#FSharpX Party with Pizza & Beer!

A Sneak Preview of #fsharpX 2016

We're delighted to welcome a fantastic range of experts to this year's conference. On this page, you'll find a heads-up on some of the content they'll be sharing at F# eXchange 2016 in London this year.

Looking forward to F# eXchange 2016? Share it!

Looking forward to F# eXchange 2016? We'd love to hear what you are most looking forward to!

Felienne Hermans shares what she's looking forward to at #fsharpX and the exciting plans for her talk

I am looking forward to #fsharpX a lot! Of course, it would be cool to hang with the likes of "the Don" and other F# fellows which is always a pleasure.

What I love about the F# community is that it is so diverse, both in people themselves as in the application domains that people use F# for. You see that on the F# eXchange 2016 programme too. Using F# for science, or for parsing Star Wars scripts, for enterprise software, or for card games. Full disclosure that last one is my talk :)

I will talk about my plan to build a computer program to participate in this year's world championship of Computer Bridge. Now I guess most of you won't know the game bridge, so my talk will introduce that, but also talk about some choices and tradeoffs I made while building the program, and my efforts in using genetic programming to evolve my bidding system.

Michael Newton on the F# eco-system & the best parts of the F# community

F# caught my attention as a programming language because of its flexible mix of the mundane but useful (access to the .net libraries) and the 'awesome' (type providers, active patterns, quotations...). The F# community always manages a similar mix of fun and function, and events tend to be open, enjoyable and mind bending. Genetic programming and dragons both sound good separately, and I can't help feeling that genetically programmed dragons will be featuring at the next event, as too good a subject to leave off the table! It's always good to catch up with the authors of the tools and libraries that I use day to day as well.

I'm going to have fun giving a whistle stop tour through some areas of the F# eco-system where the more esoteric features of F# are used in truly practical ways - showing that while these language features may be interestingly different, that doesn't make them any less useful!

Anton Tcholakov on his F# journey & the variety F# eXchange offers

I look forward to F# eXchange as an opportunity to meet more members of the awesome community whose blog posts and talks have taught me so much since I started using the language!

The incredible variety of topics in the programme speaks for itself: from genetic programming and data science to dependency management and security, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I’m especially looking forward to Scott and Steffen's talks. Scott’s blog has single-handedly reshaped the way I think about code so I look forward to more of the same (no pressure ;-)) and I can already imagine some exciting uses for the git dependencies in Paket 3!

I’m flattered to have the opportunity to share my own F# journey with a project that started nearly two years ago as part of my PhD. The approach we developed for building instrument control software in our research group at Warwick has matured and enabled us to rapidly prototype new experiments. I think it combines some of the best features of the language and I can’t wait to get the community’s input on how to make it even better!

Vicenç Garcia-Altes gives back to the community he loves with his epic Lightning Talk at #fsharpX 2016

I'm really amazed to be part of #fsharpX! I started developing with F# not too long ago, but I felt in love right away. I think the F# community is very active and welcoming and hosting this lightning talk is my way to saying thank you.

I'm sure it will be tough for me to choose which talks to attend! There will be so many talented people talking about very interesting topics at the F# eXchange conference.

In my lightning talk we'll see a practical application of F#. We'll see how, with a few lines of code and taking advantage of amazing F# features like type providers, collections manipulation or pattern matching, we can gain a better understanding of a codebase analysing the information stored in our code repository. We will also see how we can discover hidden couplings, hotspots or files whose principal maintainer is no longer in the team. I hope you'll enjoy it!

We're looking forward to welcoming Colin Bull as a speaker for the First Time at #fsharpX 2016!

This is my first time ever talking at a conference and I'm excited to be doing so! I have taken so much from the F# community over the last few years, it was probably time I try in some small way to give something back. Of course, with the line up of speakers at #fsharpX 2016 I will definitely end up taking more away than I give.

At #fsharpX 2016, I'm going to be talking about Enterprise F# and how have I have used F# over the last 8 or so years, to develop everything from a small but important library inside a larger C# app right the way through to complex systems written entirely in F#. Along the way, we will have a look at which F# features we have used and libraries to build these applications.

Excited? Check out the full programme of #fsharpX 2016 and join in the f#un!


In August 2015, Skills Matter opened the doors to CodeNode, our new 23,000 sqft Tech Events and Community venue. CodeNode provides fantastic meetup, conference, training and collaboration spaces with unrivalled technology capabilities for our tech, digital and developer communities - a long held dream coming true !

With fantastic transport links and located in the heart of London's Tech City, we could not think of a better location for our 60,000 strong engineering community!

With seven event rooms, including a 300 seater lecture room, thousands more community members will be able to visit CodeNode to learn and share skills, code and collaborate on projects.

CodeNode features a 5,000 sqft break-out space, complete with fully-licensed bar, plenty of power sockets, meeting and collaboration spaces and entertainment areas.

CodeNode will also see the opening of a permanent Hack Space, stacked with microprocessors and the latest tools and devices to play with. A community film studio will be opening too, which you can use to record any tutorials or demo's you may want to share with our community.

If you're interested in hiring CodeNode for your upcoming event, check out more details here.



Skills Matter | CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB, GB

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F# eXchange Hack Day 2016

Saturday 16 April

Organised with the global F# community in mind, the F# eXchange Hack Day 2016 is free to attend and open to all.

A relaxed and open event the hack day is a perfect opportunity to carry on the conversations had at the F# eXchange as well as spend some quality time learning and sharing F# skills with like minded developers from across the globe!

Register online.

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