Datapalooza Mashup 2016

Thursday, 30th June in London

12 experts spoke.

Whether you’ve been a data engineering or data science practitioner for years or just getting started, we are gathering experts from across IBM and our business partner community to bring you an amazing day of learning how to be a data innovator.

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Thank you for joining us at Datapalooza Mashup on 30 June!

Datapalooza Mashup was a hands-on event using IBM's data and analytics services within IBM's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Bluemix to mashup data from various sources, supported by our team of SMEs.

There was development and deployment of simple applications using the IBM Bluemix platform, so a basic understanding of accessing and integrating data and analytics services through APIs would be advantageous.

Some of the datasets we worked with

Tennis Data

We will be providing access to tennis data from the 2014 and 2015 Championships.

IBM has been the Official Information Technology supplier to the All England Lawn Tennis Club and The Championships for over 25 years, supporting its mission to be the premiere tennis tournament in the world. We do that by continuously innovating, by not being afraid to demonstrate how technology can add to the fan experience while never detracting from it. For speed of serve, to real time match statistics provided to commentators to mobile and digital solutions IBM helps bring The Championships to the world.

Weather Data

The Weather Company will be providing historical weather data that corresponds to the tennis data above, plus access to live weather data on the day.

Transport Data

TransportAPI will be providing access to transportation data from sources such as TfL.

Geolocation Data

Ordnance Survey will be providing access to mapping data.

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IBM Emerging Technologies

Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw is a developer working for IBM’s Emerging Technology team.  His background is in data analytics and visualisation.  He led the development of a cross language social network for a US non-profit organisation and a gamification-based prototype for a UK online retailer.  Darren leads the development of the cognitive and social media analytics tools for Wimbledon.

Rav Ahuja

Rav is a Senior Manager with IBM Canada specialising in Data Science and Big Data analytics. He is part of the Emerging Technologies team and is currently involved in incubating tools and services for Data Scientists. Rav also leads the work on client portals on Big Data University and founded ChannelDB2.com. He presents at events worldwide and has authored numerous papers, articles, books and courses on subjects in managing and analysing data. Rav holds B. Eng. from McGill University and MBA from University of Western Ontario.

Ordnance Survey

Matt Bowerbank

Working within Ordnance Survey as the Technical Product Manager of APIs, helping to shape and create industry leading APIs, create front-end framework and driving forward unified API practices and framework throughout the company for all publically facing APIs.

IBM Cloud Ecosystem

Ross Cruickshank

Ross works with Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs), business partners, developers and startups to highlight the capabilities of the IBM Bluemix and Softlayer platforms as accelerators for product/offering development and delivery.

He is building links between IBM, ISVs, Systems Integrators (SI) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to expand the ecosystem that builds financially attractive line-of-business applications for our joint clients.

Ross is currently recruiting partners to take offerings into the Energy and Utilities sector, around asset management, smart energy and water, and fieldforce enablement.

Simon Baker

Simon has been working with software vendors and startups in the "as a Service" market for 13 years. He specialises in infrastructure, platform and marketplace solutions, to enable new and existing business partners to access markets and sales opportunities through IBM channels, including the new IBM Digital Business.

Simon provides business development support and enablement for partners wanting to get to market quickly, through prototyping and agilely developing their applications with a focus on revenue outcomes, including the API economy. He started in IBM as a CICS developer, and moved into channels management where he picked up responsibility for SaaS in Europe for IBM in the early 90s. Simon has a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, a Diploma in Strategic Market Management, and is a Project Management Practitioner.

IBM Runtime Technologies

Daniel Cunnington

Dan is a software developer working in IBM Runtime Technologies. He enjoys prototyping innovative solutions for clients, both internally and externally at Hackathons. Dan has built a solution with Harry Wood from TransportAPI that provides congestion classification for London buses. Dan has also organised internal Hackathons for IBM, built a twitter controlled drone that made BBC news and recently won the RBS Hackathon in Edinburgh.

IBM Cloud Data Services

Glynn Bird

Glynn started his career in the research and development arm of the UK steel industry, developing sensors and control & instrumentation systems. He then became a web developer creating search technology, CRM systems and automated telephony for a web-base business directory using a variety of relational and NoSQL technologies. He is now a Developer Advocate for IBM's Cloud Data Services.

Mike Elsmore

Mike spends his days as Developer Advocate at IBM Cloud Data Services, using his time to share knowledge on rapid development and different databases. Most of the time he can be found in the middle of a prototype in some combination of JavaScript, server tech and odd APIs. Mike also happens to be an active part of the hacker subculture, taking part in hackathons and development conferences.

KnowNow Solutions

David Patterson

I guess I’ve always been a tinkerer - always taking apart new technologies or learning new languages, trying to get something familiar to do something new. The development of micro sensors and the Internet of Things has enabled me to make my hobby my job. I was involved in some of the most interesting tech companies during the original dotcom boom, and after spending 12 years working for IBM, in 2013 I co-founded KnowNow Information. We provide data services to companies and cities around the world.

IBM Analytics

Charlotte Pindar

Charlotte is a technical sales and solutions specialist working with clients across the UK and Europe on Big Data platforms including hadoop, data warehousing, analytics, managed services and streaming analytics. Charlotte works with on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions.

IBM Watson

Yacine Rezgui

Yacine is a developer evangelist for IBM Watson and full-stack JavaScript engineer, based in London. He specialises in web development (HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, etc.) scalable architectures (ReactJS, Flux) and web services connecting to databases such as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis using NodeJS. He is the organiser of the DevRocket UK meetup.


Harry Wood

Harry Wood is Transport API’s Software Engineer, and has lead much of the software development that brings Transport API to life. He works on wrangling open transport data to bring it into the system, via bulk imports and live feeds. He has also built web and mobile apps as demonstrators of the API, or as bespoke projects for customers., also specialising in web maps and geo-data.

In his spare time he is very involved in the OpenStreetMap project, a collaborative project to map the world. Previously he worked as a enterprise middleware consultant for clients in finance, telecoms, engineering and local government.


Stream 1 - What happened?

In this session we will be exploring techniques for capturing, storing and visualising historic data, using services that include Cloudant, Redis, Graph and Watson Analytics.

Stream 2 - What is happening?

In this session we will be exploring how real-time analytics can give insight from data sources such as social media and IoT devices, using services/APIs that include Watson, Insights for Weather, Insights for Twitter, TransportAPI and Ordnance Survey APIs.

Stream 3 - What is going to happen?

In this session we will be exploring the power of cognitive analytics, using services/APIs that include Watson and Alchemy.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, including a light lunch that you can enjoy "on the go".

Bring your own laptop

Please bring your own laptop to the event to participate in the sessions. You will also need an IBM Bluemix account.

If you do not already have an account, please register for one at ibm.biz/bluemixregnow (30 day free trial - so sign up in June!).

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