HackTheTower December 2016

Topics covered at #hackthetowerDec16

Saturday, 10th December in London


This HackTheTower day is held in conjunction with the Scala eXchange Hack Day. The #ScalaXHack is organized by Skills Matter, with Underscore, Typelevel, and the Scala Center. Together, we will host a daytime hackathon with a few unconference sessions. Find out more here.

Workshop Format

The workshop format is not always planned in advance and suggestions about topics we should cover are always appreciated. Please leave your ideas as comments or send tweets to @jr0cket

Setup / Requirements for the Clojure Workshop

The minimal requirements are - Java JRE or SDK version 8 or greater (version 7 should work)

  • Leiningen.org build automation tool for creating projects and running the Clojure environment

  • A Clojure aware editor such as LightTable, Spacemacs, Emacs + Cider, Cursive, Atom + Protorepl

Please note the Clojure Development Environments Guide for help.

Rough Schedule

  • 10am - Breakfast / coffee / tea / waking up

  • 10.30am - Get together and discuss application ideas & things you want to try out.

  • 10.45am - Split into groups and get going

  • 1pm - Lunch time (sandwiches, fruit and drinks provided, requests taken)

  • 1.30pm - hacking begins!

  • 5pm - Ends of HackTheTower Dec Day

Skills Matter Code of Conduct

Skills Matter is delighted to welcome you to the event and appreciate you as an integral part of our community whose contributions are invaluable. Our Code of Conduct is a guideline and promise to all members of our community.

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We're currently working on a program. If you have any suggestions, topics you'd like to see covered, or experts you'd like to meet, let us know!


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