DroidCon London 2010

Topics covered at #droidconuk

Thursday, 28th - Friday, 29th October in London



Skills Matter is pleased to support droidcon London 2010, this year taking place in Islington's Business Design Centre, the new permanent home for droidcon UK. The event is organised by the London Android Community leads Kevin McDonaugh and Karl Gustav Harroch, and is scheduled for October 28 and 29th.

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Make it fun

3D game creation for mobile devices and would be an introduction on how you can use Unity to create game content for Android.

Making money on Android: The economics of apps

This talk showed how developers can adapt their games and apps to the changed environment of crowded app stores and demonstrate smart use of social tools

What Consumers Want – Trends in Mobile Services & Applications

Using comScore mobile market intelligence data we will explore the mobile service and applications space in terms of the consumers, the brands they access and how they engage through their handsets.

User views

In this talk Ilicco Elia highlighted the areas in which Android leads the pack, and the areas that it still has ground to make up.

The Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform

Qualcomm has a huge footprint in multiple classes of mobile devices today; and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ family of mobile processors powers many of the top performance Smartphone’s and smart devices in the marketplace.

Growing the value of the application network

In this session we delve into the reasons why trusted customer relationships and networks are key to market and deliver applications, and why a 'one size fits all' approach can't work.

Android development outside the market place

This talk shoed how developing for Marketplace is perhaps the least interesting way to develop for Android. Michael showed the other, more interesting and more lucrative business models, why these are often unique to Android.

Maximising revenues from your Android app

This session covered everything you needed to know about monetising mobile, ranging from developing your mobile advertising strategy and how you get started,

Designing the mobile shopping experience of tomorrow, today

This talk will take a look at the processes and thought required to design a mobile shopping experience. The Ribot design studio have recently released the Tesco mobile shopping app to wide spread acclaim.

AllJoyn, a leading-edge peer-to-peer technology

In this session, you will learn how to leverage proximity-based peer-to-peer networks to create new and innovative user experiences.

App Ltd – a business-like approach to your Android app

What do you need besides a brilliant idea and your excellent coding skills? A business-like approach could help.

Android has a dude problem

For most women, the iPhone is still the preferred device despite the fact it is not the most technically capable smartphone on the market.

Best of UK mobile business 2

Chaired by Ewan MacLeod, this session featured the founders of successful UK mobile development companies talking candidly about the industry and how to succeed.

Taking your apps to the world

You've had the idea; you've developed the app; now what! In this session Martin Wrigley showed how Orange's new way of working could open a whole new world of 'opportunity'

Apps for Good. Innovation on the fringes of Android

Apps for Good is a course where young people learn to create apps that change their world – using Android.

Excellence in the Android User Experience

Crafting a great user experience and user interface is fundamental. In this talk, Roman Nurik discussed interaction and visual design tips, as well as relevant SDK resources.

Implementing Android: a manufacturer’s perspective

In this session Erik Hellman presented how Sony Ericsson implements Android on the phone, from the beginning of a project until it is released.

Monetize your apps in emerging markets

How to Monetize Your Android Applications in Emerging Markets (China, India, Indonesia and others).

Android behind the scenes

Karl-Johan and Erik took us to a journey behind the scenes of Sony Ericsson’s phone propositions

Mobile UX for the Blind and partially sighted

Rob Spinks of the RNIB will share some considerations and advice for all those wanting to develop accessible usable interfaces.

Best of UK mobile business 1

Tom & Antony kicked off this double session with presentations on lessons learned whilst winning business for mobile design and development.


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