iOSCon 2016 - The conference for iOS and Swift Developers

Topics covered at #iOSCon

Thursday, 26th - Friday, 27th May at CodeNode, London

21 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.

iOSCon celebrates the latest developments and the sharpest minds in iOS. This year, we'll showcase various takes on the Apple Watch and Apple TV as well as open source and reactive innovations such as ResearchKit over 2 days of talks.

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Thank you for joining us at iOSCon 2016! We had a terrific time, we hope you did too! A massive thanks to our great programme committee, all speakers, sponsors and to everyone who joined us this year!

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Day 1: Thursday 26th May 2016

This amazing #iOSCon Schedule is now complete! Join us for 2 days of exciting and interesting talks!

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Practical Testing Tips

Ellen Shapiro

native-mobile android testing SWIFT iOS

Coffee Break


"Can we submit yet?" - The secret to blazing-fast, rock-solid automated tests

Paul Stringer

ui ioscon testing acceptance-tests fitnesse open-source iOS

There is no 2nd chance for a first impression

Shai Wolkomir

personalization mobile-app iOS

Coffee Break


Intro to tvOS

Joshua Leibsly

uikit tvOS iOS

ResearchKit & CareKit

Matteo Crippa

health carekit researchkit open-source iOS



Concurrency in iOS

Sam Davies

concurrency rxswift iOS

Coffee Break


I Swift therefore I am - Swift and Philosophy

Roy Marmelstein

Philosophy SWIFT iOS

Practical Core Bluetooth in IoT & Wearable projects

Shuichi Tsutsumi

BTLE bluetooth core-bluetooth IoT iOS

Coffee Break


#iOSCon Lightning Talks Session

Paul Ardeleanu, Abizer Nasir, and Marius Rackwitz

value-objects mobile-tech mobile life SWIFT personal-development iOS

#iOSCon 2016 Party with Pizza and Beer!

Day 2: Friday 27th May 2016

This amazing #iOSCon Schedule is now complete! Join us for 2 days of exciting and interesting talks!

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Understanding your Toddler

Daniel Steinberg

open-source SWIFT iOS

Coffee Break


Protocol-Oriented DataSources in Swift

Niels van Hoorn

datasource protocol-oriented SWIFT iOS

MVVM, RxSwift and DataControllers

Esteban Torres

data-controllers mvvm rxcocoa rxswift iOS

Coffee Break


Framework Oriented Programming

Pedro Piñera

frameworks iOS

A Little Respect for MVC

Grégoire Lhotellier

mvc architecture SWIFT iOS



An Invasive Investigation of Navigation

Assaf Gelber

paypal app architecture iOS

Why the dark side of the force should use Swift and a SOLID architecture

Jorge Ortiz Fuentes

Mobile-applications architecture SWIFT iOS

Coffee Break


Turning UIKit inside out

Benjamin Encz

uikit SWIFT iOS

Mastering reuse: A journey into application modularization with VIPER

Nicola Zaghini

mobile-apps VIPER architecture iOS

Coffee Break


Boundaries In Practice

Ayaka Nonaka

functional-programming SWIFT iOS

Beer Break!


#iOSCon Park Bench Panel Sessions


#ioscon 2016 Wrap Up!

A Sneak Preview of iOSCon 2016

We're delighted to welcome a fantastic range of experts and sponsors to this year's conference. On this page, you'll find a heads-up on some of the content they'll be sharing at iOSCon in London this year.

Looking forward to iOSCon 2016? Share it!

Looking forward to iOSCon 2016? We'd love to hear what you are most looking forward to!

Here's a Sneak Preview of what Matteo Crippa will share with you at this year's iOSCon!

Apps & Health are definitely a new hot topic for developers, and with the upcoming release of CareKit this new way to make use of your device in order to improve your daily health becomes even more interesting.

I’m really excited to share my thoughts and experience about ResearchKit app development during my speech at #iOSCon 2016.

Aren’t you intrigued too by the fact that by developing an app, even a simple one, you will be able to collect important data to help researchers in their studies and in developing medical trials? And what's more - with the brand new CareKit framework you could be able to retrieve, on a daily or hourly basis, information about your health that can be easily shared with your caregivers or physicians.

We will try to discover the main features of these two frameworks by real examples in Swift, and don’t be scared feel free ask any question or share your experience too with these two awesome tools provided by Apple.

Jorge Ortiz Fuentes shares why you shouldn't miss him at #iOSCon and during his training course ahead of the conference!

Catch Jorge during #iOSCon and ahead of the conference for his hands on Clean Code for iOS course !

The Swift community is one of the coolest ones in the developer world. Although it is a very young one and it is still making up its mind on how to do some things properly, it has created a lot of fantastic things and provided a lot of value already. Being part of it is wonderful, and sharing my ideas on how to improve architecture, even more.

It seems that a scalable and robust architecture is the Holy Grail of developers. But in my opinion it is not that hard to achieve it if you follow basic programming principles and use design patterns. You don't need to wait until you have ten years of experience to start applying those. Actually, you can start now. Don't miss my talk where I can share the basics with you.

For me, speaking at the iOSCon it is going to be, not only a very interesting opportunity to tell others about how things can be done in terms of architecture, but also an enjoyable chance to listen to some of the brightest minds in our community sharing their views about architecture and many other interesting topics. Join me there and let's enjoy it together!

Curious to know what Assaf Gelber will be talking about at at this year's iOSCon? Find out more here!

It looks like #iOSCon 2016 is going to be an excruciatingly hard time since the talks in both tracks look super interesting and I'd hate to miss any of them - they all look so fascinating! Am sure the videos will be online shortly after each talk so that I can catch up with anything I've had to miss!

In any case, every gathering of iOS developers is always a fun time. Getting to chat with like-minded developers, listen to talks from some smart guys and, of course, share my own insights about navigation from building the new PayPal app is not something to be missed. Even if you'd never been to a conference before, you'll find the iOS community as welcoming as can be.

That, as well as getting a few pints of beer and some nice cups of tea, is why I can't wait to fly to London to be part of #iOSCon 2016. See you there!

Learn why Nicola Zaghini is excited about being part of iOSCon - and why you should be too!

Mobile application architecture is probably one of the most interesting and challenging subject on the mobile development field those days. As applications are getting more and more rich in features and complex, software quality attributes such as testability, re-usability, maintainability and so on should be properly addressed.

This is why I am so excited to be part of #iOSCon 2016 where I will be sharing with you how my team and I approached the challenging goal of maximising the re-usability of our large solutions, delivering high quality software and maintaining a simple and elegant design.

Starting from the definition of software reuse, I will take you to a journey from the massive view controller approach to a revisited VIPER design that we internally refer as (B)VIPER, our Lego® blocks for building apps.

This is great and I can’t wait to hear your feedback on it, but there is more, and it is about the synergy and the completeness of the talks featured in the line-up of #iOSCon 2016.

While I will be discussing why MVVM was not a perfect fit for us, Esteban will be digging into it next door with MVVM, RxSwift and DataControllers; and while I'll be elaborating on frameworks for modularity, Pedro will be digging deep into it with Framework Oriented Programming.

I could go on and on but I think you've got my point already!

It is going to be a bash and I am really looking forward to it!

Hope to see you there!

Grégoire Lhotellier destroyed his own project dozen of times to bring you back the best architecture ideas he found on the way - only at #iOSCon!

I’m really looking forward to #iOSCon ‘16 to meet people and fellow developers I usually read about through their tweets or articles, as well as new people. I’m also looking forward to learn new ideas and to get answers to questions I had in mind for a while.

There are often topics we are interested in but we don’t have time to investigate them or they seem too complicated. That’s when I like to turn a topic into a talk. Because it forces me to go deep on that subject so I don’t look like a fool in front of the audience :)

The last topic where I had that feeling was the never-ending problem of massive view controllers, and more globally how to architect an iOS app. To try and shed a bit of light on that huge topic, I’ll explain what are the problems we are currently facing and how recent changes and changes to come can help us not getting UIViewConTrolled.

Esteban Torres on iOS, new trends and why #iOSCon will be a great conference to attend!

There's a trend of «new architectures» popping everywhere these days, such as the Javascript frameworks for iOS - a new one comes to life every other week.

Keeping that in mind, Reactive extensions are blooming greatly on the iOS community since ReactiveCocoa made its first appearance, and now RxSwift is helping minimize the gap.

At Brewbot we decided to grab one known architecture and «improve» it with some RxSwift and some creativity; and this is one of the things I'm most excited about when thinking about #iOSCon 2016. I will be able to share with the world our crazy approach to some known issues and either help others see the «light» or get beaten on stage and learn what we did so wrong with this «crazy genius» idea of ours. Either ways someone will learn something.

I'm really excited to be a part of such amazing group of speakers and can't wait to meet them and learn as much as I can from everyone.

If you bump into me say hi. I'm traveling half the world to be there the least we could do is share a ☕ or some 🍻!

Paul Stringer gives us a full overview of why #iOSCon is THE place to be this May!

At this time of year all my thoughts normally are reserved for WWDC. This time I'm thrilled instead by the prospect of not only attending but also presenting a talk 'Can we submit yet?' at this year's iOSCon. Coming only two weeks before the main event, iOSCon will be a moment to consolidate everything learnt in the past year before that time when everything changes again.

Having attended WWDC '15, I can say it still remains the epicentre for Apple's developers. That said, the event is now infamously an expensive lottery to attend and no longer able to cater for the growing size of the Mac and iOS communities. As a result events like iOSCon are now more important. This is the way most of us will get to mix it with other iOS developers to share experiences with one another face to face. Still the best way to learn and gain new understanding in our own work.

For my part I will share a new approach to automation testing that I believe if adopted could increase efficiencies in iOS development and test by an order of magnitude. With regards to the rest of the programme, am looking forward to Roy Marmelstein's talk Swift is clearly developing a life of it's own, distinct from it's role as just a language for Cocoa development. And for any talks missed, great to hear that most talks will be filmed, and you can catch up straight after (if not during) the conference! .

I'm really looking forward to Day 2 as well given I'm not speaking that day and that means I can just relax and enjoy the talks which cover some very essential subjects of patterns, principles and architecture. It reflects the changes in the nature of our work as code bases grow in complexity and the legacy we're responsible for maintaining grows with it.

Finally I'll be listening intently to Daniel Steinberg's 'Understanding your Toddler'. I am actually hoping to come away with new insights about my two year old.

See you at iOSCon!


In August 2015, Skills Matter opened the doors to CodeNode, our new 23,000 sqft Tech Events and Community venue. CodeNode provides fantastic meetup, conference, training and collaboration spaces with unrivalled technology capabilities for our tech, digital and developer communities - a long held dream coming true !

With fantastic transport links and located in the heart of London's Tech City, we could not think of a better location for our 60,000 strong engineering community!

With seven event rooms, including a 300 seater lecture room, thousands more community members will be able to visit CodeNode to learn and share skills, code and collaborate on projects.

CodeNode features a 5,000 sqft break-out space, complete with fully-licensed bar, plenty of power sockets, meeting and collaboration spaces and entertainment areas.

CodeNode will also see the opening of a permanent Hack Space, stacked with microprocessors and the latest tools and devices to play with. A community film studio will be opening too, which you can use to record any tutorials or demo's you may want to share with our community.

If you're interested in hiring CodeNode for your upcoming event, check out more details here.



Skills Matter | CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB, GB

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Daniel Steinberg's blog

Paul Ardeleanu's blog

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now closed, please keep an eye on our programme page as the line-up is being unveiled!

Jorge Ortiz Fuentes's - Hands on Implementation of Clean Architecture for iOS Apps

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May

Do your apps need better test coverage?

Clean architecture allows your team to do TDD for all the app, not just the model and get really close to full coverage. Is your team able to work without stepping over each other toes? Do you make loud announcements to let everybody know who is working with the storyboard? Learn how to use an architecture that allows your team to collaborate. Is your app able to follow the growth pace that your company requires? Get more re-usability, better decoupling and more robustness by implementing a Clean Architecture in your app.

Join Jorge Ortiz Fuentes in this intensive 2-day iOS course on implementation of architecture for your iOS apps.

Book a place here.

Paul Stringer's Mastering TDD/BDD for iOS

Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th May

Are you interested in testing? Are you ready to learn the best practices and principles to use great iOS testing tools in your projects?

Join us for this 2 day hands on testing workshop!

Book a place here.

Daniel Steinberg's - The Swift iOS Bootcamp

Tuesday 31st May - Thursday 2nd June

It’s a perfect time to take your iOS development skills to a whole new level by making the move to Swift. You aren’t just learning a new language, you are also learning new techniques and design patterns and embracing a new way to organize and architect your iOS applications.

Join Daniel Steinberg for this intensive 3-day Swift iOS Bootcamp and learn how to think, architect and program in swift applying Swift's functional and idiomatic features. Upon completion, you will understand the best practices for architecting and programming in Swift to build modern iOS apps.

Book a place here.

Daniel Steinberg's - The Turtle in the Playground - the iOS coding workshop for kids

Saturday 28th May

In this lively introduction to programming for iOS, you will teach a turtle to move around the computer screen. Using the ideas from Turtle Logo, we work with the latest version of Apple’s Playgrounds to teach you to write and reason about sequences of computer commands.

By the end of this two hour Turtle workshop, you will have built up routines of your own that you can call to produce interesting patterns and designs.

If you are between 7 and 11 years old, would like to learn how to program a Turtle in iOS and will be able to bring an adult and a Mac along with you, this workshop is for you!

Book a place here.

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