Frank Cohen's Test Automation BootCamp

Topics covered at AUTOMATED-TESTING-01-03

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In Frank Cohen's three day Test Automation Bootcamp, you will learn the latest techniques to deliver Web applications, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile Applications, and Business Process Management (BPM) systems reliably. Medium and large organizations are challenged to rapidly build, test, and operate always-on services. Our teams are feeling the effort when schedules are short, budgets are tight, standards are few, and much of this is new! Find out why Deloitte, Ford, PepsiCo, and NTT Verio succeed with open source test technology and methodology as a more affordable and flexible option to the proprietary test vendors. Apply the latest open source test tools and methodologies for your team's success at test automation. NOTE: This is a private course only. If you are interested in this course please contact us at 02071839040 or email us at sales@skillsmatter.com

Learn how to:

  • Adopt open source testing with best practices and the right methodology
  • Assess & evaluate open source testing processes
  • Understand open source tools and their capabilities through practicing exercises and evaluating tools for your own assignments

About the Author

Frank Cohen

Founder of PushToTest and author of FastSOA, Frank Cohen is the expert you 'Go To' when you need to understand and solve problems in complex interoperating information systems, especially Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) Ajax, and Web services.

Thanks to our partners

  • Agile testing approach
  • Testing Web services
  • Testing Services Under Realistic Loads
  • Test Using Large Amounts Of Realistic Data
  • Tracking & analyzing test results
  • Building Test Suites
  • Data and Model driven testing
  • User Archetypes
  • Service Oriented Architecture Testing
  • Modern Web Application Testing
  • Testing Web and Ajax applications
  • Testing Ajax, Flex, Flash based applications
  • Putting the tools at work
  • Integrating tools into our environment
  • Supporting technology to effectively build tests


If you are a QA tester, software developer or network and server manager needing visibility, tools, and methodology into all the demand for IT, this Test Automation Bootcamp is the course for you!


To benefit from this course on Test Automation, you should have 1-2 years experience with Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash), Web technology, software testing tools, manual or automated testing.