FullStack 2016 - the conference on JavaScript, Node & Internet of Things

Topics covered at #fullstackcon

Wednesday, 13th - Friday, 15th July in London

74 experts spoke.

Thanks for joining us at FullStack London on July 13-15th 2016 - SOLD OUT!

FullStack 2017's website is now LIVE - find out more here.

Thanks to everyone's thoughts, input and talk proposals, we've been able to curate a fantastic programme of talks, workshops and discussions.

Check out FullStack 2016's Highlights and Conversations with speakers here!

Highlights include;

* keynotes by Christian Heilmann, Yehuda Katz, Forbes Lindesay, Pete LePage, Todd Motto;

* Have I Got Nodes For You - a quiz show by the great Mark Rendle and Dylan Beattie;

* hands-on workshops on Tessel 2, Angular2, VR, Interactive Numeric Computing with NodeJs and Javascript and Espruino;

* talks on JavaScript, ES6, CSS3, IoT, Machine Learning, Functional Programming, Software Craftsmanship, Testing and various frameworks including D3js, React, Angular, Node, Babylon, Ember and more...

Win amazing Tessel and Espruino prizes at FullStack 2016!

There's also a chance to win amazing Tessel and Espruino prizes during the workshops led by Kelsey Breseman, Jon McKay and Gordon Williams. Find out more here.

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Registration is open and we have some great Early Bird offers available so if you are planning to join us for three days packed with Fullstack fun, get your skates on and book your ticket today!

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Day 1: Wednesday 13th July

Rooms for day 1 have now been fully allocated! See the detailed programme below.

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Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2016


Progressing JavaScript and Apps the Web way…

Christian Heilmann

fullstack microsoft keynote javascript apps web

Coffee & Tea Break


Building React Components Library

Robert Haritonov

fullstack fullstackcon react components api

Event-Sourcing your React-Redux applications

Maurice de Beijer

fullstack event-sourcing react-redux react redux

Bluetooth for Web Developers: programming flying robots with JavaScript

Peter O'Shaughnessy

fullstack fullstackcon bluetooth web-bluetooth cordova react-native javascript drone robot

Better JSON through streams

Juan Caicedo

fullstack fullstackcon json streams unix node.js

Data Science for Fun and Profit

Gary Short

fullstack fullstackcon data-science

Coffee & Tea Break


Effective JavaScript Debugging With Chrome DevTools

Matt Zeunert

fullstack debugging devtools javascript chrome google

From callback to promises and beyond

Vincenzo Chianese

fullstack promises callback asynchronous cogenerators method-chain

There Still be Dragons in the New JavaScript

Scott Allen

fullstack javascript ecmascript2015

Going Commando - A serverless multiplayer game

Opher Vishnia

fullstack fullstackcon javascript gamification game-development firebase phaser sockets events mobile-browser multi-client

JSON Schema: More than just data validation

Jason Green

fullstack fullstackcon javascript json json-schema isomorphic validation




Yehuda Katz

fullstack fullstackcon ember.js

Coffee & Tea Break


What could go wrong? Moving 80 Million Users to React, Redux, & NodeJS

Gregory Wild-Smith

fullstack fullstackcon react redux nodejs css isomorphic saas design-patterns application-architecture front-end back-end browserfiy babel es6 promises

​Redux: Try this for size

Rajiv Bose, Eric Juta, and Julia Mitchelmore

fullstack fullstackcon redux javascript ecommerce react isomorphic immutable redux-at-scale

In Your Face: VR is here and it wants to play

Shaun Dunne

fullstack vr webvr webgl

Meteor: The reactive and realtime stack

Mark Drew

fullstack fullstackcon meteor meteor.js reactive realtime stack ajax ria perl

Reconstructing the web with Polymer

Komal Jain

fullstack fullstackcon polymer web web-components reusability front-end polymerjs

Coffee & Tea Break


Powering the Euros @ BBC

Ben Lambert

fullstack fullstackcon bbc bbc-sport aws node redis push socket.io scaling

Introduction to Angular using ES2015

Jad Joubran

fullstack fullstackcon es6 ecmascript6 angular javascript angularjs es2015

Load Balancing is Impossible

Tyler McMullen

fullstack fullstackcon load-balancing balancers

The Bad Guys Have Your Pacemaker: How to Stop Attacks on Your IoT Devices

Ian Spiro and Sam Headrick

fullstack iot fullstackcon security smart-devices

Surviving Web Security

Gergely Nemeth

fullstack fullstackcon security web node.js

Coffee & Tea Break


An introduction to Service Workers

Phil Nash

fullstack fullstackcon service-workers xmlhttprequest progressive-web-apps

Moving Pictures - on web Video and Interactivity

Opher Vishnia

fullstack fullstackcon html5-video interactive-video video-gaming mobile-browsers gpu-decoding rendering requestanimationframe svg

Distributed consensus using Raft, Node, and fuzz testing

Mark Wubben

fullstack raft node fuzz-testing google buoyant

A Case for Integrity: JavaScript Apps Should Have it Too

Pedro Fortuna

fullstack fullstackcon javascript security integrity clientside antitampering

Developing for the Unknown

Ashley Nolan

fullstack fullstackcon ui design front-end

Beer & Pizza leading to...



Have I Got Nodes For You!

Mark Rendle and Dylan Beattie

fullstackcon fullstack javascript node fun tvshow angular

#fullstackcon Party!


End of #fullstackcon Day 1

Day 2: Thursday 14th July

All schedule is up now! Enjoy an amazing day 2 of #fullstackcon!

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Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2016


Keynote: Component architecture and Angular 2

Todd Motto

fullstack fullstackcon angular2

Coffee & Tea Break


Blazing fast CSS3 transitions

Jad Joubran

fullstack fullstackcon css3 jquery

How ES6 and TypeScript have greatly improved Dojo 2

Dylan Schiemann

fullstack es6 typescript dojo2

Keeping it fast: microservice instrumentation with Zipnish

Federico Schwindt

fullstack fullstackcon zipnish microservices

Becoming a Polyglot

Kirsten Hunter

fullstack languages perl ruby php python node

Babylon.js' new Physics Plugin Architecture

Raanan Weber

fullstack fullstackcon typescript javascript babylon.js game physics

Coffee & Tea Break


Lightweight libraries with Rollup, Riot and Redux

Cristiano Betta

fullstack rollup riot redux front-end ui webpack browserify react angular es6

AngularJs evolution - from heedless meddler to superheroic assistant

Miloš Bošković

fullstack fullstackcon angularjs clean-code js es2015 gulp

JSON Schema - the good, the bad and the ugly

Edgar Mueller and Maximilian Koegel

fullstack fullstackcon json json-schema metadata data-validation openapi

Biological Modeling, Powered by AngularJS

Gil Fink

fullstack javascript angularjs biology svg

Robots, Code and People

Kassandra Perch

fullstack fullstackcon robots code node



What Makes a Good Developer

Claire Tran

fullstack fullstackcon testing not-just-code passion teamwork software-practices

Batch execution of existing endpoints and services with JSONScript

Evgeny Poberezkin

fullstack fulstackcon json jsonscript api

Got 10 minutes to learn ES2015?

Jad Joubran

fullstack fullstackcon ecmascript6 es6 javascript es2015

Talking to Sensors: Fundamentals of DIgital Communication

Rob Moran, Kelsey Breseman, and Jon McKay

fullstack fullstackcon iot

Using React to drive change at a car maker.

Richard McMenamin

fullstack fullstackcon react redux mobile offline responsive-design

You need a working backend in no time (and life is actually beautiful)

Luca Marchesini

fullstack fullstackcon javascript node docker ux firebase node.js

5 Minute Backend with Node and Syncano

Todd Wacker

fullstack fullstackcon back-end node syncano api javascript cloud

Dev interviews - You’re doing it wrong

Guy Nesher

fullstack fullstackcon dev interview javascript

Don't be scared of git

Mike Lewis

fullstack fullstackcon git version-control tools clean-code workflow

Demystifying HTTP security headers

Niklas Lindblad

fullstackcon fullstack https browser-security ssl

Coffee & Tea Break


Workshop: Angular 2

Gerard Sans

fullstack angular angular-2

Workshop: Interactive numeric computing with Node.js and JavaScript

Athan Reines

fullstack fullstackcon fortran c r python javascript node bigdata science numeric-computing scientific-computing data-science machine-learning statistics analysis analytics visualisation nodejs streams

Workshop: Tessel 2 (part 1)

Kelsey Breseman and Jon McKay

fullstack tessel workshop

Workshop: Espruino (part 1)

Gordon Williams

fullstack fullstackcon iot espruino javascript hardware workshop

Workshop: Bring your app into VR

Macy Kuang

fullstack fullstackcon iot wearable gaming vr ar

Workshop: Tessel 2 (part 2)

Jon McKay and Kelsey Breseman

Workshop: Espruino (part 2)

Gordon Williams


End of #fullstackcon Day 2

Day 3: Friday 15th July

Rooms have been allocated for all talks! :)

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Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2016


Keynote: Data Fetching in React

Forbes Lindesay

facebook react fullstack fullstackcon bigdata

Coffee & Tea Break


Serverless: the future of software architecture

Peter Sbarski

fullstack fullstackcon serverless aws-lambda api javascript front-end

NeuroJavaScript: Real-Time Brainwaves

Alex Castillo

fullstack fullstackcon javascript angular2 machine-learning data-visualisation

Let's make a premiere? Polymer Native - native apps in JS with less boilerplate and hassle

Denis Radin

fullstack fullstackcon web-components polymer native react-native ios android

Controlling the Internet of Things with the Web

Stephen Young

fullstack fullstackcon iot web http rest

From Amdahl to Zipf: the Physics of Software Projects

Dylan Beattie

fullstack fullstackcon amdahl zip physics universe

Coffee & Tea Break


Universal JavaScript

Jack Franklin

fullstack javascript reactjs emberjs nodejs node universal

The differing ways to monitor and instrument

Jonah Kowall

fullstack fullstackcon monitoring instrument api php .net java

Let's liberate Frontend: Backend-less Development revisited

Tomasz Ducin

fullstack fullstackcon back-end front-end restful api json json-schema angularjs sinonjs

Git as a database

Kirsten Hunter

fullstackcon git database wiki api

Following through with animation

Opher Vishnia

fullstackcon fullstack disney overlapping-motion follow-through secondary-action animation css hardware-acceleration gsap keyframes transitions



Keynote: Progressive Web Apps

Pete LePage

fullstack chrome google progressive-web-apps

Coffee & Tea Break


Thinking offline

Phil Nash

fullstack fullstackcon javascript offline

Zen And The Art Of UX Design

David Vogel

fullstack fullstackcon ux innovation iot ai interfaces vr ar zen prototyping strategy

Automating documentation on JavaScript projects

Marcos Iglesias Valle

fullstack fullstackcon javascript documentation onboarding shared-ownership automation

How we made Angular 2 fast

Tobias Bosch

fullstack angular angular-2

Webmasters, Full Stack Developers, and Other Legendary Creatures

Dylan Beattie

fullstack webmaster fullstack-developer

Coffee & Tea Break


Functional Typescript

Francisco Ferreira

fullstack typescript javascript callback promise

Lessons learnt from Functional Programming with Haskell and Elm

Jon Kelly

fullstack haskell elm functional-programming rxjs redux linq c++ javascript c# es6 iot d3 games

7 habits of highly ineffective developers

Kitson Kelly

fullstack fullstackcon developer

FullStack DevOps

Alex Fernández

fullstack fullstackcon devops javascript java maven jenkins python ansible fabric ruby puppet chef go kubernetes docker front-end node.js stridercd shipit aws

Staying ahead of the pack

Opher Vishnia

fullstack fullstackcon amd commonjs require.js browserify webpack system.js gulp bower

Coffee & Tea Break


The Things That I Like Are Superior To The Things That You Like

Mark Rendle

fullstack fullstackcon javascript html

#fullstackcon Closing Ceremony, Awards and Wrap Up

fullstack fullstackcon iot angular javascript vr ux ui node
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