Udi Dahan's Enterprise Development with NServiceBus

Topics covered at NSERVICEBUS-MSG-01-04

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Need to learn how to design, develop, manage and monitor reliable and scalable distributed systems with NServiceBus? Keen to understand why NServiceBus is used in hundreds of companies in finance, healthcare, retail, SaaS, web 2.0, and more since 2006?

Join this course and get to know and understand all the ins-and-outs of NServiceBus - the most popular, open-source service bus for .NET.

Learn the skills you need to use all the latest features of NServiceBus 5.0, to implement message exchange patterns such as full duplex and pub/sub, to design long-running business processes using sagas and to manage and monitor distributed systems.

From basic one-way messaging, through publish/subscribe; providing solutions from transactions to cross-machine scale out; this hands-on NServiceBus course will show you how simple distributed systems development can be.

Learn how to:

  • Use all the latest features of NServiceBus 5.0
  • Implement message exchange patterns such as full duplex and pub/sub
  • Design long-running business processes using sagas
  • Architect for integration, retries, and fault tolerance
  • Manage & monitor distributed systems
  • Scale out processing across server farms

What the community says

"Jimmy Bogard is a very good instructor. Knowledgeable and good presenter."

Toby Russell on 12th Dec 2014

"A fantastic course with @udidahan at @skillsmatter just finished - recommend to everyone! ...please do quote me, the more people attend that course, the better the dev community will be :)"

Neil Robbins, Brit Insurance on 17th Sep 2009

About the Author

Udi Dahan

Udi Dahan is one of the world’s foremost experts on Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain-Driven Design and also the creator of NServiceBus, the most popular service bus for .NET.

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The programme material will be up to v.5.

One-Way Messaging Basics

  • Routing with the unicast bus
  • Handling messages and polymorphic dispatch
  • Durable and express messaging

Advanced One-Way Messaging

  • Fault tolerance and transactional processing
  • Error queues and administrative message replay
  • Authorization, impersonation, and auditing
  • Convention over configuration

Customized Messaging

  • Unit of work management and infrastructure extension
  • Dependency injection and profiles
  • Unit testing
  • Web app and custom hosting
  • Web service integration and idempotence
  • Customized and centralized configuration

Full Duplex Basics

  • Callbacks and message handlers
  • Purging queues and discarding messages
  • Exposing REST, WCF, and web services

Advanced Full Duplex

  • Web cache priming
  • Business logic decomposition with multi-type responses
  • Improved ASP.NET threading with web callbacks
  • Crossing geographically distributed sites

Distributed Systems Architecture Fundamentals

  • SOA
  • CQRS


  • Publishing messages
  • Automatic and manual subscriptions
  • Subscription storage - built-in, extension, and profiles

Administration and Monitoring

  • Queue and service naming & installation
  • Monitoring in queue-based systems
  • Virtualization and MSMQ configuration
  • Performance counters & WMI
  • Business Activity Monitoring

Scaling-out and Multi-Site Messaging

  • Message-driven load balancing for scaling out
  • Master and worker profiles and configuration
  • HTTP and other cross-site communication

Long-running business processes

  • Durably managing time-bound processes
  • Event correlation and business activity monitoring
  • Process flow for integration with legacy and 3rd party systems
  • Unit testing

Group Exercise

  • Combines SOA services, CQRS collaborative domains, and sagas for long-running processes


If you are a .NET developer working on distributed systems, looking to use loosely coupled messaging techniques for increased reliability, availability, and scalability, then Udi Dahan's Enterprise Development with NServiceBus course is the one for you!


To get the most out of this NServiceBus course, you should have basic knowledge of C# and .NET prior to attending. Previous experience with developing web-, or enterprise applications is beneficial, although not essential.