Qredo: Hackathon for Mobile App Developers

Topics covered:

Saturday, 27th - Sunday, 28th February at CodeNode, London

Starts at 9:00 AM.

Implementing app security correctly is hard, Qredo makes it easy. The Qredo SDK is now available in a pre-release version to selected developers and we’re looking for your feedback. If you’re an iOS or Android app developer, register for the Qredo Hackathon, meet the team and start developing secure apps.

Why Qredo ?

You wouldn't wait for your data to be lost before you made a backup, so don't wait to be a victim of a data breach before making your app secure. Every item stored or message sent using an app built with Qredo is encrypted before it even leaves the device, making this data useless to an attacker. Nothing is ever stored unencrypted in the cloud. For apps built using the Qredo SDK, data breaches will be a thing of the past.

What’s in it for me?

At the event, you’ll be among the first app developers to work with our SDK and learn just how easy Qredo makes it to get app security right. But as if that’s not enough, we have some prizes for the best apps developed during the weekend. The best apps, as judged by the Qredo development team, will be eligible to win prizes: 1st Prize: £1500 2nd Prize: £750 3rd Prize: £250 To qualify, you must be able to give a short demo of your app, built using the Qredo SDK for iOS or Android, at the end of the Hackathon. Apps can be developed in Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android.

Why Zero-Knowledge Privacy?

The Qredo SDK lets you build apps with secure, encrypted cloud based storage and communications. There’s no way that anyone, apart from the user, can read the data stored or sent by a Qredo app, or tie this back to an individual user. We’ll explain how Qredo implements this during the event.

It’s all about the code

We’ll give you a presentation introducing you to Qredo, the architecture and key concepts, and the rest of the time will be hands-on coding. The Qredo development team will be with you every step of the way, helping you to get your apps/ prototypes developed and ready to demo by the end of the weekend.

What can I build with the Qredo SDK?

You can use Qredo for consumer or business apps, games, secure messaging, apps which store finance or health data, or any app that stores or sends data you want to keep private. The possibilities are endless and we’re sure you have your own great app ideas. Now is the perfect time to start developing with Qredo.


  • You must supply your own equipment, including laptop chargers, and your own development tools.
  • We’ll provide the Qredo SDK, documentation, sample code and the hands-on support and encouragement of the Qredo dev team.
  • You will be required to sign a participation agreement at the beginning of the hackathon.
  • You can compete as an individual or in teams of up to 5 people.
  • The winning app/ prototype will be subject to code review during and after the event. We want to make sure that it’s all your own work and that it’s been developed over the course of the hackathon. We’re not looking for polish, but we’re looking for something that works, uses Qredo’s features and was developed by you during the event.

Find out more

Visit our website for more information about the Qredo SDK, to request a copy of our technical introduction to Qredo white paper, or for more details of our early access developer program. For more information about the Hackathon, contact us by email at info@qredo.com. We look forward to seeing you at the Hackathon.

Day 1: Day 1 of Hacking

December 5

Track Hacking, Day 1

Registration, welcome and refreshments.


An Introduction to Qredo


Coding session


A lunch fit for coders


Feedback session


An afternoon’s coding


Day 1 Close

Day 2: Day 2 of Hacking

December 6

Track Hacking, Day 2

Refreshments and early bird coding


Feedback session


Coding session


A well deserved lunch.


Getting your app ready


Your app presentations


Final judging


Hackathon close


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