CukeUp! 2016 - the progressive BDD conference for testers, devs and product owners

Topics covered at #cukeup

Thursday, 14th - Friday, 15th April at CodeNode, London

37 experts. will be speaking. Starts at 9:00 AM.


Want to meet the international BDD community and learn and share skills with some of the world's top experts, devs, testers and product owners? Discover the latest best practices and ideas? Then come and join us at CukeUp! 2016 in London!

Join us at CukeUp! London 2016 on April 14th and 15th!

The premise behind CukeUp! is simple. We want to bridge the communication gap between business and IT to deliver precise software, faster. To do this, we need everybody in the room. CukeUp! isn't just for geeks; it's for testers, BAs and product owners too.

CukeUp! is a friendly conference with plenty of bite - welcoming impassioned speakers to deliver talks and workshops that educate and inspire. You'll learn tips and tricks to get the most out of the tools and processes you use every day. The conference is for anyone that wants to get better at Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). So if you're in an agile team, eager to gain practical tips to implement in your existing processes, this is the conference for you.


Each day has a beginning, a middle, and an end. People learn in different ways, so we mix things up, with 90-minute workshops sandwiched in-between punchy 30-minute lectures and a flurry of lightning talks. You're never bored.

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What other people said

It was one of the best conferences I've ever been to. I learnt so much in just two days. Keep up the good work.

People are friendly, it’s a really nice atmosphere. Other conferences can sometimes be very technical or quite egocentric. But there’s none of that here. It’s very inviting. You learn a lot. You get to see a problem from various different angles. It’s not just all technical, it’s not just all product, it’s not all just testing. So it enlightens you and opens up your eyes to other people’s viewpoints on the same problem. It’s really good.

— Jenny Martin

If I think back to what I’ve learnt in the past three or four years, so many of those ideas have come from people in this community and people that have spoken at CukeUp! today.

— Ingram Monk

I really liked the format, with morning and afternoon talks bookending workshops which ran before and after lunch. Technical conferences can sometimes become a strange kind of spectator sport. The workshops really helped me get out of that mode and get engaged. The crowd was really friendly and diverse, with people from all kinds of backgrounds and disciplines. I think developers may have actually been in the minority, with a lot of testers and BAs in attendance. The speakers were friendly and approachable, and I had some great conversations.

— Josh Crompton

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Day 1: Day 1

Thursday 14th April

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Registration and Breakfast


Welcome to CukeUp! 2016


Keynote: Kind of Green

Aslak Hellesøy

green cukeup bdd

Coffee Break


7 reasons why BDD is not for you

Matt Wynne

peak-learning software-development cukeup bdd agile

Test Automation: how to add REAL value to a project

Edirin Atumah

test-automation cukeup bdd testing ui-tests agile

Coffee Break


Workshop: Agile product planning

John Smart and Jan Molak

product-planning bpp roadmap cukeup bdd agile

Workshop: Introduction to Event storming

Julien Biezemans and Mathias Verraes

modelling domain communication visualisation event-storming ddd cukeup

Workshop: Build your own Cucumber

Steve Tooke

gherkin gherkin-3 objective-c python ruby go javascript .net java cucumber cukeup

Workshop: What do you really know about your customers

Kate Gray

customers cukeup bdd testing



Workshop: A Planning Meeting You’ll Love

Matt Wynne and Gaspar Nagy

planning user-story backlog example-mapping cukeup bdd

Workshop: BDD Heart DDD - Everything by Example

Paul Rayner and Chris Young

ddd customer domain-model cukeup bdd

Workshop: Getting Started with Hive CI and On-Device Automation

Joseph Haig

bbc hive-ci on-device-automation hive-scheduler cukeup

Workshop: Cucumber-JVM

Thomas Sundberg

cucumber-jvm cucumber cukeup

Coffee Break


Hive CI: Making Automation Scale for iPlayer

David Buckhurst

iplayer ci-system bbc hive-ci cukeup

How testers can be a liability for your team

Ulrika Malmgren

team tester liability cukeup

Coffee Break


Why Team Size and Story Size matter

Arti Mathanda

team-work performance team cukeup

Making your first pull request

Charlotte Spencer

pull-request your-first-pr cukeup

The Dark Side of BDD

Dirk Rombauts

dark-side cukeup bdd

Living Documentation for commandline applications - A contract between you and your users

Dennis Günnewig

aruba cucumber cukeup bdd

BDDfire - Get up and running with Cucumber, Docker and Gatling in a minute

Shashikant Jagtap

cucumber docker gatling cukeup

Pizza & Drinks


End of CukeUp! 2016 Day 1

Day 2: Day 2

Friday 15th April

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Registration and Breakfast


Welcome to CukeUp! 2016


Keynote: A BDD Manifesto...

Jenny Martin

scrum cukeup agile bdd

Coffee Break


Test Automation Tales of Terror

Nat Pryce

test-automation testing cukeup bdd

CHEESECAKE – The story of Typeform's automatic test suite

Aida Manna and Gloria Hornero

typeform test-automation cukeup


cucumber cukeup

Coffee Break


Workshop: BDD in the Key of Design

Paul Rayner

design uxd cukeup bdd

Workshop: Modelling by Example

Konstantin Kudryashov and Ciaran McNulty

ddd domain modelling examples gherkin cukeup bdd

Workshop: BDD in Finance: Effective implementation of BDD in data rich complex systems

Debbie Evans and Peter Thomas

finance gherkin cukeup bdd


cucumber cukeup



Workshop: Bringing User Stories to Life

Gemma Cameron

user-stories manager management cukeup

Workshop: Good Gherkin

Aslak Hellesøy

gherkin cukeup bdd

Workshop: Shameless

Seb Rose

red-green-refactor tdd cucumber cukeup bdd


cucumber cukeup

Coffee Break


Cucumberish - iOS/Mac OS X flavor

Ahmed Ali

ios mac-os-x cucumber bdd

BDD in Moderation - A talk from the Trenches

Keith Salisbury and Joe James

tdd ruby-on-rails cucumber cukeup bdd


cucumber cukeup

Coffee Break


Behaviour-Driven Development: The Bigger Picture

Paul Rayner

ux gherkin test-automation cucumber cukeup bdd

Modern Project Toolbox

Konstantin Kudryashov

project-toolbox development planning story-mapping risk-brainstorming impact-mapping cukeup agile


cucumber cukeup

BDD for 8 year olds B-D robotics

Colin Deady

cukeup agile bdd

Fixed mindset is sabotaging for you and your team

Ulrika Malmgren

cukeup agile bdd

Simple expressions in steps instead of regular expressions

Jens Engels

cukeup agile bdd

The Delayed Gratification Principle

Stephen Anderson

cukeup agile bdd

How can a living documentation help me and where do I get one

Dirk Rombauts

cukeup agile bdd

Property based testing

Mathias Verraes

testing cukeup agile bdd

CukeUp! 2016 Wrap Up

Sneak Preview

A Sneak Preview of CukeUp! 2016

We're delighted to welcome a fantastic range of experts and sponsors to this year's conference. On these pages, you'll find a heads-up on some of the content they'll be sharing at CukeUp! in London this year.

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Looking forward to CukeUp! 2016? We'd love to hear what you are most looking forward to!

Eager to know what Paul Rayner thinks about CukeUp! - past, present and future?

On the way home from last year's CukeUp! 2015 London I wrote the following in an email to Skills Matter: "I'm sitting at Heathrow, continuing to reflect on last week. It occurred to me, there's not another conference that has been as informative or significant for me in the last few years as CukeUp! London 2015 has. I came to London looking for guidance and answers about my involvement in the BDD community, fully prepared to give up on BDD and explore elsewhere, and received far more than I expected. I'm already sure I'll look back on this conference, the sessions, and the conversations with new friends as a seminal point in my career. I feel reenergized about BDD, and am starting to have a clearer view of my place in the community.

I'm not sure if this year's CukeUp London can live up to last year's experience for me; that would be tough. But I've been working with Chris Young for months now to develop and refine our BDD Heart DDD workshop, and am excited to finally see it come to life and have an impact. I'm really interested in learning from how Mathias and Julien approach Eventstorming in their workshop, and what Nat Pryce and Ulrika Malmgren have to say in their talks.

Being based in the USA, by far the best thing for me is the opportunity CukeUp! London provides to spend quality face-to-face time with new friends and old in the BDD community. I hope to see you there.

Cannot wait to attend Gemma Cameron's workshop? Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect to see at CukeUp!

I’m really looking forward to running my “Bringing user stories to life” workshop at CukeUp! 2016 and presenting it to the BDD community. I discovered this technique a few years ago and every time I’ve mentioned it people have got really excited.

For me BDD is all about the conversations and I’m anticipating some truly inspirational insights from the attendees. I’m a big fan of DDD and really looking forward to Chris Young and Paul Rayner’s workshop, as well as seeing how David Buckhurst managed to scale automation for iPlayer (I bet that was a challenge!!!).

Mostly I’m looking forward to meeting the community, if you spot my pink hair and fancy a chat I’d be delighted to listen to your stories.

Ahmed Ali will be talking about Cucumberish, the native iOS/Mac OS X implementation of Cucumber

As an iOS/Mac OS X developer who considers BDD as one of his top priorities, it is very interesting to get the chance to introduce Cucumberish at CukeUp! 2016. It was a very exciting moment when Aslak mentioned the possibility to speak in CukeUp! 2016 about Cucumberish: The native implementation of Cucumber for iOS and Mac OS X.

I'm looking forward to being able to add something important to the iOS and Mac OS X community and hear what the community thinks about Cucumberish which will help me have a clear sight on where the next steps for Cucumberish should be. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity to hear the feedback from the BDD gurus who will also be in the conference.

Since BDD has proven to be a leading methodology in software engineering, being a part of such a community is being a part of those who have the knowledge and the power to help improve the software engineering industry! And there is no better way of being a part of this community than an event like CukeUp! 2016.

I believe everyone who will be part of the conference, whether as a speaker or attendee, will learn something - a very valuable thing! There is of course a high probability you will meet someone at CukeUp! who has been through similar experiences as yours but used a different approach. I am sure I will come back from the conference with more tricks to improve my own practices.

All in all, I can confidently tell that BDD is trending up and from the look of the speaker line-up, there will be a huge variety of knowledge in one place at CukeUp! Being a part of CukeUp! will surely help take your knowledge and experience to the next level.

Here's why our Keynote Speaker Jenny Martin recommends you don't miss out on CukeUp! 2016

CukeUp! is now only a few weeks away and I’m preparing for my Keynote ‘The BDD Manifesto’. I’ll be exploring the principles that underpin BDD and taking a holistic view on how to get the most benefit out of BDD practices and collaboration in general.

There’s such a great line up this year at CukeUp! I’m really stumped for which talks and workshops to choose.

I’ve heard a lot about Event Storming, so am looking forward to learning more about that in Mathias Verreas and Julien Biezemans’ session.

I like to stretch my technical comfort zone when I’m at CukeUp! and am determined to attend one of Chris Young’s workshops (we have a history of our sessions always clashing at conferences) so I’m particularly interested in Chris and Paul Rayner's workshop on BDD Heart DDD – Everything by Example.

I’m really stuck for which workshops to choose on day 2, specifically how to choose between Konstantin’s Modelling by example workshop, Paul Rayner’s BDD in the key of Design and Peter Thomas and Debbie Evans’ workshop about BDD in Finance. The first two really appeal to me as I am massively motivated by collaborative techniques and how to join up BDD with our design practices, I think this extension of BDD is going to be an exciting one to watch for the BDD community over the next 12 months. The third workshop, ‘Effective Implementation in Data Rich Complex systems’ really strikes a chord with me, as I believe one of the key benefits of BDD is in exploring and getting to know our data pre-conditions and inputs that drive our systems behaviour. Pete Buckney and I use data personas to help guide conversations and explore examples within our delivery teams and domain experts, but more about that another day...

Thankfully, SkillsMatter will capture all the talks and workshops on SkillsCast so I’ll be able to catch up on all the stuff I missed when I get back to the POD (my garden office) .

The best thing about being part of the community at CukeUp! is that I learn so much from other people’s perspectives and experiences. I always go in with my own (somewhat strongly held) opinions on how things should be done, but always come away with a new or refined perspective. The talks and workshops (and perhaps some lively debates over a couple of drinks) really challenge my assumptions and paradigms and encourage me to explore new methods and think things through. I nearly always walk away with some kind of ‘aha’ moment and can’t wait to get back to my team to share ideas and try things out.

Another great thing is that there is such a diverse group, not everyone is deeply technical. My early technical career is in test management and quality improvement, so as well as discussions with developers, I always look forward to hearing about how fellow testers and BAs apply BDD in their organisations. And I'm looking forward to the pizza too of course!

See you there!

Meet Gloria and Aida from TypeForm!

We are excited to joining CukeUp! 2016 where we will be sharing our thoughts about how to build a test automation framework from scratch.

We wanted to explain how we built our project because test automation has become an essential part of testers’ lives, however there are not many resources available for beginners that do not know how to start. We think it would be nice to share all the challenges we faced while working in a real project. We will be discussing the problems we found and the solutions we applied.

Our talk will be enjoyed both by beginners who want to start in the automation world and for more experienced engineers who are looking to improve their framework.

Excited? Check out the full programme of CukeUp! 2016 here.



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