FullStack 2017 - the conference on JavaScript, Node & Internet of Things

Wednesday, 12th - Friday, 14th July in London

82 experts spoke.

Thank you for joining us at FullStack London on July 12-14th 2017

FullStack 2017 conference was hosted in London from July 12th - July 14th 2027 at Codenode.

We'd like to thank all of you for joining us and making it a truly enjoyable and successful event!

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Programme Highlights

Don't miss this year's installment of FullStack with Douglas Crockford , Amie DD on IoT, Damjan Vujnovic, Ada Rose Edwards, Matteo Collina, Nick O' Leary, Mark Wubben and more! The complete programme is live, with all of your amazing submissions and ideas, keep an eye out on our Programme Page for all the latest updates!

More Than A Panel - Have I Got Nodes For You! on Day 1 of FullStack 2017!

The comedy quiz show about software, programming, the internet and technology. Join Mark Rendle, Dylan Beattie and our experts and guests as we return to Skills Matter's CodeNode for an hour of technology, trivia, bizarre programming facts, missing words and Twitter bots.

The talkshow will round up the opening day of FullStack 2017! More info on the programme can be found here!

Specs, Bugs, & Rock 'n' Roll: Dylan Beattie LIVE!

What happens when you combine classic rock tunes, daft jokes about software development, and pecha-kucha PowerPoint? FullStack 2017 has the answer. You've seen him at PubConf, you've seen him at BuildStuff and DotNext, you might even have caught his musical stylings during the opening keynote for NDC in Oslo - and we're delighted to welcome Dylan Beattie back to CodeNode for the FullStack after-party. With an electric guitar in one hand and a PowerPoint clicker in the other, Dylan puts on a live show that isn't quite like anything you've ever seen. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even find yourself singing along.

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Day 1: Day 1 - Wednesday 12th July

Join us for these Awesome Sessions! Don't forget to Vote for your faves on the Whiteboards at the conference!


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2017


Opening Keynote by Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford

javascript fullstack fullstackcon

Coffee Break


Virtual Reality and the Future of the Web

Ada Rose Edwards

webvr fullstack fullstackcon vr

TypeScript Decorators - Intermediate

Damjan Vujnovic

javascript fullstack fullstackcon typescript

Browsers Behind Your Back

Phil Nash

fullstack fullstackcon pwa progressive-web progressive-web-apps browsers service-worker api

Generative Music with JavaScript and Web Audio - Intermediate

Tero Parviainen

music web audio fullstack fullstackcon creativecoding

JavaScript and Bluetooth LE - Intermediate

Gordon Williams

fullstack javascript bluetoothle puck.js espruino

Coffee Break


Math, Machine Learning, and JavaScript - Intermediate

Athan Reines

math machine-learning javascript fullstack fullstackcon data-science

npm vs gulp vs webpack vs what the heck?! - Beginner

Ruben Sospedra

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs npm npm-script gulp webpack browserify

MVC - What a Mozart Violin Concerto and a Full-Stack Web App Have in Common - Intermediate

Don Burks

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nodejs mvc designpattern music approach

Building the Web of Things - Beginner

Dominique Guinard

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs iot webofthings wot sensor embedded raspberry-pi node semantics standards

I RLY HATE Forms! - Beginner

Dave Benson

fullstack fullstackcon web html javascript forms html-automation

Coffee Break


How V8 runs JavaScript - Advanced

Matt Zeunert

javascript v8 performance memory fullstackcon fullstack

Javascript Browser Bits - Advanced

Ben Foxall

javascript fullstack fullstackcon websocket webaudio webgl livedemos practical webperformance efficiency

Full Stack Testing that Does Not Suck - Beginner

Artem Avetisyan

fullstack javascript electron web browser testing

Angular Native - Intermediate

Yuriy Luchaninov

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs reactnative tools angular2

I RLY LOVE Form Controls! - Intermediate

Dave Benson

fullstack fullstackcon html web js ui-widgets form-controls logic-gates css



Keynote: Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution

Amie Dansby

fullstack fullstackcon js iot games cosplay video-games makers lego

Coffee Break


Give app servers a REST – CDNs and APIs are the new LAMP - Intermediate

Daniel Demmel

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs serverless apis cdn microservices offline-first webpack serviceful jamstack

Node.js Add-ons for High Performance Numeric Computing - Intermediate

Athan Reines

nodejs computing javascript machine-learning data-science

From Zero to Forex Trading bot Hero - Intermediate

Daniele Polencic

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js typescript node.js functional-programming fintech bitcoin

JWT, WTF? - Intermediate

Phil Nash

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs authorisation authorization security

Auditing Development Guidelines in GitHub Repositories - Intermediate

Evgeny Poberezkin

github fullstack fullstackcon

Coffee Break


Build Your Own DevOps Infrastructure - Intermediate

Alex Fernández

fullstack fullstackcon js javascript nojs node.js devops

Milliseconds to Millions - Benchmarking & Optimization for Fun and Profit!! - Intermediate

Ahmad Nassri

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nodejs

AVA Test Runner: A fresh take on JavaScript Testing and Growing An Open-Source Project - Beginner

Mark Wubben

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nodejs ava gitihub

A Developers View Through the UX Lens

Jad Salhani

ux fullstack fullstackcon development design

The Cost of Logging - Intermediate

Matteo Collina and David Mark Clements

fullstack fullstackcon json http logging performance scalability nodejs javascript v8

Beer Break



Have I Got Nodes For You!

Mark Rendle and Dylan Beattie

fullstack fullstackcon js javascript panel fun

#fullstackcon Party


End of #fullstackcon Day 1

Day 2: Day 2 - Thursday 13th July

Join us for these Awesome Sessions! Don't forget to Vote for your faves on the Whiteboards at the conference!


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2017


Keynote: State of JavaScript 2017

Dylan Schiemann

javascript fullstack fullstackcon es6

Coffee Break


Embracing the Power of GraphQL - Intermediate

Tim Griesser

graphql apollo javascript nodejs fullstack fullstackcon

Know thy buzzwords: HTTP/2 - Advanced

Surma Surma

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs http2 h2 webdev tools node web

Monitoring and Analyzing User Behaviour - Intermediate

Philipp Burckhardt

javascript fullstack fullstackcon react electron nodejs visualisation dashboard e-learning analytics data-science statistics machine-learning

Components at Organisational Scale - Intermediate

David Mark Clements

fullstack fullstackcon js front-end react javascript enterprise web-components web-apps architecture nodejs scalability hashring distributed

Understanding Blockchain - Advanced

Kevin Hoyt

blockchain web-standards fullstack fullstackcon

Coffee Break


WebAssembly and the Future of the Web - Advanced

Athan Reines

webassembly machine-learning science numeric-computing fullstack javascript fullstackcon

Life of a Pixel:Rendering Performance Demystified - Intermediate

Martin Splitt

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js web w3c open-source webgl gde

Building Mobile Apps with Angular and NativeScript - Beginner

Sebastian Witalec

angular fullstack fullstackcon nativescript mobile apps

BEM: The Unknown - Intermediate

Sergey Berezhnoy and Vladimir Grinenko

bem css javascript fullstack fullstackcon webcomponents

Chronicles of a Web Developer: An Unexpected Journey to the Land of IoT - Intermediate

Jouni Kaplas

fullstack fullstackcon js javascript iot web html5 industrial

Coffee Break


Should You Move Up from JS to TypeScript and Why is the Answer Probably Yes? - Intermediate

Miloš Bošković

javascript typescript fullstack fullstackcon

Better D3 charts with TDD - Intermediate

Marcos Iglesias Valle

tdd d3js dataviz reusable-3d fullstack fullstackcon

An Empty Database in Every Pocket - Beginner

Phil Nash

fullstack fullstackcon indexeddb pwa progressive-web-apps

Of Dragons and Developers: A Tale of Hiring Homework and Gamification - Beginner

Nele Sergejeva

developers hiring javascript interview cleancode

YES! Your Site Can (and Should) be Accessible - Beginner

Laura Carvajal

fullstack fullstackcon js accessibility web



Lightning Talk: Full Stack Reactivity with Milojs - Intermediate

Jason Green

milojs fullstack fullstackcon reactivity

Lightning Talk: CSS Shoe Box Dioramas - Beginner

John Clifford

fullstackcon fullstack js css animation novelty

Lightning Talk: OpenComponents for a Decentralized Front-end Architecture

Debopam Sengupta

architecture web javascript js fullstack fullstackcon opencomponents serverless frontend microservices

Lightning Talk: Breaking the Monolith a Monorepo - Intermediate

Will Monk

monolith javascript fullstack fullstackcon

Lightning Talk: Web Payments and the Future of Online Purchases - Beginner

Peter O'Shaughnessy

payments money online webapps javascript browser-api

Lightning Talk: In 15 minutes you can build an API with LoopBack - Intermediate

Erin McKean

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs crud apis api-framework

Lightning Talk: Brief Evolution of HTML5 Animation Techniques - Beginner

Jan Ambrožič

html5 animation games javascript fullstack fullstackcon webgl

Lightning Talk: Intro to ASTs

James Henry

ast fullstack fullstackcon

Lightning Talk: Using React Native to Create a Reusable Mobile App Architecture - Intermediate

Richard McMenamin

react reactnative mobile deployment redux animation

Lightning Talk: Building a Better Login with the Credential Management API - Intermediate

James Allardice

javascript front-end fullstack fullstackcon js nojs

Lightning Talk: Guardian Article Bechdel Test

Jonathan Rankin

javascript fullstackcon fullstack web bigdata

Coffee Break


5 Architectures of Asynchronous JavaScript - Intermediate

Tomasz Ducin

javascript architecture asynchronous patterns callback event promises generators streams rxjs

Finally, Enterprise JavaScript Is Easy! - Intermediate

Geertjan Wielenga

fullstack fullstackcon enterprise

Refactoring the Code For Life Websites and Games with the Users in Mind - Intermediate

Florian Aucomte and James Holland

ux ui front-end design javascript django python sass fullstack fullstackcon

Angular State Management on Steroids Using ngrx (v4+) - Intermediate

Gerard Sans

redux angular javascript js fullstack fullstackcon

Introduction to Dojo 2 - Intermediate

Dylan Schiemann

es8 es6+ dojo-2 typescript javascript backend frontend virtual-dom fullstack fullstackcon js nojs

Coffee Break


Workshop: Release Your Inner Maker!

Amie Dansby

iot fullstack fullstackcon workshop tutorial wearables twitter

Workshop: Zero-configuration microservices with Node.js and Docker - Intermediate

Armagan Amcalar

microservices nodejs docker fullstack fullstackcon

Workshop: Offline-first in Practice - Beginner

Anna Doubková

offline progressive-enhancement service-workers front-end javascript fullstack fullstackcon

Workshop: Practical WebGL - Intermediate

Martin Splitt

web webgl fullstack fullstackcon javascript js opensource 3d w3c

Workshop: Intro to Tessel & Johnny-Five - Intermediate

Nick Hehr

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs nodebots johnny-five tessel hardware-ux osh

Join us at CodeNode's SpaceBar for drinks to celebrate #FullStackcon Day 2!

Day 3: Day 3 - Friday 14th July

Join us for these Awesome Sessions! Don't forget to Vote for your faves on the Whiteboards at the conference!


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome to #fullstackcon 2017


Keynote: Node.js Releases, how do they work?

Myles Borins

node nodejs fullstack fullstackcon

Coffee Break


How We Broke the Guardian Website.. And What We Learned - Intermediate

Gareth Trufitt

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs infrastructure case-study alerting

Overview of Electron: The Web is Everywhere - Intermediate

Kitson Kelly

fullstack electron nodejs chromium-browser fullstackcon javascript nojs js

Cross-Domain Components with React and XComponent, at PayPal - Intermediate

Daniel Brain

components react paypal cross-domain payments fullstack fullstackcon

JavaScript All The Things - Beginner

Jan Jongboom

javascript iot jerryscript espruino fullstack fullstackcon

Node-RED - Intermediate

Nick O'Leary

nodered fullstack fullstackcon nodejs javascript iot

Coffee Break


Microcontrollers as Microservices - Intermediate

Nick Hehr

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nojs nodebots johnny-five tessel hardware-ux osh

Breaking JavaScript into Pieces - Intermediate

Kirill Cherkashin

javascript fullstack fullstackcon parsing

Websites are basically Video Games Waiting to Happen - Beginner

Opher Vishnia

fullstack fullstackcon web js javascript games videogames gamedev

Watch your back, Browser! You’re Being Observed - Beginner

Stefan Judis

fullstack fullstackcon javascript browser api dom

Scaling the Production of Complex Data Visualization Using Visual Programming - Beginner

Sol Eun

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nodejs data visualization visualprogramming webgl three.js

Coffee Break


Take your HTTP server to Ludicrous Speed - Intermediate

Matteo Collina

v8 httpserver nodejs

Threat Modelling Node.js Applications - Intermediate

Gergely Nemeth

fullstack fullstackcon nodejs apps

Tiny Computers, JavaScript and MIDI - Intermediate

George Mandis

node iot midi raspberrypi fullstack fullstackcon javascript

Exploring Leadership, Mangement, and Mentorship in Open Source - Intermediate

Charlie Robbins

leadership mentoring opensource

How to Become an Awesome Open Source Contributor - Beginner

Christos Matskas

fullstack fullstackcon js opensource



Keynote: Progressing Apps the PWA Way

Christian Heilmann

fullstackcon fullstack keynote javascript js web

Coffee Break


Workshop: Webpack - From Apprentice to Master - Intermediate

Juho Vepsäläinen

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js nodejs

Workshop: Serverless: The Battle of the Giants - Intermediate

Luciano Mammino and Christos Matskas

serverless aws azure fullstack fullstackcon

Workshop: Diving into GraphQL, React & Apollo - Intermediate

Nikolas Burk

graphql react apollo javascript fullstack fullstackcon

Workshop: The JavaScript Data Science Survival Kit - Intermediate

Philipp Burckhardt

statistics electron nodejs machine-learning visualisation science numeric-computing

Workshop: Storytelling with Interactive Video in the Browser - Beginner

Opher Vishnia

fullstack2gether fullstackcon workshop story-telling video browser

Beer Break


Keynote: Once Upon a Time on the Web

Dylan Beattie

fullstack fullstackcon javascript js web keynote

FullStack 2017 Wrap Up Presentation

Ariel Horn

fullstack fullstackcon

See you at #fullstackcon 2018!

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