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Topics covered at SPRING-WEB-01-04
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Want to create powerful Web applications using the Spring Framework? Need to learn the skills to do so? Come and join this intensive, hands-on Spring Web course and learn how to use the Spring Framework and related web technologies to develop powerful Web applications in Java and Spring.

Through hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to use Spring Roo to create a Spring web application in minutes. You'll learn how to use Spring Web Flow to implement stateful interactions, you'll gain the insight and skills how to test your Spring Web applications for correctness and performance and you'll learn how to create rich web user interfaces for your Spring Web applications with Ajax and JQuery. Finally, you'll learn how to secure your Web applications with Spring Security.

In addition to providing you with the skills you need to create powerful Web applications with Spring, this is also the perfect preparation to take the exam to become a VMware® SpringSource® Certified Spring Web Application Developer

Learn how to:

  • Use the Spring Framework and related web technologies to develop powerful Web applications
  • Use Spring Web Flow to implement stateful interactions
  • Secure Web applications with Spring Security
  • Test Web applications for correctness and performance
  • Create rich Web user interfaces with Ajax and JQuery
  • Use Spring Roo to create a Spring Web application in minutes
  • Use the VMware® SpringSource® Tool Suite and Spring Insight

About the Expert

Sergi Almar

Experienced software developer and architect based in Barcelona focused on JVM technologies. Tech Co-founder of some IT startups. Core member of javaHispano, the largest JUG for Spanish speakers. I was the organized of the Spring I/O conference in Madrid and Mexico City. Specialities: Spring Framework, Java, JEE, Android, AngularJS, Software Architecture, Startups, Entrepreneurship

About the Author

Rod Johnson

Rod is the father of Spring. The Spring Framework open source project began in February 2003, based on SpringSource's Spring framework published with Rod's best-selling Expert One-on-One Java EE Design and Development.

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Development Environment

  • Eclipse (Pivotal Tool Suite distribution)
  • Apache Tomcat/VMware® vFabric™ tc Server
  • Spring Insight
  • Testing tools

  • The labs sample application

Spring Overview

  • Introduction to Spring configuration
  • Bean life cycle
  • Simplifying configuration
  • Integration testing with Spring

Getting Started with Spring Web MVC

  • Spring model-view-controller (MVC) overview
  • DispatcherServlet
  • Controller programming model overview
  • Spring MVC views
  • Simplifying configuration

Spring MVC Configuration Options

  • XML configuration and the namespace
  • Using Java Configuration as an alternative to XML configuration
  • Running in a Servlet 3 environment without web.xml
  • Inceptors

  • Message sources

Managing Layouts in Spring MVC

  • Page layout and structure
  • Creating reusable templates with Apache tiles
  • Configuring tiles in Spring MVC

Using Views in Spring MVC

  • Views and view resolvers
  • Setting up a view resolver chain
  • Alternating views and Content Negotiation
  • JSON and XML views

Building Client Applications with Ajax

  • Ajax and Spring MVC
  • Using JavaScript frameworks
  • Spring MVC REST and jQuery
  • Creating custom tags to minimize the size of your JSPs

Spring MVC configuration

  • Resource configuration and the resource pipeline

  • CORS and @CrossOrigin

  • Spring MVC infrastructure Beans

  • URL mappings

  • Handler mappers and handler adapters

Form handling with Spring MVC

  • Form Rendering

  • Type Conversion

  • Data Binding

  • Form submission lifecycle

  • Form validation (using Spring and JSR 330 validation)

  • Form Object management

Site personalisation with Spring MVC

  • Working in several languages: internationalisation support in Spring MVC
  • Look-and-feel changes using themes and locales
  • Handling Mobile Devices with Spring Mobile

Implementing REST

  • Overview of REST and HATEOAS
  • Using Spring's RestTemplate for clients access
  • Extending Spring MVC to support RESTful interactions
  • HAL and the Spring HATEAOS

Exception Handling

  • Using @RequestStatus with Exceptions
  • Adding Exception handlers to Controllers
  • Global exception handling using Controller Advices and Exception resolvers
  • Exception handling for RESTful interactions

Spring Boot

  • Fast Development and deployment using Spring Boot
  • Simplified dependency management with starter POMs
  • Packaging options - JAR or WAR

  • Easily overriding Spring Boot defaults

Web Application Security with Spring Security

  • Motivation for Spring Security
  • Spring Security in a Web environment
  • Using Spring Security tag libraries
  • Method security

Debugging and Testing Web Applications

  • Debugging applications in a browser
  • Testing Web applications using Spring's Mock MVC framework
  • Using Spring HtmlUnit

Spring Websockets

  • Overview of Websocket development
  • Using Websockets and Stomp with Spring MVC


If you are an experienced Java and Spring Developer and you want to learn how to develop powerful web applications with Spring; then this Spring Web course is for you!

All exam vouchers, provided after successful completion of the course will have a 3 month expiration limit. Delegates must use within 3 months or the voucher will expire and a free replacement will not be available.


To get the most out of this Spring Web course, you should have prior experience in developing in Java and a basic understanding of Spring.

Bring your own hardware

Delegates are requested to bring their own laptop for this course, with Java 6 installed. If you are unable to bring a laptop for the course, please contact us on +44 20 7183 9040, or email us.

A full installation guide for the course software will be provided with your course joining instructions.