Varnish Summit 2017

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Thursday, 23rd February at CodeNode, London

Arianna Aondio, Francisco Velazquez, Guillaume Quintard and Thijs Feryn. will be speaking. Starts at 10:00 AM.

Expand your knowledge of all things Varnish! Register for the London Varnish Summit to learn how the software suite can help speed & scale up your web content delivery. At the summit Varnish developers will share how companies such as the Financial Times, CBC and TfL have used Varnish's uniquely flexible components to deliver an optimal and secure user experience.

Varnish Summit 2017

The Varnish Summits are unique opportunities we offer around the world to share knowledge and open the lines of dialogue between Varnish Software's developers and Varnish users and enthusiasts. These events are a great way to learn more about Varnish's flexibility and versatility, learn some tips & tricks and discuss how the different Varnish features can improve your business.

Technical sessions await you at the Summit, where you will hear about the new feature Intelligent TCP acceleration in Varnish Plus, find out how to use Varnish Extend to build your hybrid or private content delivery solutions and how to replicate cached objects with Varnish High Availability.


Sign up for this Varnish Summit to learn tips & tricks that will help you optimize your web content delivery. You will learn to leverage the power of the uniquely flexible VCL (Varnish Configuration Language), to improve web performance using parallel ESI & Edgestash and how to build your own private CDN. All this will be shared by Varnish experts and core developers.

Varnish Summit 2017

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Day 1: Varnish Summit 2017

Expand your knowledge of all things Varnish!

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Welcome to Varnish Summit 2017


What's new in Varnish Plus?

Arianna Aondio


Access Control and Authentication

Arianna Aondio

Replicating with Varnish High Availability

Guillaume Quintard




Edgestash: JSON Templating for Speed and Profit

Guillaume Quintard


How to Use Varnish Extend to build your own content delivery

Francisco Velazquez




Use Case: knowledge is power - get to know your traffic with VCS and identify performance issues

Guillaume Quintard


Lightning fast: Using Varnish to accelerate your web applications

Thijs Feryn

VCL cache varnish-summit varnishsummit varnish

The case of sheego and how they used VHA to deal with site performance

Arianna Aondio


Drinks & Networking

Join tech evangelist, and Varnish Summit's special guest speaker, Thijs Feryn for this years conference!

We are very excited to announce that Thijs Feryn is joining us at the Varnish Summit in London to share his experience with using Varnish to accelerate your web applications.

Thijs will share how you can get up and running with Varnish in no time and share best practices as you learn how to improve your cache hit rate. By the end of this presentation, you’ll know how to develop cacheable websites and how you can tune legacy applications by writing custom VCL.

You might have heard of Thijs before - he is a Belgium-based tech evangelist whose goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He also is the author of the freshly published O'Reilly book entitled 'Getting started with Varnish Cache.' You can get a little preview here.

There are still some available seats if you would like to join us at this event - sign up here.

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SkillsCasts from last year's event

Watch the SkillsCasts from last year to get a taste of the event!

Breakout: Replicating with Varnish High Availability

One breakout session is dedicated to Varnish High Availability (VHA), where you will hear about its architecture and how it works. We will also setup a Varnish Cache in a high availability cluster and see how cached objects get replicated in realtime.


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