Thursday, 27th - Friday, 28th October in London

74 experts spoke.

Join us at droidcon London in October 26th and 27th 2017!

droidcon returns to London in October 2017, and it will be hosted at the Business Design Centre once again. Want to meet the international Android community, listen to expert speakers, find out about all the latest Android advances and see fantastic new technologies? Then come and join droidcon London, the largest Android developer conference in Europe!

THANK YOU to all speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making droidcon London 2016 such an amazing conference!


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Programme announcements!

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The full line-up has finally been published! Head to the Programme page to find out more! Please note - timings and speakers' order are subject to change.

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  • Talks from Chet Haase, Jake Wharton, Chris Banes, Nick Butcher, Laurence Moroney, Kelly Shuster, Lisa Wray, Hoi Lam, Laurence Moroney, Mario Viviani, Ben Weiss, and many more!

  • Topics include Code Quality, Security, Reactive, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neuronetworks, APIs IoT, Machine, Not In Pocket, Not Phones, VR, Games, Usability, Accessibility, Material Design and Animation, Tooling, Languages, Experience, Product Lifecycle, Architecture, Scaling, Performance, Clean Code.

App Garage Clinics

Want to have your app reviewed by renowned experts in the Android community? Eager to improve the performance of your app? Concerned about your app's design? Skills Matter has got it covered for you! We joined forces with NimbelDroid and Novoda to bring you the...

App Garage Clinics!

Excited? Make sure you have a look at each App Garage Clinic's entry requirements.

The App Garage Clinics will take place in the balcony located upstairs on Thursday 27th October from 2pm to 5pm - check out each Clinic's page for the exact timings and all info!

Find out more here!

droidcon London Party - Thursday 27th October

Did you enjoy the first day of droidcon London? It's party time now! Visit the Skills Matter booth during droidcon for a Party Ticket (tickets are limited to 400 only) to enjoy some drinks at Codenode's {{SpaceBar}}, some dance moves and 1980's arcade games and share your experience and droidcon impressions with other droidcon attendees.

As the first day of droidcon London wraps up, we will have our very own droidcon double decker routemaster buses bringing you from the BDC (Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street) to CodeNode. Buses will be ready outside the BDC once the conference ends on Thursday 27th October (straight after Chet Haase's keynote) and will be running till as late as 8pm to bring you to CodeNode!

If you prefer the good old London Underground, CodeNode is a five-minute walk from Moorgate Tube Station, which is just two stops from Angel (the closest station to the BDC, where droidcon London takes place), and it's served by the Northern Line.

Come along from the conference or meet us at CodeNode for an evening of good tunes and drinks – a chance to share your experience and ideas with each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! And if you need some help finding your way home/to your hotel once the party's over, please visit the Transport for London's website which contains full information on how to move around in London.

Join us for the droidcon London Bytes evening events at CodeNode

Want to stay in the loop with the latest developments within the Android community?

Join us at the brand new droidcon London Bytes series we'll be hosting at CodeNode leading up to droidcon London 2016 and 2017!

Find more information here!

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Day 1: Thursday 27th October

The rooms will be allocated on the day! Look out for the whiteboards and vote for which talk you'd like to attend. The final schedule for each day will be finalised after the opening keynote!

Track Albert Hall Big Ben The Tower Shard London Eye

Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to #droidconUK 2016


Keynote: VR and AR - Technologies 40,000 years in the making

Noah Falstein

android droidconuk droidcon vr ar tango n androidn daydream spotlight-stories

Tea & Coffee Break


Designing the Design Support Library

Chris Banes

droidcon droidconuk android mobile app google coordinatorlayout appbarlayout collapsingtoolbarlayout

What's NNNNNNNNew in Android Security?

Scott Alexander-Bown

android mobile droidcon droidconuk gde nougat whatsnew

Did You Test It?

Derek Rozycki and Kirk Chambers

android qa testing droidcon droidconuk synergy teamwork charles-proxy

Knock knock! Who's there? Doze.

Yonatan Levin

mobile android doze starwars saving-battery-architecture android7.0 gcmnetworkmanager

To ∞ (~65K) and beyond!

Sebastiano Gottardo

android droidcon droidconuk multidex 65k methods-limit proguard

Tea & Coffee Break


A New View: Layout Editor + ConstraintLayout

Huyen Tue Dao

android droidcon droidconuk ui layout mobile constraintlayout android-studio

Java 8 on Android

Alex Florescu

android droidcon droidconuk mobile app java8 lambdas streams nougat method-references jack-and-jill

A lap around FireBase

Laurence Moroney

droidcon mobile droidconuk firebase google mbaas bigdata identity analytics

Get Ready for Android Wear 2.0

Agnieszka Madurska and Hoi Lam

android android-wear android-wear-2.0 wearables droidcon droidconuk mobile

Product VS Craft

Juan Delgado

ustwo delivery craft droidcon droidconuk android mobile games app



App Garage Clinics Presentation

clinic droidconuk android design performance mobile app

Tea & Coffee Break


Making fully Reactive apps using advanced RxJava

Paco Estevez

android rxjava reactive-programming

Android Testing Support Library: The Nitty Gritty

Zan Markan

mobile droidcon droidconuk android library

Hypothesis-driven development on Android

Romain Piel

android droidcon droidconuk mobile ab-test ux product

Optimizing apps built for Next Billion user

Amrit Sanjeev

droidcon droidconuk mobile android app nextbillionusers battery optimization

The Product Design Sprint

Rachel Cope

droidcon droidconuk android mobile ui ux design

Tea & Coffee Break


Lightning Talks 1

Martino Luca, Tania Pinheiro, and Florina Muntenescu


Lightning Talks 4

Andy Piper, Evelina Vrabie, and Carlo Marinangeli

android droidcon droidconuk mobile app

Lightning Talks 3

Pierrick Caen, Alexandra Tritz, Brendan Fahy, and David Gonzalez

droidcon droidconuk android mobile app

Lightning Talks 2

Darryl Bayliss, Paco Estevez, and Andrew Lord


Tea & Coffee Break


Android Data Binding in action using MVVM pattern

Fabio Collini

android droidcon droidconuk mobile app data-binding mvvm-pattern mvvm

Scaling Android @Facebook

Balazs Balazs and Marco Cova

android droidconuk droidcon facebook scaling mobile app

Supercharging Android Apps With TensorFlow

Mohamed Taieb

android droidcon droidconuk machine-learning deep-learning ai tensorflow

VR for Google Cardboard in Unity: challenges and opportunities

Quentin Le Guennec

droidcon droidconuk android mobile vr virtual-reality cardboard gearvr unity daydream cybersickness

Designing and Developing Media Streaming Apps for TV the Easy Way

Mario Viviani

droidcon droidconuk android mobile app tv media streaming smp native player template 4k

Tea & Coffee Break


Really Important Things about the Business of Technology

Chet Haase

droidcon droidconuk mobile android google

#droidconUK party starts at #CodeNode!

droidcon droidconuk mobile app google android

Day 2: Friday 28th October

The rooms will be allocated on the day! Look out for the whiteboards and vote for which talk you'd like to attend. The final schedule for each day will be finalised after the opening keynote!

Track Albert Hall Big Ben The Tower London Eye Shard

Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to #droidconUK 2016


What's New in Android

Chet Haase

droidcon droidconuk google android app mobile

Tea & Coffee Break


BarCamp Talks Submission and Selection

droidcon droidconuk mobile apps

Tea & Coffee Break


Coding for Android on steroids with Kotlin

Kai Koenig

android droidcon droidconuk mobile kotlin jvm java

Android Application Security, The Right Way

Dario Incalza

android droidconuk droidcon mobile security best-practices secure-development

Reactive programming on Android - why and how

Sasa Sekulic

android mobile reactive-programming droidcon droidconuk apps

Breaking Spotify’s release cycle by using the backend to drive the UI and feature releases

Chris Doyle

android mobile droidcon droidconuk app release-cycle features ab-testing backend-frameworks ui_layout

Flat as a Pancake

Emil Sjölander and Pasquale Anatriello

android droidconuk droidcon app mobile facebook performance linearlayouts relativelayout view

Tea & Coffee Break


Be together, not the same

Anastasia López and Romain Piel


The Future of Android - Evolution of Android in mobile platforms and a glance to the future. Helping the kernel taking the best decisions

Carlos Lloret and Unai R.C.

droidcon droidconuk architecture android mobile kernel optimazion

Beyond Hacktivism: Why policy matters

Zan Markan

Building Overlay SDKs on Android - The two minutes integration challenge

Andreas Vourkos

android droidconuk mobile app droidcon sdks

Grids & Keylines

Ragunath Jawahar




Indoor Navigation with Google Tango

Till Kempel and Javier Rodriguez

Treatment Architecture Thread

Mathias Seguy

The Wonders You Can Do With Moshi

Serj Lotutovici

Adopting Redux in Android

Yaroslav Heriatovych

A talk from Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez


Tea & Coffee Break


Radical RecyclerView

Lisa Wray

android mobile droidcon droidconuk recyclerview

Keeping it Clean

Rich King

mobile droidconuk droidcon android clean-architecture chateau

In transition

Benjamin Weiss

android droidcon droidconuk mobile app api transitions

Crash Wars: The handling awakens

Željko Plesac

android mobile droidcon droidconuk app crash-handling code-quality chashes bugs static-checkers ux crash-analysis

Practical Bluetooth LE on Android

Erik Hellman

android droidconuk droidcon bluetooth bluetooth-le api

Tea & Coffee Break



Nick Butcher

droidconuk droidcon mobile app google android design meaningful-motion

Safe vs Deep integration of Realm

Viraj Tank

droidcon droidconuk realm deep-integration androidrealm

Android Architecture Blueprints

Jose Alcerreca and David Gonzalez

android droidcon droidconuk mobile app architecture mvp clean mvvm di fragments content-providers gde

Design and development: Best practices by example

Matthew Dolan

droidcon droidconuk android mobile

Why developers need to get involved in AR & See-Through Smart Eyewear NOW! And how they can get started

Giles Beaumont and Marc-Antoine Godfroid

android droidcon droidconuk ar vr eyewear virtual-reality smarteyewear wearables iot

Tea & Coffee Break


Making Retrofit 2 Work For You

Jake Wharton

droidconuk droidcon android app mobile google retrofit retrofit2 http api json

Safety first - best practices in app security

Ana Baotić

android droidcon droidconuk

The Living Interface: What's New in Mutative Design

Liam Spradlin and Francisco Franco

android droidcon droidconuk mobile design uiux interface experience mutative interaction accessibility open-source

Android is for Everyone

Kelly Shuster

android droidcon droidconuk mobile ui ux accessibility

XDA Labs: Community-driven App Distribution

Jeremy Meiss

xda droidcon droidconuk mobile app android

#droidconUK closing ceremony and wrap up

droidcon droidconuk android app mobile google
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