FullStack2gether 2017

Topics covered at #FullStack2gether

Saturday, 15th July in London

6 experts spoke.

About the Event

FullStack2gether will follow 3 power packed days at FullStack!

FullStack2gether is a friendly place where you can come together and join us for hands-on FullStack workshops and hacking projects. Come along to meet new people and learn new things!

Programme for the Event

Saturday 15th July 10am to 7pm

We'll start with a series of introductions and invite all attendees to do 1 to 5 minute pitches for sessions they would like to attend or host. We'll collaboratively work out a timetable and then split off to attend the sessions that interest us. We will also have set hands on workshops for you to try out!

Here's a rough timetable:

  • 9am - Doors open, Registration & Welcome Refreshments
  • 10am - Introductions and session pitches
  • 11am - Schedule announced, sessions and workshops start
  • 12.30pm - Lunch
  • 13.30pm - Sessions and workshops resume
  • 17.30pm - Beers and Snacks
  • 18.00pm - #FullStack2gether 2017 Wraps!

  • All attendees will be free to work on individual projects or join in the Free hacking and workshops running in tandem

Highlights & Expected Projects

We've also had some specific session proposals, subject to be updated. These will be available as options when we collaboratively decide on the programme:

  • Tero Parviainen - Making Generative Music with Web Audio & Tone.js
  • Opher Vishnia - The Multiplayer Game Jam
  • Matt Zeunert - Writing Custom Babel Plugins

Breakfast, refreshments and lunch will be provided.

How Much does a ticket Cost?

This is a free community event. There will be no charge for entry.

We expect demand for places to be high. Please do not sign up unless you are certain you will be able to attend.

Code of Conduct

Skills Matter is delighted to welcome you to the event and appreciate you as an integral part of our community whose contributions are invaluable. Our Code of Conduct is a guideline and promise to all members of our community.

Content Disclaimer

We make no claims to ownership over any type of intellectual property you may use at the hackathon, including trademarks, copyrights, and patentable ideas.

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Day 1: Saturday 15 July

Join in the workshops or start your own project in our open space!

Track Track 1 Track 2 Track 3

Breakfast Refreshments and Registration


Welcome and Introductions to Projects and Session Pitches


Workshop: Declare and redefine HTML as if it was CSS

Sergey Berezhnoy and Vladimir Grinenko

fullstack2gether workshop html css javascript js web

Workshop: Writing Custom Babel Plugins

Matt Zeunert

babel fullstack plugin es2015 jsx javascript fullstackcon

Workshop: Angular Basics

Kirill Cherkashin

fullstack2gether fullstackcon angular angularjs

Lunch Break


Workshop: Making Generative Music with Web Audio & Tone.js

Tero Parviainen

audio web music tonejs

Workshop: The Multiplayer Game Jam

Opher Vishnia

videos fullstack interactive

13.30 - 15:00 - Workshop: BEM - Even More Declarative JS

Sergey Berezhnoy and Vladimir Grinenko

fullstack2gether workshop javascript js

Beers and Snacks


#FullStack2gether 2017 Day 1 Wraps!


Hold tight, skillscasts coming soon!


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